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DTMF-1 electronic component of CEBEK

DTMF Tone Generator Pre Assembled Module; DTMF Tone Generator Pre Assembled Module Board; No. of Modules:1; Supply Voltage VDC:-; Current Rating:5A; Product Range:-

Manufacturer: CEBEK
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DDTTMMFF--0011 DTMF GENERATOR / EMITTER. E L E C T R O N I C C I R C U I T S OPERATING MODE. The DTMF-1 module reproduces on a 5 V DC output, DTMF tones corresponding to the digits 1 to 9, * and , from the supplied keyboard. Then you can insert one by one, pressing the corresponding digit, all different tones to store. Finally a pulse on the digit, will store all introduced tones in the emitter s memory. This storage will be indicated through This function will allow it to generate control sequences on DTMF remote receivers, including also special access controls for Cebek DTMF receivers, being completely compatible. the Led Prg with a fastest intermittence than the previous one. If the memory capacity is overcame (10 tones), if you introduce a tone different than digit 0 to 9, or if you It includes a memory with a capacity for 10 digits or tones, when it is activated, it will insert and automatically reproduce it, like a predetermined number on each pressed digit. don t press the digit after the code, or if you wait more than 5 sec between pulse and pulse, the circuit It can be installed on a DIN rail Ref. C-7563. will cancel the recording and leaving the program mode without making any change on the memory. This situation will be indicated by the absence of the mentioned fast intermittence for the confirmation. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS. Automatic Password. Cebek DTMF receivers including other DTMF receivers (manufactured by other Voltage ................................................................... 12 / 24 V. DC. companies), offer a security code (password) for the access, which has to be send to a receiver previously Min./max. Consumption ...........................................................................20 / 50 mA. to a tone or an activation sequence. The emitter includes a function to avoid for each operation that you D.C DTMF Output........................ 0,4-0,8 V. D.C have to do, to manually pulse the password on the keyboard, generating it automatically when you press DTMF Output, (Impedance)................................................................5 K ohms. any digit. Memory Capacity/password................................................ 1-10 tones. The activation of this automatic password is obtained pressing at the same time the and 1 digits. The Memorys life duration..............100.000 cycles / 100 years of aos de retention. Led Prg will light till this function is activated. Protection against the polarity inversion..........................................Power supply input. To deactivate this automatic password, you have to press at the same time the and 0 digits. Keyboard dimensions.............................................................................64 x 51 mm. During the activation of this function, you can not program others Cebek receivers through fast Access Main board Dimensions..........................................................................72 x 53,75 x 15 mm. Commands, but through specific program codes (See the receivers instruction manual). Connection cable between main board and keyboard................190 mm. To program the password on Cebek DTMF receivers. Cebek receivers can operate with a password. For its POWER SUPPLY and INSTALLATION. security, once the password programmed on the receiver, this one doesn t accept any operation on it, concerning control or program functions, if you don t previously insert the mentioned code. Do not forget POWER SUPPLY. The DTMF-1 circuit is composed by 2 independent power supply inputs with a common that of you don t remember or don t correctly introduce this security code, you could not operate with the negative, one at 12 V DC and one at 24 V DC. For a correct module s operating mode, you have to select receiver, and you can deactivate it. Then you should send back to our distributor for a complete system s a voltage among these two possibilities, and do never use both at the same time. Then, if you select 12 or reset. 24 V, you have to use a power supply correctly filtered. We recommend you to use a short circuit power supply with a low ripple level like our FE-103, which has been developed to perfectly answer to the circuit For this reason, we suggest you to pay attention during the record operation, strictly respecting the needs. Do never use basic power supply neither rectifiers to avoid to damage devices. instructions described into the corresponding supplied manual. Cebek can not be responsible for the Note: Install a fuse and a switch on the mains power input, both are necessary for the module s protection receivers blocking due to such reasons, being excluded of the product s warranty. as well as for your own safety, as it is required by the CE regulations. See the general wiring map. The Automatic Password s record process has to be done deactivating, if it is activated, the emitter s automatic password ( and 0). Then, you can program the receiver. If this one is protected by a previous INSTALLATION. The module s installation has to be done in a waterproof place, avoiding any contact password, you have to firstly introduce it and then to press the program code of the receiver s password ( between circuit and other metallic objects. The module can t be installed in place with a high humidity or and two times 9 digit). If the receiver is not protected through a password, you can directly use the fast temperature, or with the possibility to be in contact with liquids. Access Command, pressing and 5 digits. In both cases, the correct access to the receiver s program The module s keyboard, specially recommended for inside applications is not waterproof. For these kinds of mode will be indicated through a fix lighting of the Led Prg. applications, we suggest you to use the FADISEL keyboard ref. C-5236, which can substitute the originally Then, you can introduce one by one, pressing the corresponding digit, the different tones to store. Each supplied one. All connections, as well as the complete read of this present instruction manual have to be pulse has to be clearly done, avoiding to press at the same time two digits and seeing that the emitter s Led done before to supply the module. Key is correctly lighted with each pulse. Finally, a last pulse on the digit, will store on the receiver s memory all introduced tones, and WIRING. In the wiring you have to respect the polarity of different inputs, and the length of the used cable as automatically activating its password (Less Pass lighted without intermittence). to be as short as possible (mainly for the DTMF connection). If the required distance is superior than 2m, or for If you overcome the maximum capacity of the memory (10 tones), if you don t press the digit after the places including many industrial atmospherics, you have to use shielded cable and to connect the braid to code, or if you wait more than 5 sec. between pulse and pulse, the circuit will cancel the record, leaving the the corresponding screw indicated with the ground symbol (negative). For the power supply input (power), program mode without making any change on the memory. you have to use parallel cable with a maximum length of 2 m. To program the relays timing in Cebek DTMF receivers. The fast access command ( and 5 digits) DTMF Emitter-Receiver connection. The DTMF output offers a signal between 0.4 and 0,8 V DC, which is allows to accede to the configuration of each receiver outputs connected to the DTMF-1, with a standard or modulated to the frequency corresponding to each DTMF code. The connection between Cebek DTMF timed operating mode, if the receiver is not protected by a password in such case you have to firstly emitter and receivers is done connecting the OUT output of the emitter to the IN input of the corresponding introduce its required code and then the receiver codes for outputs ( and two times the 0 digits). A DTMF Clema. The ground terminal of both clemas has to be also connected between both modules if they correct access to the program mode for outputs will be indicated by the receiver s Led Prg lighting (without are supplied with different power supplies. If modules are supplied wit the same power supply, it is not intermittence). necessary to connect both grounds. When the Led Prg I slighed, you have to press the number of the output that you want to configure (from 1 to 8), and then a number composed by three digits. This number from 001 to 250 will assign the number of Fig. 1. Connection between Emitter and DTMF Receiver. seconds, that after each activation, the output will be maintained timed. If the introduced number is 000, the output will operate in flip-flop mode. If the introduced number is superior than 250, the receiver will be automatically programmed with the maximum value (250). (Emitter) (Receiver) GENERAL WIRING MAP. Led OPERATING MODE. N Transformer INDICATORS. There are four indicators leds in the circuit, and each one can display several functions. Led Pwr. (Red). It is maintained lighted when the module is supplied. L Led Tone. (Green). It will light during the sending of a DTMF tone. Input Led Prg. (Red). It will indicate different functions. It will light with a constant intermittence when the module is Module in program mode. If it is permanently light, without any intermittence, it will indicate the activation of the FE-103 Fuse function: automatic password. It will be light off when this function is not activated or if the module is not in 12 V. D.C. 100 mA. program function. Mx. Led Key. (Yellow). It indicates, through its lighting, the correct pulse of any digit from the keyboard. Mains Mn. S w it c h OPERATING MODE. Each time you press a digit the circuit will recognize it and generate the corresponding DTMF tone, sending it through the output. If you maintain pressed a digit, the tone is maintained till you Voltage Adjustment release it. The generation of different DTMF tones remains inscribed to the digits of the module, 0 to 9, * and (12 V.) Pwr Tone Prg Key . When you press two digits at the same time, the module will only generate a tone corresponding to the digit min. which has been firstly closed ignoring any other order on the keyboard till the previous sending is finished. +12 +24 DTMF Output 230 V.A.C. This characteristic has to be considered for the operating modes with automatic password then you have to max. Out POWER wait the Led Tone is stopped, before to press a new digit. Signal DTMF To adjust the DTMF output level. According to the adjustment of the variable resistor inserted into the circuit, Module indicated as Signal, you can vary the level of the DTMF output signal. DTMF-1 Connector Cable Keyboard SPECIAL FUNCTIONS. The circuit includes different controls allowing it to accede to these special functions, or to make easier the program process with Cebek DTMF receivers. Fig. 2. Fast Access Commands for Emitters special functions. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Automatic Password (Desactivation) + --------------- --------------- 00 TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND INFORMATION. + Automatic Password, (Activation) --------------- --------------- 11 GARANTIA For any questions or more information: To program Emitter Password + Password AOS 22 TO By Fax. (24h.) +34.93.432.29.95 By Mail: C/ Quetzal, 17-21, Entlo. 2 TAL To program Receiver Password + Password 3 YEARS (08014) BARCELONA - SPAIN. WARRANTY + To program Relays timing n Relay Relay Tim. 55 By E-Mail: sat Keep you invoice. For any repairing could you send this with module. Else, the module will lost the warranty. To program the Emitter s Password. The DTMF-1 includes a memory offering the possibility to store a sequence till 10 tones as maximum. After, this memory or password, can be automatically inserted by the All the modules CEBEK have 3 years of total warranty in thecnical circuit previously to each pulse on the keyboard. repairing, and spares from the date of buy. To record the memory or the password, you have press at the same time the and 2 digits. If the CEBEK is trade make of FADISEL S.L. more than 300 modules are avaible operation is correctly done, the module will indicate the entrance on the program mode through the in stock for any purpose request our CATALOGUE, or visit our Web site intermittence of the Led Prg. Rev. 0534 ENGLISH. OUT DTMF DTMF IN GARANTIE ANN ANYS GARANTIAX-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for cebek manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : I-33 I-1 I-10