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AFBR-5921ALZ electronic component of Foxconn

TX/RX Optical Fiber 2125Mbps 20-Pin DIP With Connector

Manufacturer: Foxconn
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160 : USD 25.2315

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AFBR-5921ALZ Small Form Factor, Pin Through Hole (PTH), Low Voltage (3.3 V) 2x5 RoHS-Compliant Optical Transceiver for Fibre Channel 2.125/1.0625 GBd 850 nm Data Sheet Description Features The AFBR-5921ALZ from Avago Technologies is a high Fully RoHS Compliant performance, cost-effective optical transceiver for serial Datarate specification: 2.125 GBd operation for FC-PI optical data communications applications operating at 200-M5-SN-I and FC-PI 200-M6-SN-I 2.125 Gb/s and 1.0625 Gb/s. This module is designed 1.0625 GBd operation for FC-PI 100-M5-SN-I and FC-PI for multimode fiber and operates at a nominal wave - 100-M6-SN-I length of 850 nm. The transceiver incorporates 3.3 V DC compatible technology including an 850 nm VCSEL Link lengths at 2.125 GBd: transmitter. The AFBR-5921ALZ offers maximum flex - 0.5 to 300 m 50/125 m MMF ibility to Fibre Channel designers, manufacturers, and 0.5 to 150 m 62.5/125 m MMF system integrators to implement a range of solutions Link lengths at 1.0625 GBd: for multi-mode Fibre Channel applications. This product 0.5 to 500 m 50/125 m MMF is fully compliant with all equipment meeting the Fibre 0.5 to 300 m 62.5/125 m MMF Channel FC-PI 200-M5-SN-I and 200-M6-SN-I 2.125 Compatible to 2.5G InfiniBand standard GBd specifications, and is compliant with the Fibre Channel FC-PI 100-M5-SN-I, FC-PI 100-M6-SN-I, FC-PH2 850 nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) 100-M5-SN- and FC-PH2 100-M6-SN-I 1.0625 GBd Laser AEL Class I (eye safe) per: specifications. The AFBR-5921ALZ is also suitable for US 21 CFR (J) 2.5Gbps transmission rate InfiniBand applications. The EN 60825-1 (+All) AFBR-5921ALZ is also compatible with the SFF Multi High Reliability <100 FIT 50C Source Agreement (MSA). Wide temperature and supply voltage operation Applications Industry standard 2x5 SFF package Mass storage system I/O Wave solder and aqueous wash process compatible Computer system I/O Related Products High speed peripheral interface AFBR-59M5LZ: 850 nm RoHS compliant 2x6 for High speed switching systems 2.125/1.0625 Gbd for Fibre Channel and 1.25 Gigabit Host adapter I/O Ethernet RAID cabinets InfiniBand network adapters Patent - AFBR-5921ALZ BLOCK DIAGRAM RECEIVER ELECTRICAL INTERFACE RD+ (RECEIVE DATA) AMPLIFICATION LIGHT FROM FIBER PHOTO-DETECTOR & QUANTIZATION RD (RECEIVE DATA) SIGNAL DETECT OPTICAL INTERFACE TRANSMITTER Tx DISABLE LASER DRIVER & LIGHT TO FIBER VCSEL TD+ (TRANSMIT DATA) SAFETY CIRCUITRY TD (TRANSMIT DATA) Figure 1. Transceiver functional diagram. See Table 5 for Process Compatibility Specifications. Module Package PIN DESCRIPTION 5 6 PIN NAME TYPE 4 Avago Technologies offers the Pin Through Hole package 7 8 3 1 Rx GROUND GROUND utilizing an integral LC-Duplex optical interface connector. 2 9 10 1 The transceiver uses a reliable 850 nm VCSEL source and 2 Rx POWER POWER requires a 3.3 V DC power supply for optimal system 3 Rx SD STATUS OUT design. 4 Rx DATA BAR SIGNAL OUT 5 Rx DATA SIGNAL OUT Module Diagrams 6 Tx POWER POWER Figure 1 illustrates the major functional components of the 7 Tx GROUND GROUND AFBR-5921ALZ. The connection diagram for both modules 8 Tx DISABLE CONTROL IN are shown in Figure 2. Figure 6 depicts the external configuration and dimensions of the module. 9 Tx DATA SIGNAL IN 10 Tx DATA BAR SIGNAL IN Installation The AFBR-5921ALZ can be installed in any MSA- compliant Pin Through Hole port. The module Pin Description is shown in Figure 2. TOP VIEW Figure 2. Module pin assignments and pin configuration. Solder and Wash Process Capability These transceivers are delivered with protective process Recommended Solder Fluxes plugs inserted into the LC connector receptacle. This Solder fluxes used with the AFBR-5921ALZ should be process plug protects the optical subassemblies during water-soluble, organic fluxes. Recommended solder fluxes wave solder and aqueous wash processing and acts as include Lonco 3355-11 from London Chemical West, Inc. a dust cover during shipping. These transceivers are of Burbank, CA, and 100 Flux from Alpha-Metals of Jersey compatible with industry standard wave or hand solder City, NJ. processes. 2