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ZM7304G-65501-B1 electronic component of Bel Fuse

Digital Intermediate Bus Architectures 3V to 3.6V 64-Pin QFN EP Tube

Manufacturer: Bel Fuse
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Bel Fuse
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Power Management Specialised - PMIC
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ZM7300G Series Digital Power Manager Data Sheet Member of the Family Features RoHS compliant for all six substances Compatible with both lead-free and standard reflow processes Programs, controls, and manages up to 32 independent Z-series POL converters via an industry 2 C interface (both 100kHz and 400kHz) standard I JTAG IEEE 1149.1 compliant programming interface Controls and monitors industry standard power supplies and other peripheral devices (fans, etc) Programs output voltage, protections, optimal voltage Applications positioning, turn-on and turn-off delays and slew rates, switching frequency, interleave (phase shift), TM Low voltage, high density systems utilizing and feedback loop compensation of the Z-One POL TM Z-One Digital Intermediate Bus Architectures converters Broadband, networking, optical, and wireless User friendly GUI interface for programming, communications systems monitoring, and performance simulation Industrial computing, servers, and storage Four independent OK lines for flexible fault applications management and fast fault propagation Four interrupt inputs with programmable hot swap Benefits support capabilities Intermediate bus voltage monitoring and protection Eliminates the need for external power AC Fail input management components Non-volatile memory to store system configuration Communicates with the host system via the information and status data 2 industry standard I C communication bus 1 kByte of user accessible non-volatile memory Reduces board space, system cost, complexity, Control of industry standard DC-DC front ends and time to market Crowbar output to trigger the optional crowbar protection Run-time counter Hardware and software locks for data protection Small footprint semiconductor industry standard QFN64 package: 9x9mm Wide industrial operating temperature range Description Power-Ones point-of-load converters are recommended for use with regulated bus converters in an Intermediate Bus Architecture (IBA). The ZM7300 is a fully programmable digital power manager that utilizes the 2 industry-standard I C communication bus interface to control, manage, program and monitor up to 32 Z- series POL converters and 4 independent power devices. The ZM7300 completely eliminates the need TM for external components for power management and programming and monitoring of the Z-One POL converters and other industry standard power and peripheral devices. Parameters of the ZM7300 are 2 programmable via the I C bus and can be changed by a user at any time during product development and deployment. ZD-00896 Rev. 5.1, 13-Jul-10 Page 1 of 33 ZM7300G Series Digital Power Manager Data Sheet 1 Selection Chart TM DPM Type Number of Z-One POLs Active Number of Number of Number of Number of and Auxiliary devices that Addresses Groups Interrupts Parallel Auxiliary can be controlled Buses Devices ZM7304G 4 0003 2 2 2 4 ZM7308G 8 0007 2 2 4 4 ZM7316G 16 0015 3 3 4 4 ZM7332G 32 0031 4 4 8 4 2 Ordering Information ZM 73 xx G yyyyy zz 1) Product Series: Number of Z- RoHS compliance: 5-digit identifier Packaging Option : TM family: Digital One POLs and G - RoHS compliant assigned by B1 50pcs Tube Z-One Power Power Auxiliary devices: for all six substances Power-One for B2 10pcs Tube Management Manager 04 4 devices each unique T1 500pcs T&R Devices 08 8 devices configuration file T2 100pcs T&R 16 16 devices Q1 1pc sample for 32 32 devices evaluation only 1 Packaging option is used only for ordering and not included in the part number printed on the DPM label. 2 The evaluation board is available in only one configuration: ZM7300-KIT-HKS Example: ZM7316G-12345-T1: A 500-piece reel of 16-node DPMs with preloaded configuration file code 12345. Each DPM is labeled ZM7316G-12345. Refer to Figure 1 for label marking information. Line 1 : Part Number (7 Char. Alpha Numeric) Line 2 : Customer Config. Number, Customer Config. Rev. ZM7316G ZM73xxG (5 digits Plus Rev Letter) 12345 A xxxxx x Line 3 : Firmware Rev. (3 Char. Alpha Numeric) xxx A03 xxxxxxx Line 4 : Programming (Location, Date, Batch Code) (7 Char. Alpha Numeric) M082703 Figure 1. Label Drawing 3 Standard 5-Digit Identifiers DPM Type DPM preloaded with default DPM configured for JTAG Packaging Options configuration file programming ZM7304G 65501 65505 B1, B2, T1, T2, Q1 ZM7308G 65502 65506 B1, B2, T1, T2, Q1 ZM7316G 65503 65507 B1, B2, T1, T2, Q1 ZM7332G 65504 65508 B1, B2, T1, T2, Q1 ZD-00896 Rev. 5.1, 13-Jul-10 Page 2 of 33

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8542.31.00 51 No ..Application Specific (Digital) Integrated Circuits (ASIC)

Electronic integrated circuits: Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
Monolithic integrated circuits:
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