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EB8012TR electronic component of ELTA

Filament lamp: automotive; T10; 12V; 1W; VISIONPRO LED; W5W; 6000K

Manufacturer: ELTA
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Product Category
LED Lighting Drivers
Visionpro Led
Kit Contents
Two Bulbs
Type Of Lamp
Kind Of Bulb
Kind Of Handle
Kind Of Bulb Ece
Rated Voltage
12 V
Colour Temperature
6000 K
1 W
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The ELTA EB8012TR is an automotive filament lamp with a T10 socket system and a 12V/1W power rating. It has a VISIONPRO LED that emits a W5W light at a color temperature of 6000K. It is designed for automotive lighting applications, such as dash lighting or tail lights.

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