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CBA 02

CBA 02 electronic component of Danfoss

Auxiliary contacts; Auxiliary contacts: NC x2; front

Manufacturer: Danfoss
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CBA 02

1 : USD 8.2037

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Contactors - Electromechanical
Screw Terminals
Integrated Auxiliary Contacts
Nc X2
Type Of Installation Accessories
Auxiliary Contacts
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CBA 02 is a type of Danfoss oil pressure-switch designed for pumps and motors, primarily for industrial use. It features an adjustable set point, NEMA 4X watertight and dust-tight construction, high-pressure protection with a 1/4-inch NPT sound chamber, electrical switch contacts rated to 25 amps, and a capacitor terminal for vibration resistance. It is suitable for operation in harsh and wet environments and can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°F to +250°F (-40°C to +121°C). This product is UL-Listed and CSA certified, ensuring reliable performance and compliance with international standards.

Tariff Desc

8536.49 TC 8532678 CONTACTORS, having BOTH of the following:
(a) normally closed main poles;
(b) DC rated current 9 A or greater

8536.49.00 TC 1312158 CONTACTORS, single OR multi-pole, for a voltage NOT exceeding 1000V"


8536.41 TC 8909066 RELAYS, having a continuous contact rating of NOT less than 3A and body dimensions NOT exceeding 40mm x 30mm x 27mm

8536.49.00 TC 9613322 RELAYS, low profile, OTHER THAN reed relays, being EITHER of the following:
a height NOT exceeding 21.24 mm;
b height NOT exceeding 35 mm and having a continuous current rating NOT less than 8A AC

8536.49 TC 8906734 RELAYS, having ALL of the following:
a one, two or three contacts;
b maximum continuous contact current rating of NOT less than 15A;
c maximum contact voltage rating of NOT less than 380V;
d maximum switched power rating of NOT less than 4000VA

8536.49.00 TC 1122469 RELAYS, having an operating voltage NOT exceeding 250 volts, having ANY of the following:
(a) spring loaded terminals
(b) plug-in screw terminals
(c) wire connected terminals

8536.41 TC 8534635 RELAYS, cradle, having ALL of the following:
a maximum switching current NOT exceeding 5A (AC or DC);
b switching voltage NOT exceeding 250V (AC or DC);
c body dimensions NOT exceeding 31mm x 36mm x 19mm

8536.49 TC 8633667 RELAYS, vacuum, hermetically sealed

8536.41.00 TC 19144923 RELAYS, SWITCH AMPLIFIER, having a supply voltage NOT greater than 40v

8536.49 8633669 RELAYS, thermal overload, having ALL of the following characteristics:
a trip time NOT exceeding 5 s at 6 times full load current
b manual reset
c maximum current 50A

8536.49 TC 8633636 RELAYS, power appliance, 15A, having EITHER 2 contacts or 3 contacts