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VOL-5EUL-L2 electronic component of 3M


Manufacturer: 3M
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Connector Type A
Rj45 Plug
Connector Type B
Rj45 Plug
Cable Length - Imperial
Cable Length - Metric
Jacket Colour
Cable Assembly Type
Cable Construction
Utp (Unshielded Twisted Pair)
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TM Volition Category 5e RJ45 Patch Cables Part of the 3M Volition Networks Solutions, these Category 5e patch cables allow you to complete your system to EIA/TIA 568B, ISO 11801 and EN 50173-1 Class D levels of performance. The RJ45 patch cables are available in either UTP, FTP or SFTP cable and lengths of 0.5, 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 and 20 metres. They are compliant with Flame Retardant standard IEC 60332-1 LSOH versions are required by European Standard EN 50173 and are compliant with Standard IEC 60754-1. - Category 5e UTP PVC - Category 5e UTP LSOH - Category 5e FTP LSOH - Category 5e SFTP LSOH A choice of 3 versions, UTP, FTP and SFTP, ensures the appropriate electromagnetic compatibility protection level your customer requires Category 5e RJ45 Patch cables Features Benefits 3M patch cords offer Optimisation with 3M Volition RJ45 K5e jacks offers best channel performance Moulded boot better mechanical protection and ensures the minimum bend radius is not exceeded Available in 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 and 20 m Flexibility to complete the system to your requirements UTP, FTP and SFTP versions Solutions for all levels of EMC protection Specifications Features For SFTP version - 3M branded - Synthetic water-repellent tape. - Category 5e link component - General shielding by copper braid - Moulded boot - Pair by pair shielding by aluminium/polyester tape - 4 pairs of flexible multi-stranded copper conductors - Polyethylene conductor insulation to NFC 32060 - Two types of outer jacket depending on user requirements: PVC or low smoke zero halogen (LS0H*) material with flame retardant properties to IEC 60332-1 * compliant with Standard IEC 60754-1Ref.-No. Ordering Information Volition Category 5e RJ45 to RJ45 Patch Cable, UTP, PVC Length 0.5 m VOL-5EUP-L0.5 1.0 m VOL-5EUP-L1 2.0 m VOL-5EUP-L2 3.0 m VOL-5EUP-L3 4.0 m VOL-5EUP-L4 5.0 m VOL-5EUP-L5 7.0 m VOL-5EUP-L7 10.0 m VOL-5EUP-L10 12.0 m VOL-5EUP-L12 15.0 m VOL-5EUP-L15 20.0 m VOL-5EUP-L20 Volition Category 5e RJ45 to RJ45 Patch Cable, UTP, LSOH Length 0.5 m VOL-5EUL-L0.5 1.0 m VOL-5EUL-L1 2.0 m VOL-5EUL-L2 3.0 m VOL-5EUL-L3 4.0 m VOL-5EUL-L4 5.0 m VOL-5EUL-L5 7.0 m VOL-5EUL-L7 10.0 m VOL-5EUL-L10 12.0 m VOL-5EUL-L12 15.0 m VOL-5EUL-L15 20.0 m VOL-5EUL-L20 Volition Category 5e RJ45 to RJ45 Patch Cable, SFTP, LSOH Length 0.5 m VOL-5ESFL-L0.5 1.0 m VOL-5ESFL-L1 2.0 m VOL-5ESFL-L2 3.0 m VOL-5ESFL-L3 4.0 m VOL-5ESFL-L4 5.0 m VOL-5ESFL-L5 7.0 m VOL-5ESFL-L7 10.0 m VOL-5ESFL-L10 12.0 m VOL-5ESFL-L12 15.0 m VOL-5ESFL-L15 20.0 m VOL-5ESFL-L20 Volition Category 5e RJ45 to RJ45 Patch Cable, FTP, LSOH Length 0.5 m VOL-5EFL-L-L0.5 1.0 m VOL-5EFL-L-L1 2.0 m VOL-5EFL-L-L2 3.0 m VOL-5EFL-L-L3 4.0 m VOL-5EFL-L-L4 5.0 m VOL-5EFL-L-L5 7.0 m VOL-5EFL-L-L7 10.0 m VOL-5EFL-L-L10 12.0 m VOL-5EFL-L-L12 15.0 m VOL-5EFL-L-L15 20.0 m VOL-5EFL-L-L20 Also available in red, yellow, green and blue 3M and Volition are trademarks of 3M. Quante is a trademark of Quante AG. Important Notice 3M does not accept reponsibility or liability, direct or consequential arising from reliance upon If any goods supplied or process ed by or on behalf of 3M prove on inspection to be defec- any information provided and the user should determine the suitability of the products for their tive in material or workmanship, 3M will (at its option) replace the same or refund to the Buyer intended use. Nothing in this statement will be deemed to exclude or restrict 3Ms liability for the price of the goods or services. Except as set out above, all warranties and conditions, death or personal injury arising from its negligence. All questions of liability relating to 3M pro- whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise are excluded to the fullest extent permissi- ducts are governed by the sellers terms of sale subject where applicable to the prevailing law. ble at law. 3M Telecommunications Europe, Middle East & North Africa Tel.: ++49 (0)2131 / 14-5999 c/o Quante AG Fax: ++49 (0)2131 / 14-5998 Carl-Schurz-Strae 1 41453 Neuss Germany Internet: Rights reserved to make technical alternations. Dr.Nr. 07-404-64800/06.2003-pdf