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20D201K electronic component of COV

Varistors 170V 200 (185~225) 340V 6.5KA Through Hole RoHS

Manufacturer: COV
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Product Category
Clamping Voltage
340 V
Varistor Voltage
185 V ~ 225 V
Allowable Voltagevdc
170 V
Surge Current
6.5 kA
Aristor Voltagemin
185 V
Varistor Voltagetyp
200 V
Varistor Voltagemax
225 V
Maximum Energy
Typical Capatitance
Allowable Voltage Dc
170 V
Allowable Voltage Ac
130 V
Peak Current
6.5 kA
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NThe 20D201K is a varistor manufactured by COVN. This part features a voltage rating of 170V with a Variation Voltage range of 185-225, and a 340V surge current rating of 6.5KA. Additionally, this part is RoHS compliant and is a through hole component.

Tariff Desc

8535.40.10 SURGE ARRESTERS, METAL OXIDE Op. 30.08.2004 Dec. 05.11.2004 - TC 0408864