Adafruit Accessories are products that can be used with Adafruit development boards. These products include a variety of sensors, LEDs, cables, buttons, and displays that can be used to create projects or enhance current projects. Adafruit also offers a range of components such as blank PCBs, headers, and caps that can be used for custom projects. Some of the more popular Adafruit Accessories are Neopixels, NeoTrellis, and Flora LEDs. Many of these products can be found in Adafruit's online store, as well as in various retail outlets.

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    Photoresistor; 90mW; 5÷10kΩ; 540nm; Mounting: THT; ØLED: 5mm; 150VDC
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    USD 0.2866

    Multiples of: 2


    Adafruit Accessories Mini 2-wire Volt Meter
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    USD 24.8004

    Multiples of: 1