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AFBR-57J9AMZ electronic component of Foxconn

Optical Fiber TX/RX 7.3728Gbps

Manufacturer: Foxconn
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AFBR-57J9AMZ Digital Diagnostic SFP, 850nm 6.144 Gb/s, RoHS OBSAI/CPRI Compatible Optical Transceiver Data Sheet Description Features Avagos AFBR-57J9AMZ optical transceiver supports Fully RoHS Compliant high speed serial links over multimode optical fiber at Diagnostic Features Per SFF-8472 Diagnostic signaling rates up to 7.4 Gb/s for wireless base station ap- Monitoring Interface for Optical Transceivers plications involving the OBSAI or CPRI protocols, as well Real time monitors of: as related applications. The transceiver is compliant with Small Form Pluggable (SFP) multi-source agreements o Transmitted Optical Power INF-8074 and SFF-8472 for mechanical and electrical o Received Optical Power specifications and FOCIS/IEC specifications for optical o Laser Bias Current duplex LC connectors. o Temperature As an enhancement to the conventional SFP interfaced o Supply Voltage defined in INF-8074, the AFBR-57J9AMZ is compliant to SFF-8472 (Digital Diagnostic Interface for Optical Trans- Industrial Temperature and Supply Voltage Operation ceivers). Using the 2-wire serial interface defined in (-40C to 85C) (3.3V 10%) SFF-8472, the transceiver provides real time temperature, Management interface specifications per SFF supply voltage, laser bias current, laser average output Committee SFF 8431 power and received input power. This information is in Mechanical specifications per SFF Committee SFF addition to conventional SFP base data. The digital diag- 8432 Improved Pluggable Formfactor IPF nostic interface also adds the ability to disable the trans- mitter and monitor the status of transmitter fault and Up to 200m with 50m OM3 for 7.3728 Gb/s receiver loss of signal. Up to 300m with 50m OM3 for OBSAI 6.144 Gb/s LC Duplex optical connector interface conforming to Related Products ANSI TIA/EIA604-10 (FOCIS 10A) AFBR-57J5APZ: 850nm +3.3V LC SFP 850nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) for CPRI/OBSAI Applications Source Technology AFCT-57J5APZ: 1310nm +3.3V LC SFP IEC 60825-1 Class 1/CDRH Class 1 laser eye safe for CPRI/OBSAI Applications Compatible with Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet AFCT-57J5ATPZ: 1310nm +3.3V LC SFP applications for CPRI/OBSAI Applications AFBR-57D9AMZ: 850nm +3.3V LC SFP Applications for 8.5/4.25/2.125 GBd Fibre Channel Wireless and cellular base station system interconnect AFCT-57D5ATPZ: 1310nm +3.3V LC SFP OBSAI rates 6.144 Gb/s, 3.072 Gb/s, 1.536 Gb/s for 8.5/4.25/2.125 GBd Fibre Channel CPRI rates 6.144 Gb/s, 4.9152 Gb/s, 2.4576 Gb/s, AFCT-57J7ATPZ: 1310nm +3.3V LC SFP 1.2288 Gb/s for CPRI/OBSAI Applications Patent - AFBR-57J9AMZElectrical Interface Receiver Optical Interface Rate Select RD+ (Receive Data) Ampli cation & Light from Fiber Photo-Detector Quantization RD- (Receive Data) Rx Loss Of Signal MOD-DEF2 (SDA) EEPROM EEPROM MOD-DEF1 (SCL) CONTROLLER MOD-DEF0 Transmitter TX DISABLE TD+ (Transmit Data) Laser Driver & Light to Fiber VCSEL Safety Circuit TD- (Transmit Data) TX FAULT Figure 1. Transceiver Functional Diagram Digital Diagnostic Interface and Serial Identification Transmit Disable (Tx Disable) The 2-wire serial interface is based on ATMEL AT24C01A The AFBR-57J9AMZ accepts a TTL and CMOS compat- series EEPROM protocol and signaling detail. Conven- ible transmit disable control signal input (pin 3) which tional EEPROM memory, bytes 0-255 at memory address shuts down the transmitter optical output. A high signal 0xA0, is organized in compliance with INF-8074. New implements this function while a low signal allows digital diagnostic information, bytes 0-255 at memory normal transceiver operation. In the event of a fault (e.g. address 0xA2, is compliant to SFF-8472. The new diag- eye safety circuit activated), cycling this control signal nostic information provides the opportunity for Predic- resets the module as depicted in Figure 4. An internal tive Failure Identification, Compliance Prediction, Fault pull up resistor disables the transceiver transmitter until Isolation and Component Monitoring. the host pulls the input low. Host systems should allow a 10ms interval between successive assertions of this Transmitter Section control signal. Tx Disable can also be asserted via the two-wire serial interface (address A2h, byte 110, bit 6) The transmitter section includes consists of the Transmit- and monitored (address A2h, byte 110, bit 7). ter Optical SubAssembly (TOSA) and laser driver circuitry. The TOSA, containing an 850nm VCSEL (Vertical Cavity The contents of A2h, byte 110, bit 6 are logic ORd with Surface Emitting Laser) light source, is located at the hardware Tx Disable (pin 3) to control transmitter optical interface and mates with the LC optical connector. operation.. The TOSA is driven by a custom IC which uses the incoming differential high speed logic signal to modulate Transmit Fault (Tx Fault) the laser diode driver current. This Tx laser driver circuit A catastrophic laser fault will activate the transmitter regulates the optical power at a constant level provided signal, TX FAULT, and disable the laser. This signal is the incoming data pattern is dc balanced (8B/10B code, an open collector output (pull-up required on the host for example). board). A low signal indicates normal laser operation and a high signal indicates a fault. The TX FAULT will be latched high when a laser fault occurs and is cleared by toggling the TX DISABLE input or power cycling the transceiver. The transmitter fault condition can also be monitored via the two-wire serial interface (address A2, byte 110, bit 2). 2