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SMQP183K275D1XXB1515 electronic component of CHAMPION

Suppression Capacitors 18nF ±10% Through Hole,P=15mm RoHS

Manufacturer: CHAMPION
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Product Category
Film Capacitors
18 nF
± 10 %
Film Capacitors
Brand Category
Voltage Ratingvdc Vac
275 VAC
Lead Spacing Mm
Voltage Ratedvac
275 VAC
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SMQP183K275D1XXB1515 is a suppression capacitor manufactured by CHAMPION. It is an 18nF ±10% capacitor with a through hole package, and a pitch of 15mm. It is RoHS compliant and is suitable for use in high-frequency filtering applications. It is polypropylene metallized film construction and has high temperature stability. It also has a good self-bleeding ability and excellent surge performance.

Tariff Desc

8532.25.00 Dielectric of paper or plastics Free