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Coaxial Cables

Manufacturer: Crystek
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Coaxial Cables
Coaxial Cables
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Coaxial Cables Outdoor Coax Cable, N Type Male & Female connectors, 5 ft (1 Pk)
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CRYSTEK Crystek SS402 Cable MICROWAVE A Division of Crystek Corporation Electrical Properties (Cable Only) Impedance () 50 Velocity of Propagation (%) 70 Silver Plated Shielding Effectiveness (dB) >100 Foil Phase vs. Flexure Figure 3 Silver Plated Silver Plated Phase vs. Temperature Figure 4 Copper Clad Steel Round Braid Min Breakdown Voltage (kV) 8.2 Conductor Capacitance (pF/ft) 29 Inductance (nH/ft) 72 Max Operating Freq (GHz) 18.0 Max Structural VSWR 1.25:1 Physical Properties (Cable Only) Maximum Temperature (C) -65/+125 Recommended Temperature (C) -45/+125 High Temp. Jacket Option (in) 0.161 Solid PTFE Silver Plated Round Braid O.D. (in) 0.143 Jacket: High Temp, ETFE, Blue Dielectric Silver Plated Foil O.D. (in) 0.125 (-45C / +125C) Solid PTFE Dielectric O.D. (in) 0.118 Solid Center Conductor (in) 0.036 Inside Min. Bend Radius (in) 0.8 Printing: Crystek SS402 yyww-xx (spacing 12) Flexure Life (3 Min. Bend Radius) >1000 Weight (lbs/ft) 0.028 Packaging: 100 and less in bulk coil Greater than 100 on reel yyww = date code, xx = sequential dash for each splice (-01, -02, -03, etc.) Attenuation (dB/100ft) 25C Frequency (GHz) dB/100 ft K Watts (This cable series is constructed in accordance with MIL-DTL-17) 0.5 7.94 0.92 Center Conductor: Silver Plated Copper Clad Steel 1.0 11.59 0.62 Dielectric: Type F per ASTM D4894 or D4895, Semisolid PTFE (proprietary) 3.0 21.65 0.36 Primary Shield: Silver Plated Copper per ASTM B298 6.0 32.79 0.22 Second Shield: Silver Plated Copper per ASTM B298 12.0 50.73 0.15 High Temp Jacket: Type X per ASTM D3159, ETFE 18.0 66.23 0.12 (Flame Resistance and Smoke = UL94 V-0) Outdoor Jacket: Type XII Polyurethane (optional) K1 10.35 (Zero Halogen, Flame Resistance and Smoke = UL94 V-0) K2 1.24 Attenuation Power Handling GHz GHz Figure 1 Figure 2 Phase vs. Flexure Phase vs. Temperature Measure with a 360 bend at min. bend radius Part Number GHz C Figure 3 Figure 4 CC-SS402 12730 Commonwealth Drive Fort Myers, Florida 33913 CRYSTEK Phone: 239-561-3311 800-237-3061 Rev. F CORPORATION Fax: 239-561-1025 07-Dec-2016 C Phase Change (Deg) Attenuation (dB/100 ft) PPM Phase Change Average Power (KW)X-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Coaxial Cables category: Click to view products by Crystek manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : 89880-003-1000 CY2389-000 8221-010-U1000 9116-010-U500 1322R-010-1000 1807A-B59-U1000 2020K8421-9X-CS3417 9251-010- 1000 9275-010-U1000 935240-000 980704-001 CF2823-000 33312-010-500 CZ1589-000 5022W0809-0CS3263 10610-4-4 EF8108-000 1673B TIN100 672525-001 144517-000 735A1-008-1000 8212-010-U500 480414-000 7915A 009U1000 5024A1311-0 1281S5 010250 1530A 010U1000 9248 010U1000 9244 0101000 1694A 0081000 1190A 0101000 8241F J5C1000 1674A TIN50 7915A 0091000 TRCH- 50-2 9066 0031000 7805R 008100 1674A TIN100 9116SB 0101000 9271 0061000 1613A 0101000 1807A B591000 5339Q5 009U500 539945 0091000 9116R 0101000 89207 010100 9058 0101000 8241A 0101000 DA7805R 0101000 C6424

Tariff Desc

8544.49.19 TC 614486 single core, rated at 50V and 120A maximum

8544.42.11 3 Goods, as follows: Free
a] compensation or extension leads for thermo-couples
b] of a kind used for telecommunications

8504.50.10 Goods, as follows: Free
a] designed for use with equipment of 8471
b] for telecommunication apparatus of 8517

8544.49.20 TC 1718538 COMPUTER DATA, having ALL of the following:
a] copper wire conductors
b] multiple layered insulation covering
c] conductor resistance NOT greater than 55ohm/km


8544.20.00 TC 104967 COAXIAL, without connectors, having ANY of the following dielectric
a] polytetrafluoroethylene
b] air
c] polyethylene foam
d] polyethylene

8544.2 TC 8439820 coaxial, having a polytetrafluoroethylene dielectric

8544.42.29 CABLES, COMPUTER, being ANY of the following
a] flat ribbon
b] audio
c] video
d] serial interface
e] LED strip
f] data
g] local area network
h] internal drive
i] switch jumper
j] modulator/demodulator MODEM
k] planar to modulator/demodulator MODEM
l] signal
TC 061449

8544.70.00 22 Optical fibre cables Free Fitted with connectors

8544.42.29 TC 933265 POWER CABLES, COMPUTER, having ALL of the following:
a] three core cable
b] fitted on one end with a moulded three pin plug
c] NOT less than 240V

8544.49.20 TC 614480 WIRE AND CABLE, ELECTRICAL, INSULATED, having ALL of the following:
a] jacket of compolymer of ethylene and tetrafluorethylene ETFE
b] surface printed with letters, numbers, stripes or combinations for circuit identification

8533.39.00 RESISTANCE WIRE Free

8544.42.19 TC 1231245 AUDIO VIDEO, having high-definition multimedia interface HDMI connectors OR digital video interface connectors

8544.42.19 TC 614510 maximum length 10m, having ANY of the following end connections:
a] RCA plugs or sockets
b] mono plugs
c] stereo plugs or sockets
d] DIN plugs
e] plugs with twin wire ends
Crystek Corporation
Crystek Crystals Corporation