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Pole mounting kit; Application: ARCA406021,ARCA806030

Manufacturer: Fibox
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Battery Enclosures
For Arca Enclosure
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Pole Mounting Kit
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8120844 is a pole mounting kit manufactured by Fibox. It is used to install ARCA406021 and ARCA806030 enclosures onto poles or suitable structured surfaces. The kit consists of one mounting foot, one mounting plate, four mounting bolts, and four nuts. The mounting foot has four pre-drilled holes and four serrated thrust keys for securely attaching the enclosure onto a sturdy surface. The mounting plate has four holes to accommodate the mounting foot and four pre-drilled holes for mounting the enclosure onto a pole or similar support. The mounting bolts and nuts are used for securely attaching the mounting foot and plate to the enclosure.

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8536.90 HOLDERS, dry cell Op. 22.05.1984 Dec. 22.05.1984 - TC 8438464
Fibox Enclosures