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Latest X-On & Mouser catalogues released

  As with previous editions, X-On's 2009 'Essentials' catalogue covers appropriate products that are the 'staples' of both purchasing and design teams. These products cover over 15,000 items stocked in Australia and available for next day delivery.

  The products range from semiconductive components, including LEDs, LCD and integrated circuits, to mechanical and passive components, including resistive and capacitive, to circuit protection, connectors, fans, relays and power supplies.

The Australian warehoused products are backed by over a million items held in the US. Last year, the company combined with Mouser Electronics to form a partnership that has enabled Australian users to gain access to the newest products for their latest designs quickly, while not having to deal with offshore manufacturers and suppliers, so eliminating the hassles and hidden expenses of DIY importing.

The company is releasing its '2009 Essentials' in conjunction with the latest Mouser catalogue. The two are supplied together to assist in resolving new designs and keeping the cost of parts to a minimum.

For those designing or specifying new products, the Mouser catalogue supports in-sourcing new parts, while the essentials range helps keep an eye on project costs on items available for immediate delivery.

Mouser is the only major distributor to publish a new catalogue every six months. Due to the constant evolution of new products, new technologies and new applications for existing products, the publication makes it easy to quickly find the latest product information.

Partnering with X-On makes it simple for users to gain quick access to these parts, in as little as three days, via the ecommerce website,, or by contacting one of the company's sales staff.

Explaining the need for realising these two catalogues together, Rob Tincey, X-On's managing director, said: "We wanted to make it easier and quicker for our users to swiftly select appropriate products and speedily put together new designs via the use of our channel partners.

"As a partner to this global supplier, we have a huge range of products to suit the many different market needs. The time-line from design to market can be greatly reduced, enabling users to gain a competitive edge in this challenging economic environment.

"With our next day delivery service, users are not hanging around for essential products and our generous stocking policy means we far exceed the 90%+ of first order fulfillment underlining the company's long-term commitment to its users and the industry."

Established in 1989, the company specializes in the distribution of electronic parts, kitting and turnkey solutions. Headquartered in Perth with offices and partners throughout Australia, it has a comprehensive database of over a million parts that can be bought online or via sales staff.

In the last quarter, Mouser has added over 25,000 new products, with more than a million products online from more than 390 manufacturers.

In addition, X-On provides easy access to more than a million cross-referenced parts, over 900,000 downloadable data sheets, as well as supplier-specific reference designs, application notes and other technical design information.

Soft copies of these catalogues can be downloaded from the

X-On Brings Mouser To Your Door Step

Expanding on our "World One Partner Inventory Programme", X-On has been appointed the authorized agent for Mouser Electronics, the leading US based catalogue company.

There are now over a million reasons for customers to save and buy online through

Benefits for placing orders online through X-On:-

  • Free Local Freight - On all orders over $200 when placed online
  • Free International Freight & Customs Clearing - with orders over $200 when placed Online
  • Communicate in real time with real people in the hours that suit Australian businesses.
  • Logistic support , - collating of orders, kitting & scheduling
  • Convenience of account terms in Australian dollars enables savings on bank charges

Mouser appoints X-On as Australian Agent

"X-On has been in the component distribution business for over 20 years, and yes this is a significant and major step in our company's growth and service that we can offer to our customers." Commented Rob Tincey, Managing Director of X-on.

Mouser is big and the company is committed to getting bigger, consistently adding new product lines every day. With the recent acquisition by Warren Buffet, of Berkshire Hathaway fame, the company embarked on an expansion programme, whose plans include establishing closer working relationships with distributors of choice. "In Australia our company of choice is X-On Electronics. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, X-On will bring a local content and feel to the Mouser philosophy of service and cost effect access to Mouser's extensive stock holdings." commented Herman Yu, Mouser's Director of Asia Marketing and Business Development.

Our customers will benefit from being able to communicate in real time with real people in the hours that suit Australian businesses. Advantages in the way of technical support, logistic support, account terms in Australian dollars, account managers are all big benefits, but perhaps the most significant outcome is the vast reduction in freight and logistic costs, unavoidable to customers who bring in stock from other US based catalogue and distribution companies” .

Competitors in this field are charging $40 USD or more per order, with no option on consolidation or back order collating. Further, and pending of the value of goods ordered, the $40 USD soon balloons as Australian customs take their mandatory $54 entry fee, freight forwarders tag on clearances and addon charges, whilst banks are only too happy to charge a fortune to transact payments and transfers made in USD's. It's an unfortunate fact that perceived value of purchased goods in most cases is totally eroded. Such high add-on costs, often only come to light after the goods have arrived, and consequently missed in calculating true landed unit costs.

However when ordering Mouser stock through X-On Electronics, one individual order becomes one amongst many, resulting in one consignment equating to many customers and so minimizing the impact of any logistic costs. "These are real savings we can pass onto our clients." As always, with any Online orders over $200 placed with X-On, the freight is totally free! Any orders under this threshold carry only a small $15 handling fee.

"Minimizing these costs along with our distribution prices, allow us to pass on better prices, giving our customers massive savings over a year."

Mouser is the latest string to our bow of the "World One Partner Inventory Programme". Flexibility allows X-On to draw on resources from all our associates, not just from Mouser, giving customers a powerful portal to purchase from massive inventory holdings across the globe, including our own 15,000 lines held in Australia.

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is an electronic component distributor, focused on the rapid introduction of new products and technologies to electronic design engineers. features over a million products online from more than 366 manufacturers.

Mouser's explosive growth is due in part to its broad-based line card of electronic components from well over 366 premiere industry suppliers. Mouser is an authorized distributor of product lines that include semiconductors, optoelectronics, passives, circuit protection, interconnects, wire and cable, electromechanical, sensors, enclosures and thermal management, power sources, test, tools, and specialty products.

Not only is Mouser dedicated to providing its customers a vast array of new products, there is a special focus placed on suppliers whose products are based on the latest cutting-edge technologies available in the electronics industry. Time and time again, customers state they choose Mouser because the company provides the newest products and the latest technologies from the premiere manufacturers in the industry.

Mouser Electronics was founded in 1964 in El Cajon, (southern) California, by Jerry Mouser, a Physics Instructor who needed components for a newly formed electronics program at his school.

In 1983, a branch office was opened in Mansfield, Texas, located 20 miles south of the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. As the electronics industry significantly expanded, the Mansfield branch grew rapidly and, by 1986, the company's executives moved the corporate headquarters to the Mansfield location.

In January 2000, a new kind of partnership was forged when Mouser Electronics, Inc. became a subsidiary of TTI, Inc. -- one of the world's leading distributors of passive components. This combining of resources from both companies offers a complete solution for our customers, as well as our suppliers.

MARCH 30, 2007 TTI, Inc., the world's leading passive and connector specialist, announced today the closing of its acquisition by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. making TTI and its affiliate Mouser Electronics part of the Berkshire Hathaway Group, whose Chairman and CEO is Warren Buffet.

About TTI, Inc. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, TTI, Inc. is the largest distributor specialist of passive, interconnect and electromechanical components. TTI is the distributor of choice for industrial and consumer electronic manufacturers worldwide. With Mouser's efficiency of small-quantity order fulfillment, products are delivered quickly for design-in during the prototype stage of R&D, and then transitioned to TTI for global production quantities. This complete solution is unique in the electronics distribution industry.

Mouser's new warehouse facility benefits customers with a dramatic shipping capacity shipping over 30,000 lines per day. Further implementation of our added capacity will include 86 stations shipping over 61,000 lines per day.