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Drill bit; wood, brick type materials, metal, plastic; L:120mm
Manufacturer: Alpen-Maykestag

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Product Category
Hand Tools
Tools Application
Wood, Brick Type Materials, Metal, Plastic
No Impact Drilling
Drill Features
Grind Blade
Drill Diameter
3/8 , 10 mm
Type Of Tool Accessories
Drill Bit
Tip Material
Tungsten Carbide
120 mm
Working Part Length
80 mm
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PROFI MULTICUT + + + + + Der Allesknner The all-rounder El polivalente MULTI Hartmetallplatte Extra scharfe Schneiden, deshalb bestens auch fr Metall geeignet Carbide tip Extra sharp cutting edges, so very well suited for metal too Placa de metal duro Filos muy agudos, por lo tanto muy adecuada tambin para metales Patentiertes 4-fach Stufenpro l Schnelle Bohrmehlfrderung beim Bohren in Mauerwerk und Beton Patented 4-step pro le Fast drill dust feed when drilling into masonry and concrete Per l cudruple escalonado patentado Rpida eliminacin de los detritos durante el taladrado en mampostera y hormign Verschiedene Lngen bis zu 400 mm verfgbar Various lengths up to 400 mm available Diferentes longitudes disponibles hasta 400 mm 80Spezialbohrer // Pro Multicut / Hartmetall-Mehrzweckbohrer E ES D Har tmetall-Mehrzweckbohrer T ungsten carbide multi Br oca multiuso de metal duro, mit zylindrischem Schaft, kurz purpose drill bits with con eje cilndrico, cylindrical shank, short series corta Einsatzbereich: Range of application: mbito de aplicacin: Hohe Fle xibilitt und przise Bohrungen E xtremely versatile and precise drilling even Elevada exibilidad y taladrados precisos, auch bei abwechselnden Bohren in unter- with changing drills in various materials. For incluso si se cambian las brocas en material schiedlichen Materialien. Zum Drehbohren precision rotary drilling in tiles, natural stone, es diversos. Para el taladrado rotativo en in Fliesen, Mauerwerk, Metall, Holz und metal, wood and plastics. baldosas, mampostera, metal, madera y Kunststo> . plstico. Universeller Spezialbohrer Fr Metall, Mauerwerk und Fliesen Diamantgeschli> ene, scharfe Schneiden For metal, masonry and tiles Diamond ground, sharp cutting edges Universal special drill bits UNI Taladradora especial universal Para metal, albailera y baldosas Filos muy a lados pulidos con diamante Plastiktasche Plastic wallet Embalaje de plstico Ober che: Sonderbehandlung Surface: Special treatment Super cie: Tratamiento especial PU Set l1 l2 C ode 172 Inh. mm inch mm mm Art.-Nr. Cont. &, (/) %& & 00 ()*&& &&( 00 ( (& *, +/&0 )+ . 00 ()*&&/&&( 00 ( (& Siehe ab Seite 327 +, &/(3 :+ . 00 ()*&&+&&( 00 ( (& See from page 327 Consulte la pgina 327 y +,+ :+ . 00 ()*&&++&( 00 ( (& siguientes 3, (+/3* (&& +/ 00 ()*&&%&&( 00 ( (& 3,+ (/* (&& +/ 00 ()*&&%+&( 00 ( (& 5, 6/&0 (&& +/ 00 ()*&&)&&( 00 ( (& ), +/(3 (*& :& 00 ()*&&:&&( 00 ( (& ( , &/) (*& :& 00 ()*&(&&&( 00 ( (& (0, (+/&0 (+& .& (&,&& 00 ()*&(*&&( 00 ( (& 81 l2 l1 Spezialbohrer Special drill bits Brocas especiales

Tariff Desc

8203.20 crimpers but NOT including crimping tools put up in packs containing electrical connectors TC8532098

8205.40.00 TC0844020 SCREWDRIVERS

8203.30.00 TC9900293 NIPPERS diagonal spring loaded with insulated handles length NOT exceeding 125mm

8203.20.00 TC0844180 PLIERS being ANY of
a aviation slip pliers
b bent nose pliers
c combination pliers,length NOT less than 210mm
d cutting pliers
e end nipper pliers
f groove joint pliers
g linesman pliers, length NOT less than 210mm
h lock grip pliers
i long nose pliers
j long reach pliers
k round nose pliers
l slip joint pliers
m snap ring pliers
n straight nose pliers
o welding clamp pliers
p wire stripper plier

8204.11.00 TC9810512 SPANNERS drop forged

8204.12.00 TC0110440 SPANNERS AND WRENCHES adjustable non calibrated

8204.11.00 TC0107157 SPANNERS AND WRENCHES non adjustable being ANY:
a combination open end and ring
b open end
c ring

8205.70.00 TC0302773 CLAMPS

8205.70.00 TC0302754 VICES

8204.11.00 TC0405019 HAND TOOLS being EITHER of the following
a allen key sets
b hex keys

9017.30.00 50 Micrometers callipers and gauges Free

a sockets
b reducers
c tommy bars with sliding T handles
d extensions
e ratchets with coupler
f reversible ratchets
g couplers
h universal joints
i L-handles
j speed braces
k converters
l swivel handles
m driving handles socket drivers
n ratchet adaptors

8203.10.00 TC0302774 FILES OR RASPS

8206.00.00 TC0831549 KITS TOOL comprising not LESS than ANY two of
a allen keys
b chisels
c crimpers
d files
e hammers
f multi grips
g pliers
h punches
i saws
j screwdrivers
k shears
l snips
m sockets
n spanners
o wrenches

8425.42.00 TC9404347 JACKS, hand, hydraulic, having a maximum capacity of 2500kg

8207.50.00 TC9600818 DRILL BITS MASONARY having BOTH the following
a slotted shank
b hammer proof carbide tip