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7T. electronic component of Finder

Sensor: thermostat; Contacts: NO; 10A; 250VAC; 7±4 K; IP20

Manufacturer: Finder
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Product Category
Ip Rating
Screw Terminals
Contacts Configuration
7 ± 4 K
Type Of Sensor
Max Operating Voltage
250 VAC
Max Operating Current
10 A
Mechanical Durability
Operating Temperature
- 45 To 80 C
Range Of Temperature Control
0 To 60 C
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7T. is a specific model of a Finder relay. This relays are used for various applications within the electrical industry and automation, such as power distribution and control. They are used for switching and controlling electrical current in a secure and reliable manner, and feature a range of high-quality safety features. This particular model is an 8-pin, with a thermal overload protection. It also features diode spiking protection, LED indication and a range of contact ratings. This relay is suitable for use in domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

Tariff Desc

9032.10.00 Automatic regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus. Thermostats