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EG-2121CA 53.1250M-DHPAB

EG-2121CA 53.1250M-DHPAB electronic component of Epson

SAW Oscillators MHZ 2.5V+/-100PPM(0 70C) AGING BULK

Manufacturer: Epson
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Product Category
SAW Oscillators
Product Type
53.125 MHz
Frequency Stability
100 PPM
Supply Voltage - Min
2.375 V
Supply Voltage - Max
2.625 V
Output Format
Termination Style
Minimum Operating Temperature
0 C
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 70 C
7 mm
5 mm
1.2 mm
EG - 2121CA
Hts Code
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8541.60.00 25 No - Mounted piezo-electric crystals Free
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