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MAX3799ETJ+T electronic component of Analog Devices

Limiting Amplifiers 1Gbps to 14Gbps, SFP+ Multirate Limiting Amplifier and VCSEL Driver

Manufacturer: Analog Devices
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Analog Devices

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Analog Devices

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Analog Devices
Product Category
Limiting Amplifiers
Input Voltage Range - Max
3.63 V
Operating Supply Voltage
3.3 V
Operating Supply Current
97 mA
Supply Voltage - Max
3.63 V
Supply Voltage - Min
2.85 V
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 85 C
Pd - Power Dissipation
2759 mW
Limiting Amplifiers
Analog Devices
Max 3799etj
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Product Type
Limiting Amplifiers
Amplifier Ics
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EVALUATION KIT AVAILABLE MAX3799 1Gbps to 14Gbps, SFP+ Multirate Limiting Amplifier and VCSEL Driver General Description Features The MAX3799 is a highly integrated limiting amplifier Enables Single-Module Design Compliance with and VCSEL driver that operates up to 14Gbps, making 1000BASE-SR and 10GBASE-SR Specifications it suitable for Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications. -21.5dBm Optical Sensitivity at 1.25Gbps Using a By providing a selectable data path with a noise-shap- ing filter, the MAX3799 enables a module with 10G 10.32Gbps ROSA (-19.7dBm OMA) optics to be fully compliant with both 1000BASE-SR Low Power Dissipation of 320mW at 3.3V Power and 10GBASE-SR specifications. Operating from a sin- Supply gle +3.3V supply, this low-power integrated limiting amplifier and VCSEL driver IC enables a platform Typical Electrical Performance of 14.025Gbps on design for SFP MSA as well as for SFP+ MSA-based Rx/Tx (Non-Retimed 16x Fibre Channel Solution) optical transceivers. The high-sensitivity limiting ampli- 3mV Receiver Sensitivity at 10.32Gbps P-P fier limits the differential input signal generated by a transimpedance amplifier into a CML-level differential 4ps DJ at Receiver Output at 8.5Gbps 8B/10B P-P output signal. The compact VCSEL driver provides a 4ps DJ at Receiver Output at 10.32Gbps modulation and a bias current for a VCSEL diode. The P-P 31 optical average power is controlled by an average 2 - 1 PRBS power control (APC) loop implemented by a controller 26ps Rise and Fall Time at Rx/Tx Output that interfaces to the VCSEL driver through a 3-wire digital interface. All differential I/Os are optimally back- Rate Select for 1Gbps Mode or 10Gbps Mode terminated for a 50 transmission line PCB design. CML Output Squelch The use of a 3-wire digital interface reduces the pin Polarity Select for Rx and Tx count while enabling advanced Rx (rate selection, LOS threshold, LOS squelch, LOS polarity, CML output level, LOS Assert Level Adjustment signal path polarity, deemphasis, and fast mode-select LOS Polarity Select change time) and Tx settings (modulation current, bias current, polarity, and eye safety control) without the Modulation Current Up to 12mA Into 100 need for external components. The MAX3799 provides Differential Load multiple current and voltage DACs to allow the use of Bias Current Up to 15mA low-cost controller ICs. The MAX3799 is packaged in a lead-free, 5mm x 5mm, Integrated Eye Safety Features 32-pin TQFN package. 3-Wire Digital Interface Programmable Deemphasis at Tx Output Applications 1000BASE-SR/10GBASE-SR Multirate SFP+ Optical Transceiver Ordering Information 1x/2x/4x/8x/16x SFF/SFP/SFP+ MSA Fibre PART TEMP RANGE PIN-PACKAGE Channel (FC) Optical Transceiver MAX3799ETJ+ -40C to +85C 32 TQFN-EP* +Denotes a lead(Pb)-free/RoHS-compliant package. *EP = Exposed pad. Typical Application Circuit and Pin Configuration appear at end of data sheet. For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim Direct at 1-888-629-4642, or visit Maxims website at 19-4695 Rev 2 10/12MAX3799 1Gbps to 14Gbps, SFP+ Multirate Limiting Amplifier and VCSEL Driver ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS V , V , V .................................................-0.3V to +4.0V Current Range into SDA........................................-1mA to +1mA CCR CCT CCD Voltage Range at DISABLE, SDA, SCL, CSEL, Current into ROUT+, ROUT- ...............................................40mA RSEL, FAULT, BMON, LOS, CAZ2.........-0.3V to (V + 0.3V) Current into TOUT+, TOUT-................................................60mA CC Voltage Range at ROUT+, ROUT- .....(V - 1V) to (V + 0.3V) Continuous Power Dissipation (T = +70C) CC CC A Voltage at TIN+, TIN-........................(V - 2.5V) to (V - 0.5V) 32-Pin TQFN (derate 34.5W/C above +70C) ...........2759mW CC CC Voltage Range at TOUT+, TOUT- ......(V - 2V) to (V + 0.3V) Operating Junction Temperature Range...........-55C to +150C CC CC Voltage at BIAS ............................................................0V to V Storage Temperature Range .............................-65C to +160C CC Voltage at RIN+, RIN-..........................(V - 2V) to (V - 0.2V) Lead Temperature (soldering, 10s) .................................+300C CC CC Current Range into FAULT, LOS...........................-1mA to +5mA Soldering Temperature (reflow) .......................................+260C Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (V = 2.85V to 3.63V, T = -40C to +85C, CML receiver output load is AC-coupled to differential 100, C = 1nF, transmitter out- CC A AZ put load is AC-coupled to differential 100 (see Figure 1), typical values are at +25C, V = 3.3V, I = 6mA, I = 6mA, unless CC BIAS MOD otherwise specified. Registers are set to default values unless otherwise noted, and the 3-wire interface is static during measure- ments. For testing, the RATE SEL bit was used and the RSEL pin was left open.) PARAMETER SYMBOL CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITS POWER SUPPLY Includes the CML output current Power-Supply Current I excludes I = 6mA, I = 6mA, 97 150 mA CC BIAS MOD V = 400mV (Note 1) DIFF ROUT P-P Power-Supply Voltage V 2.85 3.63 V CC GENERAL Input Data Rate 1.0625 10.32 Gbps Input/Output SNR 14.1 BER 10E-12 POWER-ON RESET High POR Threshold 2.55 2.75 V Low POR Threshold I = I and I = I 2.3 2.45 V BIAS BIASOFF MOD MODOFF Rx INPUT SPECIFICATIONS Differential Input Resistance R 75 100 125 IN DIFF RIN+/RIN- RATE SEL = 0 (1.25Gbps) 1 3 Input Sensitivity (Note 2) V mV INMIN P-P RATE SEL = 1 (10.32Gbps) 3 8 Input Overload V 1.2 V INMAX P-P DUT is powered on, f 5GHz 14 Input Return Loss SDD11 dB DUT is powered on, f 16GHz 7 DUT is powered on, 1GHz < f 5GHz 8 Input Return Loss SCC11 dB DUT is powered on, 1GHz < f 16GHz 8 Rx OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS Differential Output Resistance R 75 100 125 OUTDIFF 2 Maxim Integrated

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