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PPE Safety Equipment / Lockout Tagout 3M Comfort Grip Glove CGL-GU, General Use, Size L, 120 Pair/Case

Manufacturer: 3M
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Product Category
PPE Safety Equipment / Lockout Tagout
Safety Category
Glove Style
Knit Wrist
Glove Size
Glove Colour
Glove Material
Nylon (Polyamide)
Product Range
CGL Series
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Safety runs in the family. Your hands are everything. Protect them with the technology and craftsmanship you can trust. For decades, 3M has been a leader in innovative personal safety for the body, head, ears, eyes and now, hands. 3M Comfort Grip Gloves - General Use 3M Comfort Grip Gloves - Cut Resistant A Cut Above The Lightweight These medium-duty Heavyweight gloves have the same Nitrile palm coating features and comfort makes these gloves a as the 3M General Use light, flexible, Gloves with even greater abrasion-resistant and cut, puncture and tear long lasting alternative resistance. Theyre to many cotton and excellent for jobs latex palm-coated requiring dexterity when gloves. They provide handling sharp parts. excellent grip, even in wet or oily conditions. Two varieties allow you to customize your cut level to the jobs The nylon stretch liner gives you a breathable, second skin requirements. ANSI Cut Level A3, EN388 TDM Cut Level fit and makes these gloves are ideal for light- to medium-duty D glove is nitrile foam coated, while the ANSI Cut Level A1, jobs that require precision handling, especially in hot and EN388 TDM Cut Level B glove is polyurethane coated. sweaty conditions. Typical Applications Typical Applications Handling abrasive or sharp materials General material handling Forming, bending or machining sharp parts Handling small parts Cable pulling and wire handling Electrical component assembly Cable preparation Carpentry, plumbing, roofingStrong grip. Exceptional dexterity. Long lasting. 3M Comfort Grip Gloves - Winter The Cold Weather Hotshot These new 3M winter grade gloves have the comfort and dexterity of our 3M General Use Gloves but with added warmth for cold weather applications. They are nitrile foam coated for better grip. Typical Applications General material handling Handling small parts Electrical component assembly Carpentry, plumbing, roofing Irrigation The difference is in the grip. These hardworking gloves are washable and feature a knit wrist cuff style. MOQ ANSI EN388 3M Style UPC Size (pair/bag) Level* Level** 3M Comfort Grip Gloves - General Use CGM-GU 00-54007-98954-7 8M 6 3122A CGL-GU 00-54007-98955-4 9L 6 N/A CGXL-GU 00-54007-98956-1 10XL 6 3M Comfort Grip Gloves - Cut Resistant (ANSI Cut Level A3, EN388 TDM Cut Level D) CGM-CR 00-54007-98957-8 8M 6 CGL-CR 00-54007-98958-5 9L 6 A3 4444D CGXL-CR 00-54007-98959-2 10XL 6 3M Comfort Grip Gloves - Cut Resistant (ANSI Cut Level A1, EN388 TDM Cut Level B) CGM-CRE 00-51128-61032-9 8M 6 CGL-CRE 00-51128-61033-6 9L 6 A1 4342B CGXL-CRE 00-51128-61034-3 10XL 6 3M Comfort Grip Gloves - Winter CGM-W 00-54007-99150-2 8M 6 CGL-W 00-54007-99151-9 9L 6 N/A 2121A CGXL-W 00-54007-99152-6 10XL 6 *ANSI 105-2016 Cut Level (A1 A9). Previous ANSI ratings based on ANSI 105-2011 Cut Level (0-5). For more information on ratings changes, please reach out to your 3M sales representative **EN 388:2016: Abrasion Level (1-4), Coupe Cut Level (1-5), Tear (1-4), Puncture (1-4), TDM Cut Test (A-F). Please note that the TDM cut resistance test is the reference performance result, and the Coupe test results are only indicative where both cut resistance test results are shown for EN388:2016. Previous EN 388 levels based on EN 388 2003: Abrasion (1-4), Coupe cut test (1-5), Tear (1-4), Puncture (1-4). For more information on ratings changes, please reach out to your 3M sales representative Important Notice. Before using this product, you must evaluate it and determine if it is suitable for your intended application. You assume all risks and liability associated with such use. Warranty Limited Remedy Limited Liability. 3Ms product warranty is stated in its Product Literature available upon request. 3M MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTIES INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED 3M Electrical Markets Division WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. If this product is defective 3M Austin Business Center within the warranty period stated above, your exclusive remedy shall be, at 3Ms option, to replace or repair the 13011 McCallen Pass, Bldg. C 3M product or refund the purchase price of the 3M product. Except where prohibited by law, 3M will not be Austin, Texas 78753 liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss or damage arising from this 3M product, Phone 800 245 3573 regardless of the legal theory asserted. Fax 800 245 0329 3M 2019. All rights reserved. 3M is a trademark of 3M Company. (Janz) Web

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