Specialty ceramic capacitors are a type of capacitor designed for use in specific applications where high-frequency electrical parameters, operating temperature, or other specialized characteristics are critical. These capacitors are especially suited for applications such as RF power amplifiers, decoupling networks, EMI/RFI filtering, and high-voltage DC/DC converters. Specialty ceramic capacitors are also known as multilayer ceramic capacitors or MLCCs. The term 'specialty' refers to the use of specific materials and construction techniques that provide superior performance in the application.

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    KNK5015 3,33KVAR 400V 50HZ

    Capacitor: polypropylene; one phase; Q@50Hz:3.33kVAR; 400VAC
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    KNK5015 5KVAR 400V 50HZ

    Capacitor: polypropylene; one phase; Q@50Hz:5kVAR; 400VAC; 12.5A
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