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N01 R-550-M

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Manufacturer: Euchner

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N01 R-550-M

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Product Category
Limit Switches
Limit Switch Actuator
Roller Plunger
Contact Configuration
Contact Current Ac Max
2 A
Contact Voltage Ac Max
230 V
Operating Force Max
Contact Current Dc Max
2 A
Contact Voltage Dc Max
24 V
Lead (15 - Jan - 2019)
Actuator Type
Roller Plunger
Case Material
Aluminium, Diecasting
Contact Current Rating
2 A
External Depth
20 mm
External Length / Height
40 mm
External Width
40 mm
Ip / Nema Rating
Insulation Voltage
250 V
Operating Temperature Max
80 C
Operating Temperature Min
- 5 C
Switch Operation
Off - On
Switch Terminals
Switching Current Dc Min
10 mA
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Position Switches More than safety.Automation More than safety. Around the world the Swabian Quality, reliability, precision specialists in motion sequence control for mechanical and sys- Quality, reliability and precision are the tems engineering. hallmarks of our corporate philosophy. They represent concepts and values EUCHNERs history began in 1940 with to which we feel totally committed. the establishment of an engineering At EUCHNER, quality means that all office by Emil Euchner. Since that our employees take personal respon- time, EUCHNER has been involved in sibility for the company as a whole the design and development of switch- and, in particular, for their own field of gear for controlling a wide variety of work. This individual commitment to motion sequences in mechanical and perfection results in products which systems engineering. In 1953, Emil are ideally tailored to the customers Euchner founded EUCHNER + Co., a needs and the requirements of the Emil Euchner, the milestone in the companys history. In market. After all: our customers and companys founder and inventor of the multiple 1952, he developed the first multiple their needs are the focus of all our limit switch, circa 1928. limit switch to this day a symbol of efforts. Through efficient and effective the enterprising spirit of this family- use of resources, the promotion of owned company. personal initiative and courage in find- ing unusual solutions to the benefit of Automation Safety ManMachine our customers, we ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. We familiar- Today, our products range from ize ourselves with their needs, require- electromechanical and electronic ments and products and we learn components to complex system solu- from the experiences of our cus- tions. With this wide range of products tomers own customers. we can provide the necessary tech- nologies to offer the right solution for EUCHNER More than safety. special requirements regardless of whether these relate to reliable and precise positioning or to components and systems for safety engineering in the automation sector. EUCHNER products are sold through a world-wide sales network of compe- tent partners. With our closeness to the customer and the guarantee of reliable solutions throughout the globe, we enjoy the confidence of cus- tomers all over the world. Quality made by EUCHNER 2

Tariff Desc

8536.50.99 9900975 SWITCHES being ANY of the following
a toggle 240VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 3A
b toggle 28VDC current capacity NOT exceeding 3A
c toggle 125VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 6A
d toggle 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 6A
e toggle 12VDC current capacity NOT exceeding 16A
f push button max 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 1A
g rocker 12VDC current capacity NOT exceeding 30A
h rocker 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 10A
i rocker max 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 6A
j numeric keypad
k 4-way 100VAC 0.5A OR 25V DC1A
l push button 100VAC 0.5A OR 25VDC 1A
m micro OR mini-micro max 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 10A
n knife 50VDC
o mercury 24VDC current capacity NOT exceeding 2A

8536.50.99 9804137 SWITCHES PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD surface-mount OR through-hole having BOTH of the following
a current rating NOT exceeding 100mA
b voltage rating NOT exceeding 50VAC OR DC

8536.50.99 17109836 SWITCHES PUSH BUTTON panel mount

8536.50.99 9304006 SWITCHES push button illuminated being ANY of
a square
b rectangular
c circular

8536.50.99 1798512 SWITCHES ELECTRICAL having ALL of the following
a length NOT greater than 3cm
b width NOT greater than 2cm
c maximum electric current capacity greater than 11A

8536.50.99 1108450 SWITCHES LIMIT hunting tooth rotating shaft

8536.50.99 17119033 SWITCHES ROCKER panel mounting


8536.50.99 1799019 SWITCHES SLIDE being ANY a power switches
i voltage selector
ii two position

8536.50.99 1779783 SWITCHES foot operated having a voltage of NOT less than 230VAC

8536.5 8438589 SWITCHES hall effect magnetically operated

8536.50.99 1812211 SWITCHES PUSHBUTTON mushroom OR dome shaped

8471.60.00 91 Joystick Free

8531.80.00 Electric sound or visual signalling apparatus eg bells, sirens, indicator panels, burglar or fire alarms Other apparatus Free

8541.40.00 54 LED displays Free