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Display Modules ELI70-IPHW w/ mounting bracket
Manufacturer: Future Designs

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Display Modules
Future Designs, Inc. (Fdi)
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Display Modules
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7.0 High Bright PCAP Touch Screen LCD Module for SBCs with Mounting Brackets ELI P Specifications ELI70-IPHW-M Screen Size (inches): 7.0 Touch Screen Type: PCAP High Bright Extended Temperature Version Display Technology: IPS a-Si TFT LCD Touch Screen Interface: USB Device 7.0 WVGA LCD Panel with LED Backlight Brightness (nits typ): 640 with Mounting Brackets Resolution: 800 x 480 (WVGA) Contrast Ratio (typ): 1000 : 1 MSRP (Qty Volume): < 293.00 Aspect Ratio: Wide 16:9 MSRP (Qty 1): 363.25 Colors: 262K (18 bit) Horizontal Viewing Angle: 85 / 85 Vertical Viewing Angle: 85 / 85 Features Surface Finish: Anti-glare Touch Panel Hardness: >3H Active Area (in mm) (W x H): 152.40 x 91.44 PCAP Display with USB Device Interface Response Time (ms typ): 30 tr + rf Plug and Play interface to standard SBCs Backlight ( LEDs) : 21 (7S X 3P) HDMI or DVI Input Backlight Life (K hrs typ): 70 +12 Volt DC Input Power (5% tolerance) Backlight Power Consumption (mW typ): 3,960 640 nits Brightness (typical) EDID for Auto Screen Sizing: Yes 1000:1 Contrast Ratio (typical) Display Interface Input Mode: HDMI / DVI EDID Support for Automatic Screen Sizing USB Power Consumption (mA typ/max): Device 25/50 -30 to +80 C operating temperature range Input VDC:12 Franchised Distribution Stocking Power Consumption (mA typ/max): 600/900 Part Number: ELI70-IPHW-M Operating Temperature: -30 to 80 C Storage Temperature: -40 to 90 C Mounting: 3.5 mm holes in mounting brackets Plug & Play with Standard SBCs: Yes Size: 169.5 (W) x 150.0 (H) x 29.7 (D) mm Weight (grams typ): 376 RoHS Compliant: Yes TeamFDI TeamFDI FDIProducts (256) 883-1240 Rev 1.1 - 01/12/2017X-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Display Modules category: Click to view products by Future Designs manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : P6153-PR TDP0700T800480PCAP P6171DPR-DC-RS P6171DPR-DC-U MIKROMEDIA 4 FOR STM32F4 CAPACITIVE FPI MIKROMEDIA 3 FOR STM32F4 CAPACITIVE FPI TN0216ANVNANN-GN00 TN0104ANVAANN-GN00 TN0181ANVNANN-GN00 MIKROMEDIA 5 FOR TIVA CAPACITIVE MIKROMEDIA 4 FOR TIVA CAPACITIVE MIKROMEDIA 4 FOR PIC32MZ CAPACITIVE RVT43ULFNWC03 V4 SM-RVT101HVBNWCA0 SM-RVT35HHBFWCA0 SM-RVT35HHBNWCA0 SM-RVT43HLBFWCA0 SM- RVT43HLBNWCA0 SM-RVT50HQBFWCA0 SM-RVT50HQBNWCA0 SM-RVT70HSBFWCA0 SM-RVT70HSBNWCA0 11769 MIKROMEDIA FOR DSPIC33 MIKROMEDIA FOR PIC24 MIKROMEDIA FOR PIC32 MIKROMEDIA FOR STELLARIS M3 MIKROMEDIA HMI 3.5 RES MIKROMEDIA HMI 5 MIKROMEDIA PLUS FOR FT90X MIKROMEDIA PLUS FOR PIC32MX7 SHIELD MIKROMEDIA PROTO SHIELD MIKROMEDIA 5 FOR TIVA MIKROMEDIA 5 FOR TIVA SHIELD MIKROMEDIA 7 FOR STM32F4 MIKROMEDIA CONNECT SHIELD MIKROMEDIA FOR ARM MIKROMEDIA FOR PSOC5LP MIKROMEDIA GAMING SHIELD MIKROMEDIA HMI 4.3 UXB MIKROMEDIA HMI 5 RES MIKROMEDIA HMI 5 UXB MIKROMEDIA HMI 7 MIKROMEDIA HMI BREAKOUT BOARD RVT50UQTNWC05 RVT70AQFNWC00 18207 PIS-0260 GEN4-ULCD-50D-PI GEN4-ULCD-70D

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8531.20.00 32 .. - Indicator panels incorporating liquid crystal devices (LCD) or light emitting diodes (LED) Free

ELECTRIC SOUND OR VISUAL SIGNALLING APPARATUS (FOR EXAMPLE, BELLS, SIRENS, INDICATOR PANELS, BURGLAR OR FIRE ALARMS), Indicator panels incorporating liquid crystal devices (LCD) or light-emitting diodes (LED)
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