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1120-6R8M-RC electronic component of Bourns

Fixed Inductors 6.8uH 20%

Manufacturer: Bourns
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Fixed Inductors
Fixed Inductors
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High Current Chokes 1120 Series Special Features L (H) DCR Dim. Dim. Very high current capacity Part 20 % I, dc* C D Low DCR Number 1 KHz Max. (A) Approx. Nom. 1120-1R0M-RC 1.0 0.003 11.4 0.63 0.071 Epoxy coated ferrite bobbin core 1120-1R2M-RC 1.2 0.003 11.4 0.63 0.071 VW-1 rated shrink tubing to cover winding 1120-1R5M-RC 1.5 0.003 11.4 0.63 0.071 Self-leaded 1120-1R8M-RC 1.8 0.003 11.4 0.63 0.071 Fixed lead spacing 1120-2R2M-RC 2.2 0.004 11.4 0.63 0.071 Center hole for mechanical mounting 1120-2R7M-RC 2.7 0.005 11.4 0.63 0.063 Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1120-3R3M-RC 3.3 0.005 11.4 0.63 0.063 1120-3R9M-RC 3.9 0.005 11.4 0.63 0.063 2500 Vrms terminal to shrink tube cover 1120-4R7M-RC 4.7 0.005 11.4 0.63 0.063 1000 Vrms terminal to core 1120-5R6M-RC 5.6 0.006 11.4 0.63 0.063 Operating temperature -55 to +105 C 1120-6R8M-RC 6.8 0.007 11.4 0.63 0.063 Magnet Wire: Polyester, 155 C rated 1120-8R2M-RC 8.2 0.007 11.4 0.63 0.063 10 % 1120-100K-RC 10 0.009 11.4 0.63 0.063 1120-120K-RC 12 0.009 11.4 0.63 0.055 Notes 1120-150K-RC 15 0.013 9 0.63 0.055 * Rated current to cause 50 C max. temperature 1120-180K-RC 18 0.018 7.2 0.63 0.047 rise and 5 % max. inductance drop 1120-220K-RC 22 0.019 7.2 0.63 0.047 1120-270K-RC 27 0.026 5.5 0.63 0.043 RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC Jan 27 2003 1120-330K-RC 33 0.029 5.5 0.60 0.039 including Annex. 1120-390K-RC 39 0.030 5.5 0.60 0.039 1120-470K-RC 47 0.035 5.5 0.62 0.039 1120-560K-RC 56 0.039 5.5 0.62 0.039 1120-680K-RC 68 0.053 4.8 0.62 0.039 0.81 Max. 1120-820K-RC 82 0.060 4.8 0.62 0.037 1120-101K-RC 100 0.080 4 0.62 0.035 1120-121K-RC 120 0.090 4 0.62 0.035 0.84 1120-151K-RC 150 0.098 4 0.62 0.032 Max. 1120-181K-RC 180 0.110 4 0.62 0.032 1120-221K-RC 220 0.150 2.8 0.62 0.030 1120-271K-RC 270 0.213 2 0.60 0.028 0.5 Lead tinned 1120-331K-RC 330 0.305 1.6 0.60 0.025 to within 1/8 1120-391K-RC 390 0.320 1.6 0.60 0.025 of body 1120-471K-RC 470 0.355 1.6 0.60 0.025 1120-561K-RC 560 0.388 1.6 0.60 0.025 C 1120-681K-RC 680 0.430 1.6 0.60 0.025 1120-821K-RC 820 0.590 1.3 0.60 0.022 1120-102K-RC 1000 0.818 1 0.60 0.020 1120-122K-RC 1200 1.14 0.8 0.60 0.018 1120-152K-RC 1500 1.26 0.8 0.60 0.018 D (Dia) 1120-182K-RC 1800 1.39 0.8 0.60 0.016 0.157 0.018 1120-222K-RC 2200 1.54 0.8 0.60 0.016 -RC sux indicates RoHS compliance. Note: Major diameter of 6 screw = 0.138 Dimensions: Inches Specications are subject to change without notice. Users should verify actual device performance in their specic applications. The products described herein and this document are subject to specic legal disclaimers as set forth on the last page of this document, and at 22.2 REV. 12/16 RoHS COMPLIANT Legal Disclaimer Notice This legal disclaimer applies to purchasers and users of Bourns products manufactured by or on behalf of Bourns, Inc. and )V Y UZ P Z HSPH LZ JVSSLJ P LS Unless otherwise expressly indicated in writing, Bourns products and data sheets relating thereto are subject to change P OV UV PJL <ZLYZ ZOV SK JOLJR MVY HUK VI HPU OL SH LZ Y LU LSL HU PUMVYTH PVU HUK LYPM OH Z JO PUMVYTH PVU PZ J YY and complete before placing orders for Bourns products. The characteristics and parameters of a Bourns product set forth in its data sheet are based on laboratory conditions, and statements regarding the suitability of products for certain types of applications are based on Bourns knowledge of typical requirements in generic applications. The characteristics and parameters of a Bourns VK J PU H ZLY HWWSPJH PVU TH HY WY VT OL KH H ZOLL JOHYHJ LYPZ PJZ HUK WHYHTL LYZ K L V P MY OL JVTIPUH PVU VM OL )V Y UZ product with other components VUTLU VM OL ZLY Z HWWSPJH PVU VY PP OL LU PY PU OL ZLY HWWSPJH PVU P ZLSM OL JOHYHJ LYPZ PJZ HUK WHYHTL LYZ VM H )V Y UZ LU HWWSPJH PVUZ HUK HJ H VK J HSZV JHU HUK KV HY PU KPLY WY S WLYMVYTHUJL TH HY V LY PTL <ZLYZ ZOV SK HS H Z LYPM the actual performance of the Bourns VK J PU OLPY ZWLJPJ KL PJLZ HUK HWWSPJH PVUZ HUK THRL O WY LPY V U PUKLWLUKLU NPU V KLZ KPUN OL HTV U VM HKKP PVUHS LZ THY LNHY Q KNTLU Z Y PNU PU V OLPY KL PJL VY HWWSPJH PVU V JVTWLUZH L MVY LHS VYSK JVUKP PVUZ LUJLZ IL LLU SHIVYH VY HUK Y KPLY <USLZZ )V Y UZ OHZ L WSPJP S KLZPNUH LK HU PUKP PK HS )V Y UZ product as meeting the requirements of a particular industry K L N 0:6 : VY H WHY PJ SHY X HSPJH PVU L N Z HUKHY LZWVUZPISL MVY HU LJVNUPaLK )V Y UZ PZ UV Y <3 SPZ LK VY Y L VM HU PUKP PK HS )V Y UZ MHPS Y K VY LTLU Z VM Z JO PUK Z Y Z HUKHY LX PY VK J V TLL OL Y WY WHY PJ SHY X HSPJH PVU <ZLYZ of Bourns products are responsible for ensuring compliance with safety-related requirements and standards applicable to OLPY KL PJLZ VY HWWSPJH PVUZ Bourns LJVTTLUKLK H OVYPaLK VY PU LUKLK MVY ZL P L UV Y VK J Z HY WY SPMLZH PUN SPML JYP PJHS VY SPML Z Z HPUPUN U U JSLHY L VY TH L MHPS Y HWWSPJH PVUZ UVY PU HU V OLY HWWSPJH PVUZ OLY VWL L WY KLH O VY ZL LY LZ S PU WLYZVUHS PUQ Y SM UJ PVU TH Y Y LZZS HUK ZWLJPJHSS HWWY VUTLU HS KHTHNL <USLZZ L WY VY LU PY LZLU H P LZ LWY V LK PU YP PUN I V H OVYPaLK )V Y UZ Y on a case-by-case basis, use of any Bourns VK J Z PU Z JO UH OVYPaLK HWWSPJH PVUZ TPNO UV IL ZHML H WY UK O Z PZ H Z ZVSL YPZR 3PML JYP PJHS HWWSPJH PVUZ PUJS KL KL PJ OL ZLY LZ PKLU PLK I OL < : -VVK HUK +Y N (KTPUPZ YH PVU HZ *SHZZ 000 KL PJLZ HUK NLULYHSS LX P HSLU JSHZZPJH PVUZ V ZPKL VM OL LZZS PKLU PLZ OVZL )V Y )V Y UZ UZ L WY L Z P HISL MVY ZL PU H VTV P L HWWS VK J Z OH HY K WY Z HUKHY PJH PVUZ VU Z JO VK J Z KH H ZOLL Z PU OL ZLJ PVU LU P SLK (WWSPJH PVUZ WY V LK PU YP PUN I V LZZS HUK ZWLJPJHSS HWWY <USLZZ L WY LZLU H P LZ VU H JHZL I JHZL IHZPZ ZL LWY H OVYPaLK )V Y UZ Y VM HU V OLY )V Y UZ VK J Z PU HU H VTV P L K WY Z HUKHY LJVTTLUKLK H O HWWSPJH PVU TPNO UV IL ZHML HUK O Z PZ UV Y Z ZVSL YPZR 0M )V Y UZ VYPaLK VY PU LUKLK HUK PZ H OL ZLY LZZS PKLU PLZ H Z I JH LNVY VM H VTV P L HWWSPJH PVU PU L WY VK J Z Z JO HZ PUMV HPUTLU K WY OL KH H ZOLL MVY P Z Z HUKHY L PL LK VY SPNO PUN Z JO PKLU PJH PVU TLHUZ OH )V Y UZ OHZ Y VK J HUK OHZ KL LYTPULK OH PM Z JO )V Y UZ K WY P Z Z HUKHY LK MVY WV LU PHS ZL PU H VTV P L VK J PZ JVUZPKLY K WY Z HUKHY HWWSPJH PVUZ P ZOV SK VUS IL ZLK PU Z JO Z I JH LNVY VM LUJL V )V Y UZ LMLY H VTV P L HWWSPJH PVUZ (U Y VK J PU OL KH H ZOLL HZ JVTWSPHU P O OL (,* 8 K WY Z HUKHY K Z HUKHY VY H VTV P L NYHKL KVLZ UV I P ZLSM TLHU OH )V Y UZ OHZ H VK J MVY ZL PU HU H VTV P L HWWSPJH PVU V LK Z JO WY WWY Bourns L UV LZ LK V JVTWS P O <UP LK : H LZ VK J Z HY K WY Z HUKHY KZ NLULYHSS PH PVU (KTPUPZ YH PVU Z HUKHY -LKLYHS ( NHUPaH PVU Z H VY HU V OLY NLULYHSS LX P HSLU NV LY UTLU HS VY LK MVY VK J Z KLZPNULK VY THU MHJ Y K HWWSPJHISL V WY UKHY LZZS PKLU P JYHM VY ZWHJL HWWSPJH PVUZ )V Y ZL PU HPYUZ L WY LZ )V Y UZ standard products that are suitable for use in aircraft VK J Z KH H ZOLL Z PU OL ZLJ VY ZWHJL HWWSPJH PVUZ VU Z JO WY LZZS HUK ZWLJPJHSS PVU LU P SLK (WWSPJH PVUZ <USLZZ L WY LZLU H P LZ VU LWY V LK PU YP PUN I V H OVYPaLK )V Y UZ Y HWWY H JHZL I JHZL IHZPZ ZL VM HU V OLY )V Y UZ standard JYHM VY ZWHJL HWWSPJH PVU TPNO UV IL ZHML H VK J PU HU HPY WY LJVTTLUKLK H OVYPaLK VY PU LUKLK HUK PZ H UK O Z PZ UV Y the users sole risk. OL ZL HUK SL LS VM LZ PUN HWWSPJHISL V )V Y UZ custom products shall be negotiated on a case-by-case basis by Bourns and the user for which such Bourns L L ZWLJPHSS KLZPNULK (IZLU H YP LU HNY VK J Z HY J Z VT WY LTLU IL LLU )V Y UZ KPUN OL ZL HUK SL LS VM Z JO LZ PUN OL H LNHY HUK OL ZLY Y V PZPVUZ HWWSPJHISL V )V Y UZ IV L WY standard products shall also apply to such Bourns custom products. Users shall not sell, transfer, export or re-export any Bourns VK J Z VY LJOUVSVN MVY ZL PU HJ P P PLZ OPJO PU VS L OL WY VK J PVU ZL VY Z VJRWPSPUN VM U JSLHY KLZPNU KL LSVWTLU WY JOLTPJHS VY IPVSVNPJHS LHWVUZ VY TPZZPSLZ UVY ZOHSS OL ZL Bourns VK J Z VY LJOUVSVN PU HU MHJPSP OPJO LUNHNLZ PU HJ P P WY LZ YPJ PVUZ LNVPUN Y LSH PUN V Z JO KL PJLZ OL MVY PLZ Y HWWS V HSS ZLZ HUK HWWSPJH PVUZ OH PVSH L UH PVUHS VY PU NVZ VY PU LY UH PVUHS VOPIP PVUZ PUJS KPUN LTIHY LY UH PVUHS WY )V Y UZ LN SH PVUZ - Y OLY Y products and Bourns technology and technical data may not under any circumstance be exported or re-exported to countries subject to international sanctions or embargoes. Bourns products may not, without VT )V Y UZ HUK VY OL < : .V LY WYPVY H OVYPaH PVU MY UTLU IL L L WVY LK V HU WHY UV LSPNPISL LK VY Y LZVSK YHUZMLYY Y L HUK LJOUPJHS KH H LJLP L < : JVTTVKP PLZ ZVM HY V Y JOHU VM ULZZ MVY WHY PJ SHY W YWVZL UVU PUMYPUNLTLU HUK TLY HIPSP )RU RXU FRQYHQLHQFH FRSLHV RI WKLV /HJDO LVFODLPHU 1RWLFH ZL UDGLWLRQDO &KLQHVH DQG 6LPSOLHG 7 WK *HUPDQ 6SDQLVK -DSDQHVH &KLQHVH bilingual versions are available at: Web Page:

Tariff Desc

8504.50 COILS, toroidal, having ALL of the following: (a) winding wire dia NOT exceeding 0.25 mm; (b) internal window dia NOT exceeding 40 mm; (c) external dia NOT exceeding 55 mm Op. 17.06.1985 Dec. 13.01.1986 - TC 8532473

8504.90 CORES AND SHAPES, ferrite, iron powder or molybdenum permalloy powder Op. 13.03.1984 Dec. 13.03.1984 - TC 8342777

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