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Switching Controllers SOP-7 RoHS

Manufacturer: Grenergy
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Switching Controllers
Switching Controllers
SOP - 7
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GR9230RL Multi-Mode PWM Power Switch with Integrated Protections Features Description Built-in 650V Power MOSFET The GR9230RL integrates a high performance Low Start-Up Current (<2uA) multi-mode (QR/CCM) PWM controller and a high Multi-Mode Operation voltage power MOSFET of 650V. It minimizes the CCM Heavy Load and Low Line components counts and is available in a tiny SOP-7 QR-Like Operation Medium Load and DIP-8 package. Those make it an ideal design Green mode with Valley Skip at Light Load for low cost application. It provides functions of low Burst Mode at No Load startup current, green- mode power-saving Accurate Over Current Protection operation, VCC over-voltage protection, and QRD Adjustment OVP on QRD Pin pin abnormal conditions sensing to prevent the Output Short Protection circuit being damaged from the abnormal Soft Driver conditions. 8ms Soft-start OVP (Over Voltage Protection) on VCC Pin Applications On Chip OTP Protection Switching AC/DC power adapter SOP-7and DIP-8 Package with Few External SMPS Power Supply Components Needed Typical Application Information EMI FILTER DRAIN VCC DRAIN QRD CS GND GND COMP GR9230RL 2016.12. Ver.1.0 Copyright Grenergy OPTO, Inc. 1 GR9230RL Ordering and Marking Information GR9230RL Package Code RoHS Code G: Green (Halogen Free) Device KA: SOP-7 J: DIP-8 L : PB Free GR9230R GR9230RL LX X XXX X X XXX Serial No. Serial No. Code 1 Code 1 Code 2 Code 2 Code 1 8 9 A B G H I J Year 2008 2009 2010 2011 2016 2017 2018 2019 Code 2 1 2 3 4 9 A B C Month Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec. Grenergy OPTO Inc. reserves the right to make changes to improve reliability or manufacture ability without notice, and advise customers to obtain the latest version of relevant information to verify before placing orders. Pin Configuration TOP VIEW SOP-7 DIP-8 18 VCC GND GND VCC 1 7 27GND COMP COMP 2 DRAIN 36 QRD 3 6 QRD DRAIN DRAIN CS 4 5 CS45 DRAIN Pin Description Pin No. Name Function SOP-7 DIP-8 1 1 VCC Power supply pin Voltage feedback pin, by connecting a photo-coupler to control the duty 2 2 COMP cycle 3 3 QRD This pin is for quasi-resonant detection and OVP. Current sense pin, connected to sense resistor for sensing the MOSFET 4 4 CS current signal DRAIN 5,6 5,6 Drain of internal HV MOSFET 7 7,8 GND Ground reference pin 2016.12. Ver.1.0 Copyright Grenergy OPTO, Inc. 2

Tariff Desc

8542.31.00 51 No ..Application Specific (Digital) Integrated Circuits (ASIC)

Electronic integrated circuits: Processors and controllers, whether or not combined with memories, converters, logic circuits, amplifiers, clock and timing circuits, or other circuits
Monolithic integrated circuits: