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Precision Amplifiers Prec R-to-R I/O OA

Manufacturer: Analog Devices
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Analog Devices

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Analog Devices

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Analog Devices
Product Category
Precision Amplifiers
Analog Devices
No. Of Amplifiers
1 Amplifier
Slew Rate
0.1V/ s
Supply Voltage Range
2 V To ± 15 V
Amplifier Case Style
No. Of Pins
Operating Temperature Min
- 40 C
Operating Temperature Max
85 C
Rohs Phthalates Compliant
No SVHC (15 - Jan - 2018)
Amplifer Supply Voltage
2 V To ± 15 V
Base Number
Gain Bandwidth
I/O Type
Rail - Rail I/O
Input Offset Voltage Max
0.09 mV
Op Amp Type
Operating Temperature Range
- 40 C To + 85 C
Supply Voltage Nom
18 V
Supply Voltage Max
15 V
Supply Voltage Min
2 V
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LT1218/LT1219 Precision Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Op Amps FEATURES DESCRIPTION n Rail-to-Rail Input and Output The LT 1218/LT1219 are bipolar op amps which combine + n rail-to-rail input and output operation with precision speci- 90V V for V = V to V OS(MAX) CM n fications. Unlike other rail-to-rail amplifiers, the LT1218/ High Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 97dB Min TM n LT1219s input offset voltage is a low 90V across the C-Load Stable Version (LT1219) n entire rail-to-rail input range, not just a portion of it. Using High A : 500V/mV Minimum Driving 10k Load VOL a patented technique, both input stages of the LT1218/ n Wide Supply Range: LT1219 are trimmed: one at the negative supply and the 2V to 15V (LT1218/LT1219) other at the positive supply. The resulting common mode 2V to 5V (LT1218L/LT1219L) rejection of 97dB minimum is much better than other rail- n Shutdown Mode: I < 30A S to-rail input op amps. A minimum open-loop gain of n Low Supply Current: 420A Max 500V/mV into a 10k load virtually eliminates all gain error. n Low Input Bias Current: 18nA Typical n 300kHz Gain-Bandwidth Product (LT1218) The LT1218 has conventional compensation which n Slew Rate: 0.10V/s (LT1218) assures stability for capacitive loads of 1000pF or less. The LT1219 has compensation that requires the use of a U 0.1F output capacitor, which improves the amplifiers APPLICATIONS supply rejection and reduces output impedance at high frequencies. The output capacitors filtering action also n Driving A/D Converters reduces high frequency noise, which is beneficial when n Test Equipment Amplifiers driving A/D converters. n MUX Amplifiers High and low voltage versions of the devices are offered. Operation is specified for 3V, 5V and 5V supplies for the LT1218L/LT1219L and 3V, 5V and 15V for the LT1218/ , LTC and LT are registered trademarks of Linear Technology Corporation. C-Load is a trademark of Linear Technology Corporation. LT1219. TYPICAL APPLICATION MUX Amplifier Voltage Follower Input to Output Error 10 5V V = 5V S A = 1 V V + NO LOAD IN1 V LT1218L OUT 1.0 SHDN MAX ERROR = 110V 5V 0.1 0.05V V 4.8V IN V + IN2 LT1218L MAXIMUM IN SHDN TO OUT ERROR 0.01 0 123 4 5 = 110V FOR 0.05 4.95 0.05V V 4.8V IN INPUT VOLTAGE (V) R = 10k L INPUT LT1218/19 TA02 SELECT 1218/19 TA01 74HCO4 1 ERROR (mV) U ULT1218/LT1219 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS PACKAGE/ORDER INFORMATION Supply Voltage ORDER PART LT1218/LT1219 ................................................. 18V NUMBER LT1218L/LT1219L ............................................... 8V TOP VIEW LT1218CN8 Input Current ...................................................... 15mA V TRIM 1 8 V TRIM OS OS LT1218CS8 Output Short-Circuit Duration (Note 1) .........Continuous + IN 2 V 7 LT1218LCN8 Operating Temperature Range ................ 40C to 85C +IN 3 6 OUT LT1218LCS8 Specified Temperature Range (Note 3) ... 40C to 85C V SHDN 4 5 LT1219CN8 Storage Temperature Range ................. 65C to 150C LT1219CS8 N8 PACKAGE S8 PACKAGE Junction Temperature........................................... 150C 8-LEAD PDIP 8-LEAD PLASTIC SO LT1219LCN8 Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec).................. 300C LT1219LCS8 T = 150C, = 130C/ W (N8) JMAX JA T = 150C, = 190C/ W (S8) JMAX JA S8 PART MARKING 1218 1219 1218L 1219L Consult factory for Industrial and Military grades. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS + T = 25C, V = 5V, 0V V = 3V, 0V V = V = half supply, V = V , unless otherwise noted. A S S CM O SHDN SYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITS + V Input Offset Voltage V = V 25 90 V OS CM V = V 25 90 V CM + V Input Offset Voltage Shift V = V to V 15 70 V OS CM + I Input Bias Current V = V 30 70 nA B CM V = V 70 18 nA CM + I Input Bias Current Shift V = V to V 50 140 nA B CM + I Input Offset Current V = V 518 nA OS CM V = V 218 nA CM + I Input Offset Current Shift V = V to V 518 nA OS CM e Input Noise Voltage Density f = 1kHz 33 nV/Hz n i Input Noise Current Density f = 1kHz 0.09 pA/Hz n A Large-Signal Voltage Gain V = 5V, V = 50mV to 4.8V, R = 10k 250 1000 V/mV VOL S O L V = 3V, V = 50mV to 2.8V, R = 10k 200 750 V/mV S O L + CMRR Common Mode Rejection Ratio V = 5V, V = V to V 97 110 dB S CM + V = 3V, V = V to V 92 106 dB S CM PSRR Power Supply Rejection Ratio V = 2.3V to 12V, V = 0V, V = 0.5V 90 100 dB S CM O V Output Voltage Swing LOW No Load 4 12 mV OL I = 0.5mA 45 90 mV SINK I = 2.5mA 120 240 mV SINK + + V Output Voltage Swing HIGH No Load V 0.012 V 0.003 V OH + + I = 0.5mA V 0.130 V 0.065 V SOURCE + + I = 2.5mA V 0.400 V 0.210 V SOURCE I Short-Circuit Current V = 5V 5 10 mA SC S V = 3V 4 7 mA S I Supply Current V = 5V 370 420 A S S V = 3V 370 410 A S Positive Supply Current, SHDN V = 5V, V = 0V 9 30 A S SHDN V = 3V, V = 0V 6 20 A S SHDN 2 U W U W U WW

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