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TLS 2200 Cleaning Kit Includes 5 Cleaning Cards
Manufacturer: Brady

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Product Category
Labels and Industrial Warning Signs
Accessory Type
Printer Cleaning Kit
For Use With
BMP71, TLS2200 and TLSPC Portable Printer Link
Kit Contents
5 Cleaning Cards for TLS 2200 & TLS PC Link Printers
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Portable Printers TLS2200 Labeling System TLS2200 / TLS PC Link Pritner Specifications TLS2200 Label Printer Max Labels Per Day Average 750 labels/day Print Resolution 203 dpi A rugged, portable, and easy-to-use Print Technology Thermal Transfer labeling solution with crisp, thermal- Print Speed 12 mm/sec (0.47 in/sec) transfer quality printing and a variety of Various sizes from 0.25 Tape Widths (inches) durable materials. Create custom labels to 2.00 Various sizes from 6.4 to for the most demanding applications Tape Widths (mm) 50.8 mm including product bar code ID, electrical Max Label Width 2.00 (50.8mm) and datacomm marking, laboratory ID, Max Print Width 1.810 (46.0mm) security ID, and more. Memory 21,000 characters / None PTL-, BPTL- Series TLS PC Link Label Printer Materials Supported 500+ Stock Parts Continuous vs Continuous and die cut A small footprint and lightweight, rugged Die Cut Labels labels design makes the TLS PC Link printer a Connectivity Serial nice fit for a variety of medium volume Options (approximately 500 labels per print run) PC Connectivity Yes applications. It connects to a PC for use Software LabelMark / CodeSoft Compatibility Software with the included LabelMark software Data Transfer from or other Windows based programs. No PC to printer The same basic design as the TLS Wireless No Connectivity 2200 allows you to utilize the same Stand Alone Printing Yes consumables (including bulk rolls) in Color Capability Single Color Printing both the TLS 2200 and the TLS PC Link. Keyboard ABC / None Backlit Screen No Text Sizes 1 to 19 (4 to 72 point) Online Video Multi-Line Print Yes Print Rotation Yes Visit Serialization Yes for more information or to view Barcode 128, IFT 25, Codabar an online printer demo video. 44 on keypad / LabelMark Symbols Supported Symbols Portability Yes / No Banner Portrait, Banner Label Types or Landscape, Wire, Patch Application Your Complete Printing Solution: Panel, Terminal Block, Desi Functions Strip, Fixed Length TLS Label Rolls 311 Circuit Board Labeling, Data Communications TLS Print Ribbons 323 Labeling, Facility, Safety & Maintenance Identification, General & Industrial Applications Labeling, Laboratory Identification, Panel Identification, Security Identification, Wire & TLS2200 Printer & Accessories TLS PC Link Printer & Accessories Cable Marking Catalog Description Catalog Description Rechargeable Battery, AC Power Supply TLS2200 TLS2200 Thermal Label Printer* TLSPC TLS PC Link Thermal Labeling System* Power (optional) TLS2200-AC TLS2200 AC Power Supply Replacement power supply/battery 2.75 lbs (1.25kg) / 2.5 lbs TLSPC-AC Weight charger TLSHM-QUICKCH TLS2200 Battery Quick Charger (1.13kg) TLSPC-BP Rechargeable battery pack Warranty 1 year *Includes hard case, battery pack, battery charger, TLSPC-CABLE Communications cable test labels (PTL-19-423), R6210 ribbon, cleaning PCK-5 Cleaning Kit (5 cleaning cards) strip, communications cable, manual, Quick Start Guide and 1 year Limited Warranty. *Includes LabelMark labeling software, rechargeable battery pack, power supply/battery charger, R6210 ribbon, sample labels (PTL-19-423), Quick Start Guide, manuals, communications cable, Windows drivers and 1 year Limited Warranty. Create Custom Labels In Seconds Wire & Cable Labeling Voice & Data Industrial Barcode Asset ID Circuit Board Labels General ID Communications Labels ...and many more 310 10c TLS.indd 310 11/25/14 9:34 AMX-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Other Tools category: Click to view products by Brady manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : CR-05FL7--150R CR-05FL7--698K 899-2-KT46 899-5-KT46 CR-0AFL4--332K CR-12FP4--260R CRCW04021100FRT7 CRCW04021961FRT7 5800-0090 CRCW04024021FRT7 CRCW040254R9FRT7 CRCW0603102JRT5 59065-5 00-8273-RDPP 00-8729- WHPP 593033 593058 593072 593564100 593575 593591 593593 011349-000 LTILA506SBLAMNBL CRCW08052740FRT1 LUC- 012S070DSM LUC-018S070DSP 599-2021-3-NME 599-JJ-2021-03 00-5080-YWPP 5E4750/01-20R0-T/R LW1A-L1-GL LW1A-P1-GD LW1L-A1C10V-GL LW1L-M1C70-A 0202-0173 00-9089-RDPP 00-9300-RDPP CRCW2010331JR02 01-1003W-8/32-10 601-GP-08- KT39 601-JJ-06 601-SPB 601YSY 602-JJ-03 602SPB 602Z 603-JJ-07-FP 603-JJY-04 604J

Tariff Desc

8203.20 crimpers but NOT including crimping tools put up in packs containing electrical connectors TC8532098

8205.40.00 TC0844020 SCREWDRIVERS

8203.30.00 TC9900293 NIPPERS diagonal spring loaded with insulated handles length NOT exceeding 125mm

8203.20.00 TC0844180 PLIERS being ANY of
a aviation slip pliers
b bent nose pliers
c combination pliers,length NOT less than 210mm
d cutting pliers
e end nipper pliers
f groove joint pliers
g linesman pliers, length NOT less than 210mm
h lock grip pliers
i long nose pliers
j long reach pliers
k round nose pliers
l slip joint pliers
m snap ring pliers
n straight nose pliers
o welding clamp pliers
p wire stripper plier

8204.11.00 TC9810512 SPANNERS drop forged

8204.12.00 TC0110440 SPANNERS AND WRENCHES adjustable non calibrated

8204.11.00 TC0107157 SPANNERS AND WRENCHES non adjustable being ANY:
a combination open end and ring
b open end
c ring

8205.70.00 TC0302773 CLAMPS

8205.70.00 TC0302754 VICES

8204.11.00 TC0405019 HAND TOOLS being EITHER of the following
a allen key sets
b hex keys

9017.30.00 50 Micrometers callipers and gauges Free

a sockets
b reducers
c tommy bars with sliding T handles
d extensions
e ratchets with coupler
f reversible ratchets
g couplers
h universal joints
i L-handles
j speed braces
k converters
l swivel handles
m driving handles socket drivers
n ratchet adaptors

8203.10.00 TC0302774 FILES OR RASPS

8206.00.00 TC0831549 KITS TOOL comprising not LESS than ANY two of
a allen keys
b chisels
c crimpers
d files
e hammers
f multi grips
g pliers
h punches
i saws
j screwdrivers
k shears
l snips
m sockets
n spanners
o wrenches

8425.42.00 TC9404347 JACKS, hand, hydraulic, having a maximum capacity of 2500kg

8207.50.00 TC9600818 DRILL BITS MASONARY having BOTH the following
a slotted shank
b hammer proof carbide tip
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W.H. Brady
WH Brady