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440R-S12R2 electronic component of Guard Master

Module: safety relay; Series: GSR; 24VDC; 24VAC; Inputs:2; -5÷55°C

Manufacturer: Guard Master
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Guard Master

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Guard Master
Product Category
Safety Relays
IP Rating
Electrical Connection
Screw Terminals
Safety Outputs
2X No
Safety Category
Input 1 Properties
1 Channel
Auxiliary Outputs
1X Transistor
Type Of Module
Safety Relay
Number Of Outputs
Operating Temperature
- 5 To 55 C
Supply Voltage
24 VDC , 24 VAC
Number Of Inputs
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Bul. 440R Guardmaster Safety Relays (DI, DIS, SI, CI, GLP, EM, and EMD) Selection GuideBulletin 440R Next Generation Guardmaster Safety Relays DI, DIS, SI, CI, GLP, EM, and EMD Specifications Safety Ratings IEC 60204-1, EN ISO 13849-1, EN ISO 12100, Standards IEC 61508 DI/DIS/CI/SI/EM/EMD: Suitable up to PLe and CAT4 per EN ISO 13849-1:2006, SIL CL3 per IEC 61508:2010/IEC62061:2006 depending on architecture and application characteristics Safety Classification GLP: Suitable up to PLd and CAT3 per EN ISO Description 13849-1:2006, SIL CL2 per IEC 61508:2010 /IEC62061:2006 depending on architecture and The new generation of Guardmaster safety relays addresses the application characteristics broad scope of applications in the intricate safety world with a CE Marked for all applicable directives, cULus range of devices. Designed to meet new functional safety Certifications Listed and TV standards, such as EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061, the new family offers key functions to simplify installation and system complexity. A Functional Safety Data See next page broad range of safety devices such as safety interlock switches, Power Supply emergency stop devices, pressure sensitive safety mats, and OSSD Input Power Entry 24V DC (-15+10%) devices such as safety light curtains are all compatible with the DI/SI: 2.5 W same relay without additional configuration.The functionality of two DIS: 2 W standard safety relays can be achieved in one Dual Input (DI) device, Power Consumption CI/EM/EMD: 3.5 W allowing connection of two dual-channel input devices into one GLP: 2.5 W safety relay. Inputs A TV-approved single rotary switch sets the required function of DI/DIS: 2 dual N.C., 2 dual OSSD, or safety the safety relay and eliminates the typical redundant switch setting mats and 1 single-wire safety input process. Selectable functions include simple logic, reset, timing, and SI/CI: 1 dual N.C., 1 dual OSSD, or safety mats Safety Inputs GLP: 1 dual N.C. or 1 dual OSSD and 1 diagnostics. single/wire safety The single-wire safety connection simplifies cascading and EM/EMD: 1 single-wire safety input expanding safety functions by linking relays with a single-wire Input Simultaneity Infinite connection. A dynamic signal from device to device provides a Input Resistance, Max. 900 linkage in accordance with SIL 3, PLe, allowing easy addition of extra I/O, which can be configured with simple logic combinations. Configured automatic/manual or monitored Reset manual Flexible AND/OR logic can be configured simply in a single relay or through a combination of relays via single-wire connection. Reset Pulse Duration 250 ms3 s DI/DIS/SI/CI/EM/EMD: 5.5 s The family includes a module designed specifically for guardlocking Power ON Delay Time GLP: 11 s applications. The GLP uses two proximity sensors to monitor DI/DIS/SI/CI: 100 ms machine motion, and unlocks the gate when safe speed is attained. Recovery Time EM/EMD: 150 ms Expansion modules are available with four immediate or time- DI: 35 ms (40 ms with mat input) delayed outputs. The time delay module can be configured for on DIS: 25 ms (30 ms with mat input) delay, off delay, or jog. Response Time (Safety SI/CI: 35 ms (45 ms with mat input) Outputs) GLP: overspeed detection time = 3/(speed limit Hz ) EM/EMD: 35 ms Features DI/DIS: 25 ms (30 ms with mat input) Suitable for applications up to PLe, SIL 3 Per ISO13849-1 Response Time (Single- SI/CI: 25 ms (35 ms with mat input) Wire Safety Outputs) Stop Category 0 and Stop Category 1 GLP/EM/EMD: 25 ms One or two dual-channel inputs Outputs Two or three safety contacts DI/SI: 2 N.O. One auxiliary contact CI: 3 N.O. DIS: 2 PNP (14, 24) 2 Decoupled (34, 44) Cross-fault monitoring Safety Outputs EM: 4 N.O. Rotary switch configures auto/manual or monitored manual reset EMD: 4 N.O. delayed Same rotary switch configures AND/OR logic of input to device DIS/GLP: 2 PNP safety, 2 PNP Lock Removable terminals DIS: 2 x 1.5 A 2 x 0.5 A Total: max. 4 A Solid State Output Rating GLP: 2 x 0.5 A 2 x 0.3 A Total: max 1.5 A Can be used with interlocks, light curtains, safety mats, E-stops, and SensaGuard switches DI: AgNi + 0.2 Au Contact Material SI/CI/EM/EMD: AgNi Single-wire safety output connects to single-wire safety input relays while maintaining SIL 3, PLe DI/DIS/SI/GLP/EM/EMD: 1 PNP 50 mA max Auxiliary Contacts CI: 1 N.C. Guardlocking with proximity sensors Thermal CurrentI 1 x 6 A lth Timed ON delay, OFF delay, and Jog outputs on EMD Rated Impulse withstand 2500V Voltage Switching Current DI/SI/CI/EM/EMD: 10 mA/10V Voltage, Min. Relay Outputs: 6 A low blow or 10 A quick blow Fuses, Output Power Supply GLP: 4A gG, tripping characteristic B or C Mechanical Life DI/SI/CI/EM/EMD: 10,000,000 operations Visit our website: 2 Publication 440R-SG001B-EN-P

Tariff Desc


8536.41 TC 8909066 RELAYS, having a continuous contact rating of NOT less than 3A and body dimensions NOT exceeding 40mm x 30mm x 27mm

8536.49.00 TC 9613322 RELAYS, low profile, OTHER THAN reed relays, being EITHER of the following:
(a) height NOT exceeding 21.24 mm;
(b) height NOT exceeding 35 mm and having a continuous current rating NOT less than 8A AC

8536.49 TC 8906734 RELAYS, having ALL of the following:
(a) one, two or three contacts;
(b) maximum continuous contact current rating of NOT less than 15A;
(c) maximum contact voltage rating of NOT less than 380V;
(d) maximum switched power rating of NOT less than 4000VA

8536.49.00 TC 1122469 RELAYS, having an operating voltage NOT exceeding 250 volts, having ANY of the following:
(a) spring loaded terminals
(b) plug-in screw terminals
(c) wire connected terminals

8536.41 TC 8534635 RELAYS, cradle, having ALL of the following:
(a) maximum switching current NOT exceeding 5 A (AC or DC);
(b) switching voltage NOT exceeding 250 V (AC or DC);
(c) body dimensions NOT exceeding 31 mm x 36 mm x 19 mm

8536.49 TC 8633667 RELAYS, vacuum, hermetically sealed

8536.41.00 TC 19144923 RELAYS, SWITCH AMPLIFIER, having a supply voltage NOT greater than 40v

8536.49 8633669 RELAYS, thermal overload, having ALL of the following characteristics:
(a) trip time NOT exceeding 5 s at 6 times full load current
(b) manual reset
(c) maximum current 50A

8536.49 TC 8633636 RELAYS, power appliance, 15A, having EITHER 2 contacts or 3 contacts

8536.41 TC 8438513 RELAYS, mercury wetted, contact type

8536.41 TC 8438500 RELAYS, coaxial