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1312G1 electronic component of Anderson Power Products

Punches & Dies LOCATOR ONLY PP15/45

Manufacturer: Anderson Power Products
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Anderson Power Products

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Anderson Power Products
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Punches & Dies
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Anderson Power Products
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Why Use of APP Recommended Crimp Tooling is so Important APP connectors are designed to achieve the highest levels of durability, reliability, and performance as shown on the connector data sheets. Crimp tooling is a critical link between the designed performance of an APP connector and the realization of that performance by our customers. As part of the connector design and testing process, APP recommends a limited number of crimp solutions that have proven to deliver the intended connector performance in a process that is repeatable. Only these solutions tested by APP are listed in the conditions of acceptability from safety agencies such as UL, CSA, and TUV. Use of tooling solutions not tested by APP can affect not only performance but safety agency approvals. Problems attributable to use of tools not recommended by APP include: Mechanical Electrical and Thermal Contacts not able to fit inside connector housings. High electrical resistance Contacts not seated properly in connector housings Failure to realize designed current and causing: shorts, intermittent circuits, abnormally high voltage carrying capability or low mating and unmating force, & low retention Overheating force of the contact in the housing. Melting of connector housings 2016 Anderson Power Products, Inc. All rights reserved. Saf-D-Grid, SB, SBE, SBO, SBS, SBX, PowerMod, Power Drawer, APP, Anderson Power Products and the APP logo are Registered Trademarks of Anderson Power Products, Inc. All Data Subject To Change Without Notice - 1 - 1387G1 & G2 Pneumatic Bench Tools Versatile & heavy duty tools manufactured by Pico Tools, use fixed depth dies and spring bottom locators designed specifically to crimp APP contacts. Dies and locators are not interchangeable between the 1387G1 and the 1387G2. These pneumatic full cycle tools operate on clean and dry shop air pressures of 80 125 psi (5 8.6 BAR). See connector family tooling charts at the end of each section for the specific dies and locators recommended for crimping each contact. Dies and locators are available from Pico Tools for a variety of other terminal types including lugs, insulated terminals, and a variety of turned pin and socket contacts. 1387G1: 12 2/0 (4 70 mm) Pico Tools Model 400-BHD Compatible with M22520/23 dies and locators 1387G2: 12 250 mcm (4 120 mm) Die Pico Tools Model: 500-D Die Locator Locator 1387G1 1387G2 1391G1: Foot Pedal Control TA0002: Air regulator / filter for pneumatic tools. Keeps air clean and dry for long lasting tool performance. Dial knob adjusts air pressure going to the tool. 1391G1 TA0002 1368 Series Hydraulic Tools The dieless 4 indent head crimps full cycle until a minimum hydraulic pressure is reached. Good for crimping nearly all APP contacts for wire sizes 4 4/0, 300mcm. The dieless system offers a highly flexible crimping system that does not require the purchase of separate dies and locators. Pressure based crimp depth allows these tools to be adapted to a broad range of large wire crimping needs including lugs, ring terminals, and splices. 1368: Hubbell VC7-SP dieless 4 indent tool with attached manual hydraulic pump. Tool includes a custom turret locator for positioning of APP PP120, PP180, SB 120, SB 175, SB 350 contacts. The innovative design provides two separate crimp positions for the PP180, SB 175 and SB 350 contacts. Both the tool and locator ship in black plastic carrying cases. 1368-NL: Manufactured by DMC to APP specifications, this 4 indent head with attached manual hydraulic pump offers the same crimping performance as the 1368, but with the cost savings of not having a custom turret locator. Includes black plastic carrying case. 1368-B: The same 4 indent head as the 1368-NL is mounted to a battery powered tool for effortless crimping. Includes 2 lithium-ion batteries and charger as well as a black plastic carrying case. Charger is for 120V AC. Contact customer service for chargers compatible with alternate voltages. All Data Subject To Change Without Notice - 2 -

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8205.10.00 Hand tools (including glaziers diamonds), not elsewhere specified or included; blow lamps; vices, clamps and the like, other than accessories for and parts of, machine-tools; anvils; portable forges; hand- or pedal-operated grinding wheels with frameworks. Drilling, threading or tapping tools
Anderson Power Products