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  • Reduce costs to meet the ever-increasing demands on manufacturers in today's price competitive marketplace.

 The aim 

  • Reduce costs to meet the ever-increasing demands on manufacturers in today's price competitive marketplace.
  • Increase efficiency of procurement management and decrease logistical costs
  • Controlling one vendor is cheaper and easier
  • Enhance stronger working relationships with keystone suppliers
  • Reduce labour expenses
  • Reduce warehouse space and freight costs
  • Improve quality, accuracy, efficiency and flexibility
  • Resolve the lack of in-house procurement expertise,
  • Utilize someone else’s resources and specialized counting equipment


  • Scheduled kits kept in stock enabling immediate drawdown to cover your urgent requirements
  • 30 year’ experienced reliable supplier with X-On
  • Reduce the need for chasing numerous vendors
  • Pricing is held firm. Subject only to exceptional exchange rate variations
  • Freight is one off flat charge per scheduled delivery
  • Competitive pricing on over 3.5million available parts
  • Reduce data entry, a 1-line item invoice can cover hundreds of BOM parts
  • Barcode labels with your part numbers
  • Save floor space shelving and warehouse infrastructure
  • Potential in savings is enormous. Estimate your kit cost here

Sweden’s University College of Borås’ white paper on the “Evaluation of Kitting Systems” observed kitting “to show numerous benefits in all of five tracks”
Read it here

Cost of ownership - Revealing the hidden cost of passive components - a study by Philips.

Total cost of ownership is a valuable tool for exposing all non-material costs incurred by a product throughout its life for highlighting areas where savings can be made.

The material cost of passive components is only around 3% to 7% of the cost price of modern electronic equipment.

But since they make up around 70% of the components used, the non-material costs e.g. purchasing, logistics, warehousing and material handling can be substantial.

Detailed cost of ownership studies by Philips show that the non-material, often hidden costs, in passive components are at least equal to the full component list price. Clearly, efforts to reduce material hidden costs offer greater benefits than simply shopping around for the cheapest products.

The key to reducing these costs is to from close partnerships between the purchaser and fewer suppliers.

X-On facilitates supplier reduction by offering services including kitting and full turn key management.

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Kitting for Students
Educators of electronics. We know that your time is precious. Are you aware of X-On’s “Kitting for Students” service?

Your valuable hours have been eroded away as recent cost cutting measures occur across all education institutions, whether it be Universities, TAFES, schools or colleges.
More is being demanded in shorter time frames, as the proverbial rubber band gets tighter and tighter. Don’t let it reach breaking point.
Reclaim your valuable time and command X-On Electronics to take on the tiresome task of kitting.
Further, our buying power and direct distribution along with our specialized logistics team have the tools to streamline the total organization of your projects, relieving costs and enabling you to save.

  • Select from 3.5+ million parts
  • Any size kit, from 10 to 100+ lines
  • Competitive pricing
  • Direct ship to students, both here and overseas
  • Hand tools & development kits
  • 30yrs experience in the education sector
  • Professionally presented
  • Individually packed & labelled to your specifications
  • Antistatic bags utilized as needed

Ditch the burden of organizing your next kitting projects and put X-on to the test.

Simply send your BOM to

XON Kitting Testimonials:
David W Engineering Dpt. Melbourne Uni
"I was wasting hours organizing kits for my students until I discovered X-On’s kitting service. Now it’s done in just minutes. I simply email the BOM along with my student list and Voilà. Job done! They direct ship the lot; the full kit including tools and development boards. Freeing up my time to get back to my other responsibilities. I would recommend X-On’s time saving service to all my colleagues; and there’re economical too! ”