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NF-04-MI-2.4G electronic component of Ai-Thinker

Wireless Modules Module RoHS

Manufacturer: Ai-Thinker
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WiFi Modules - 802.11
Wifi Modules (802.11)
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The NF-04-MI-2.4G with Wireless Modules Module RoHS is a wireless communication module manufactured by Ai-Thinker that has a maximum communication range of up to 500 meters when transmitting in an environment with no obstacles. It is equipped with an advanced low-power consumption design that provided a significantly longer operating time than other similar modules. The module operates on the FCC and ETSI-compliant 2.4GHz frequency band with support for IEEE 802.15.4 protocols and features an integrated antenna for improved signal strength. It is also RoHS compliant, meaning it has been thoroughly tested for the use of hazardous substances and meets or exceeds relevant health and environmental safety standards.

Tariff Desc

8542.3 - Electronic integrated circuits:
8542.31.00 -- Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
Monolithic integrated circuits:
61 No ..Linear/analogue and peripheral integrated circuits, timers, voltage regulators, A/D and D/A converters, telecommunication and modem integrated circuits, other than board level products
62 No ..Other
63 No Hybrid integrated circuits
64 No Multichip integrated circuits