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03-AP24XS electronic component of Able Systems


Manufacturer: Able Systems
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Able Systems

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Able Systems
Product Category
Able Systems
Printer Type
Printer Interface
Print Speed
2.5 Lines/Sec
Product Range
Ap24 Series
No SVHC (27 - Jun - 2018)
Dots Per Line
External Depth
96 mm
External Length / Height
66 mm
External Width
113.5 mm
Operating Temperature Max
50 C
Operating Temperature Min
0 C
Voltage Rating V Dc
5 V
395 g
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ABLE Systems Limited DENTON DRIVE, NORTHWICH, CHESHIRE, CW9 7TU, ENGLAND Tel: +44 (0)1606 48621 Fax:+44 (0)1606 44903 e-mail: contact Website: ABLE Ap24XS and Ap24XS-40 Panel Mount Printer A190SB Connection and Application Data Issue 1.2 Contents Section 1 Introduction 2 Important notes 3 Host connections 4 Printing 5 Host programming 6 Connection Data COPYRIGHT NOTICE Note that copyright subsists in all Able Systems intellectual property, including single chip controller firmware(embedded software) and circuit diagrams, pin connection lists and application data. Reproduction of these data in whole or part is only permissible by bona-fide customers for their own internal purposes. Permission must be obtained for any third-party distribution or reproduction. Purchase of these components implies a licence to use the circuits and other data given in this literature. No warranty in respect of patent rights of Able Systems Limited or of third parties is given, and such use is limited to a one-to-one ratio of use to purchase. Unauthorised reproduction or amendment of controller firmware may result in prosecution.- 2 - 1 INTRODUCTION These notes describe connection procedures to be adopted for the Able Systems Ap24XS and the Ap24XS-40. These products feature: Full support of EPSON M190 and M192 mechanisms Single or double width print modes (Software selectable) Full 224 IBM character set Single and double height characters (Software selectable) Inverted text mode Dot-line graphics 8k data buffer allowing data to be received whilst printing Serial data interface with selectable Baud rate Serial data output for optional XON/XOFF/NAK information Paper feed button Easy access to paper For an end user guide, please refer to our separate sheet. Ap25 Panel Mounting Printer Range, Operator Information. 2 IMPORTANT NOTES Please read these carefully BEFORE proceeding 2.1 POWER SUPPLY WARNING These products require a +5V DC power supply with a tolerance of +/-10%(+/-0.5V). For best printing quality, it should regulated to better than +/-5%(0.25V). The current required varies with the printing density and it is vitally important for correct initialisation and operation that the supply can deliver sudden peak currents during operation and at start up of 5A. It is particularly important that the initial rise-time of the supply is short enough to give a valid reset to the controller (eg 10ms for 10% to 90%). The mean current will typically be 2A. Note also that these products have split 5V supplies to the mechanism and controller and it is strongly recommended that these be fed from separate regulators. The power to the controller must then be applied first, and removed last, if there is a significant difference in timing. The controller supply current will be a maximum of 30mA, but the mechanism supply must be capable of 5A. In considering the power supply arrangements, attention should be paid to the wiring and connections, as significant voltage drops may otherwise occur. The printing performance and reliability may be seriously affected by inadequate supply arrangements. 2.2 POWER SUPPLY TEASING Momentary interruptions to, or reductions in the voltage of the power supply to the controller can result in a fault condition from which it cannot recover until power is completely removed and correctly restored. Under these conditions, the printer solenoids may be energised continuously and burned out in a matter of seconds. The user must ensure that the supply will not be teased in this way, or else protect the system from such effects. The power supply must not be taken above 6V (5V +20%), or reversed, even under transient conditions. Particular attention should be paid to the power arrangements in vehicle or battery- operated applications, where load dump transients or reversal of replaceable batteries might occur. Able Systems have many years experience of the application of these products, and advice will be freely given on request. These notes may seem severe, but what few problems occur are almost invariably related to power supply faults.

Tariff Desc

8443.39.00 -- -- Machines which perform two or more of the functions of printing, copying or facsimile transmission, capable of connecting to an automatic data processing machine or to a network Other Free 94 No .Other

4811.41.10 Goods, as follows:
(a) in rolls or strips of a width not exceeding 15 cm;
(b) in rectangular (including square) sheets in which no side exceeds 36 cm, in the unfolded state;
(c) in rectangular sheets with one side exceeding 36 cm and the other side not exceeding 15 cm, in the unfolded state:

4821.90.00 TC 1206403 LABELS, thermal transfer, self adhesive, having ALL of the
(a) paper layer;
(b) metal carrier layer;
(c) adhesive layer;
(d) heat resistance to 350 degrees C
94 No .Other