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Euro-Tech is an authorised distributor and international consolidator of electronic components from major global manufacturers and quality assured sources across Europe. Established in 1982, their outstanding reputation for quality and service has enabled them to be the first choice supplier for many blue chip OEM and CEM customers around the globe when purchasing active, passive, electromechanical, industrial products & consumables. The Product Ranges and Quality: Quality Assured range represents one of the most comprehensive offerings of commercial, industrial and high reliability electronic and associated components, all of which are traceable back to the manufacturer. This range will satisfy the vast majority of current production and design requirements. Quality Assured products supplied under their ISO9001-2015 Quality Management System are procured through franchise or from global manufacturers, ensuring that they are traceable to the source of supply. They are able to provide a Quality Assurance Certificate certifying that all products supplied from the Quality Assured range have been procured directly from authorised franchised sources or manufacturers. As such you can be sure of the integrity and authenticity of all products avoiding any possibility of contamination in the supply chain. Extended Range offers an equally broad range of electronic components required for spares and maintenance. This distinct range includes obsolete and end of life components essential for maintaining older equipment across all sectors of the electronics industry but which are not traceable to source. Extended Range products are also subject to the rigorous supplier quality and approval processes set out in their ISO9001-2015 Quality Management System. Online stock availability: Customers registered on their web site can view all products and send enquiries to their sales team. Products may be chosen from either QA - Quality Assured or Extended Range.

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Stock Image 930128-9010R

Eurotech Group ReliaCELL 10-20: Cellular Adapter - 3G Dual-band NA, CDMA/EVDO Rev A/1xRTT, GPS+Glonass, Sprint

Eurotech 0
Delivered in 6 to 16 Weeks Calender
100000+ From
USD 232.752

Stock Image COM-1267-03

Ethernet Modules 5 port 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch

Eurotech 0
Delivered in 6 to 16 Weeks Calender
100+ From
USD 177.5615

Stock Image 6570-00536-001-103

Interface Modules AIM104-IN16-DC/DC R6

Eurotech 0
Delivered in 6 to 16 Weeks Calender
50+ From
USD 172.607

Stock Image ReliaCELL10-20-25

Sub-GHz Modules IP67 Rugged Cell Adap 2.5G DB Verizon

Eurotech 0
Delivered in 6 to 16 Weeks Calender
1+ From
USD 158.9104

Stock Image 6570-00537-001-103

Interface Modules AIM104-IO32 R6

Eurotech 0
Delivered in 6 to 16 Weeks Calender
5+ From
USD 134.2453

Stock Image 6570-00542-001-103

Interface Modules AIM104-OUT16 R6

Eurotech 0
Delivered in 6 to 16 Weeks Calender
5+ From
USD 119.9952

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