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MO2W-390K±5%-9T73 electronic component of FlyWin

Metal Oxide Film Resistors Axial RoHS

Manufacturer: FlyWin
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Product Category
Metal Oxide Resistors
390 kOhms hms
± 5 %
Temperature Coefficient
± 350 PPM/C
Metal Oxide Resistors
Brand Category
Metal Oxide Resistors
2 W
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The MO2W-390K±5%-9T73 is a metal oxide film resistor manufactured by FlyWin that is compliant with the RoHS directive and is axial in construction. It has a value of 390k ohms (390,000 ohms) and a tolerance of ±5%. It is constructed with a metal oxide film as its identifiable feature.

Tariff Desc

8533.10.00 17 No Fixed carbon resistors, composition or film types Free