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Interface Modules USB-to-1-Wire /iButton Adapter

Manufacturer: Analog Devices
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Analog Devices

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Analog Devices

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Analog Devices
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Analog Devices
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DS9481R USB-to-1-Wire/iButton Adapter Evaluates: 1-Wire Slave and iButton Devices General Description Features M S Driver Support for Windows 7, Windows Vista , The DS9481R is a USB-to-1-Wire adapter for easy PC and Windows XP Operating Systems connectivity to 1-Wire devices. The adapter provides an RJ11 connector with the signals to communicate with all S Enumerates as a Virtual PC COM Port by Use of M 1-Wire and iButton devices that support a 3.3V data I/O the Prolific PL-2303HXD USB-to-UART Bridge IC level. Additionally, the adapter provides the support and S Emulates the DS2480B 1-Wire Line Driving signaling to program 1-Wire/iButton EEPROM and one- Functionality time programmable (OTP)/EPROM devices. To provide S 1-Wire OTP/EPROM Programming Provided a total hardware solution, the DS9481R can readily be Without the Need of an External Power Supply used with the DS9120 socket adapter to create a 1-Wire (12V on OW, 7V on PULSE) PC programmer for 1-Wire slave devices (contact factory S 3.3V Read/Write Operation to 1-Wire/iButton for more information). The equivalent slave hardware Devices solution for the iButton is the DS1402D-DR8. S RJ11 Interface for Standard Connectivity Accessories such as the DS9120 Socket Adapter Adapter Contents S Supports Standard and Overdrive 1-Wire QTY DESCRIPTION Communication USB-to-1-Wire adapter S Provides Strong Pullup to 3.3V 1 Maxim DS9481R-3C7+ S Fully Compliant with USB 2.0 Specification USB Type A-to-USB Mini-Type B cable S Windows XP Certified Logo Drivers 1 Qualtek Electronics Corp. 3021003-03 Ordering Information PART TYPE DS9481R-3C7+ Adapter +Denotes lead(Pb)-free and RoHS compliant. DS9481R USB-to-1-Wire/iButton Adapter 1-Wire and iButton are registered trademarks of Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. Windows, Windows Vista, and Windows XP are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim Direct at 1-888-629-4642, or visit Maxims website at 19-5608 Rev 0 10/10DS9481R USB-to-1-Wire/iButton Adapter Evaluates: 1-Wire Slave and iButton Devices Component List DESIGNATION QTY DESCRIPTION DESIGNATION QTY DESCRIPTION 4.7FF, 16V Y5V ceramic 220W, 2000mA ferrite chips (0805) FB1, FB2 2 C1, C6, C21 3 capacitors (0805) Murata BLM21PG221SN1D TDK Corp. C2012Y5V1C475Z 6-position, right-angle, PCB- J1 1 mounted jack 2.2FF, 16V Y5V ceramic Tyco 5520425-3 C2, C3 2 capacitors (0805) Murata GRM21BF51C225ZA01L Do not populate, J2 0 JTAG connector 0.22FF Q10%, 16V X7R ceramic C4, C7 2 capacitors (0603) 130mA, 50V p-channel MOSFETs TDK Corp. C1608X7R1C224K Q1, Q3 2 (SOT23-3) Fairchild Semiconductor BSS84 10nF 5%, 16V X7R C5, C15, C22 3 ceramic capacitors (0603) 115mA, 60V n-channel MOSFETs AVX 06035C103JAT2A Q2, Q4, Q5, Q7 4 (SOT23) Diodes, Inc. 2N7002-7-F 0.1FF, 16V X7R ceramic C8, C11-C14, 7 capacitors (0603) 3.9A, 20V p-channel MOSFET C20, C23 KEMET C0603C104K4RACTU Q6 1 (SOT23) NXP PMV65XP,215 10FF, 10V Y5V ceramic C10 1 capacitor (0805) Do not populate, R1, R29 0 TDK Corp. C2012Y5V1C106Z resistors 27I Q1%, 1/10W SMD resistors Do not populate, C16 0 R2, R3, R5 3 (0603) 470pF ceramic capacitor (0603) Yageo RC0603FR-0727RL 1FF, 10V X7R ceramic 1.5kI Q1%, 1/10W SMD C17 1 capacitor (0603) R4, R16, R21 3 resistors (0603) Taiyo Yuden LMK107B7105KA-T Panasonic ECG ERJ-3EKF1501V 10pF, 16V NP0 ceramic 10kI Q1%, 1/10W SMD R6, R24 2 C19 1 capacitor (0603) resistors (0603) TDK Corp. C1608C0G1H100D Yageo RC0603FR-0710KL C9, C24, C25 0 Do not populate, capacitors 1kI Q1%, 1/10W SMD R7, R14, R26 3 resistors (0603) USB Mini-AB connector, Yageo RC0603FR-071KL right-angle, SMD, 5-position CN1 1 JAE Electronics 100kI Q1%, 1/10W SMD R8, R13, R17, DX3R005HN2E700 5 resistors (0603) R20, R27, R30 Yageo RC0603FR-07100KL 30V, 200mA Schottky diode (SOT23) D1 1 Diodes Inc./Zetex BAT54TA 750I Q5%, 1/10W SMD R9 1 resistor (0603) 15V, 350mA zener diode (SOT23) D2 1 Yageo RC0603FR-07750RL Diodes Inc. MMBZ5245B-7-F Orange LED (TSS type) (0603) 0I Q1%, 1/10W SMD D3 1 Panasonic/SSG LNJ812R83RA R10 1 resistor (0603) Panasonic ECG ERJ-3GEY0R00V Dual CC Schottky diode (SOT23) D4 1 Diodes Inc./Zetex BAT54CTA 2 Maxim Integrated

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