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PMIC - Power Distribution Switches SOT-23-5 RoHS
Manufacturer: Global Mixed-mode

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Global Mixed-mode
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Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution
Power Switch Ics-Power Distribution
SOT - 23 - 5
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Global Mixed-Mode
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Global Mixed-mode Technology Inc. G5243A High-Side Power Distribution Switch Features General Description 120m High-Side MOSFET The G5243A is an integrated 120m power switch for 2A of Current Limits with Foldback self-powered and bus-powered Universal Serial Bus Operating Range:2.7V to 5.5V (USB) applications. 1.9ms Typical V Turn-On Rise Time OUT Several Protection features include current limiting Under voltage Lockout with foldback, and thermal shutdown to prevent catas- 65A Quiescent Supply Current trophic switch failure caused by increasing power dis- 1A Maximum Standby Supply Current sipation when continuous heavy loads or short circuit Active-High Enable Pin occurs. And a built-in charge pump is used to drive the No Reverse Current when Power Off N-channel MOSFET that is free of parasitic body diode Shutdown Discharge Function at OUT Pin to eliminate any reversed current flow across the SOT-23-5 Package switch when it is powered off. G5243A has shutdown discharge function when power switch is off. The typi- Applications cal pull low resistor is 75 . High-Side Power Protection Switch Its low quiescent supply current and small package USB Power Management (SOT-23-5) is particularly suitable in battery-powered USB Host and Self-Powered Bubs equipment, like PDA, mobile phone. USB Bus-Powered Hubs Hot Plug-In Power Supplies Battery-Charger Circuits Ordering Information SHUTDOWN ORDER TEMP. PACKAGE MARKING PULL LOW NUMBER RANGE (Green) RESISTOR G5243AT11U 523Ax 75 -40C to +85C SOT-23-5 Note: T1: SOT-23-5 1: Bonding Code U: Tape & Reel Pin Configuration Typical Application Circuit GG552243A43A G5G5224433AA OUOUTT 11 55 ININ VV ININ VV ININ OUOUTT OUOUTT ENEN GNGNDD 22 GNGNDD ONON CC OUOUTT CC ININ 4.4.77FF 11FF OFOFFF 33 44 ININ ENEN SOSOTT--2233-5-5 TEL: 886-3-5788833 Ver 1.0 Dec 22, 2008 X-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution category: Click to view products by Global Mixed-mode manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : AP22652AW6-7 MAPDCC0001 L9349TR-LF MAPDCC0005 NCP45520IMNTWG-L VND5050K-E MP6205DD-LF-P MC15XS3400DHFKR2 FPF1015 FPF1018 DS1222 TCK2065G,LF SZNCP3712ASNT3G L9781TR NCP45520IMNTWG-H MC17XS6500BEK SP2526A-1EN-L/TR SP2526A-2EN-L/TR MAX4999ETJ+T MC22XS4200BEK MAX14575BETA+T VN1160C-1-E VN750PEP-E TLE7244SL BTS50060-1EGA MAX1693HEUB+T MC07XSG517EK TLE7237SL MIC2033-05BYMT-T5 MIC2033- 12AYMT-T5 MIC2033-05BYM6-T5 MP6513LGJ-P NCP3902FCCTBG AP22811BW5-7 SLG5NT1437VTR SZNCP3712ASNT1G NCV330MUTBG DML1008LDS-7 MAX4987AEETA+T KTS1670EDA-TR MAX1694EUB+T KTS1640QGDV-TR KTS1641QGDV-TR IPS160HTR BTS500251TADATMA2 NCV451AMNWTBG MC07XS6517BEKR2 SIP43101DQ-T1-E3 DML10M8LDS-13 MAX1922ESA+C71073

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8542.31.00 51 No ..Application Specific (Digital) Integrated Circuits (ASIC)

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