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Industrial Temperature Sensors KN1515 1Pt100 110 DIN B PdAu
Manufacturer: Heraeus Nexensos

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Heraeus Nexensos

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Heraeus Nexensos
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Industrial Temperature Sensors
Industrial Temperature Sensors
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NNeexxeennssooss 11PPtt110000 KKNN11551155,, CCeerraammiicc WWiirree WWoouunndd PPtt RRTTDD aaccccoorrddiinngg ttoo IIEECC 6600775511 Temperature range -196 C to +660 C High measurement stability The KN Series Ceramic Wire Wound Pt RTDs are suitable for general applications requiring temperature stability, and high Tight tolerances available over wide operating temperature accuracy over very wide operating temperature ranges. Typical ranges application areas are, Energy & Power generation, Oil & Gas Low self-heating and PetroChemistry and special industrial applications. Not recommended for high shock or vibraton applications NNoommiinnaall RReessiissttaannccee RR TToolleerraannccee CCllaassss OOrrddeerr NNuummbbeerr PPaacckkaaggiinngg Pt100 W0.03 / Class 1/10 B 32206112 / 32206424 Slide Blister / W0.06 / Class 1/5 B 32206171 Slide Blister W0.1 / Class 1/3 B 32206457 Slide Blister W0.15 / Class A 32206456 Slide Blister W0.3 / Class B 32206455 Slide Blister The measuring point for the nominal resistance is 8 mm from the end of the sensor body. TTeemmppeerraattuurree aanndd TToolleerraannccee RRaannggee DDiimmeennssiioonnss aanndd TToolleerraanncceess iinn mmmm Tolerance Class W0.03 / 1/10 B -50 C to +300 C L: 15 +2 -0 Tolerance Class W0.06 / 1/5 B -50 C to +300 C D: 1.5 0.15 Tolerance Class W0.1 / 1/3 B -100 C to +350 C LL: 9.5 0.5 L: 0.20 0.01 Tolerance Class W0.15 / A -100 C to +450 C Tolerance Class W0.3 / B -196 C to +660 C 32206424: Tolerance Class W0.03L / 1/10 B -50 C to +150 C 32206112: LL: 8.5 0.5 mm TTeemmppeerraattuurree CCooeeffffiicciieenntt TCR = 3850 ppm/K RReessppoonnssee TTiimmee Water (v = 0.4m/s): t0.5 = 0.2 s t0.9 = 0.4 s Air (v = 0.3m/s): t0.5 = 5 s Image for illustration purposes only t0.9 = 15.7 s Color, shape and forming of fixation drop may vary MMeeaassuurriinngg CCuurrrreenntt 1 mA LLoonngg--TTeerrmm SSttaabbiilliittyy Excellent long-term stability SSeellff--HHeeaattiinngg 0.08 K/mW at 0 C Heraeus Nexensos USA, a division of Heraeus Epurio LLC, USA Document: 20003959271 Part 001 Version 00 Status: 09/2021 Web: Contact: nexensos.america Page 1 of 2NNeexxeennssooss 11PPtt110000 KKNN11551155,, CCeerraammiicc WWiirree WWoouunndd PPtt RRTTDD aaccccoorrddiinngg ttoo IIEECC 6600775511 Temperature range -196 C to +660 C IInnssuullaattiioonn RReessiissttaannccee AAfftteerr AAsssseemmbbllyy Housed sensors achieve typically values >3 G (at room temperature) LLeeaadd TTyyppee Palladium-gold alloy NNoottee Available on request: Other standards and narrower tolerances Platinum-gold alloy Different temperature coefficients (3916 ppm/K - old JIS) Extension leads Two separated coils can be embedded in one ceramic body Due to random sample measurements, a bending of connection wires may occur (called V-shape). This bending is batch- dependent and has no influence on the functionality of the platinum measuring resistor These ceramic wire wound products are manufactured for Heraeus Nexensos by Sensor Technology Ltda. CCaalliiffoorrnniiaa PPrrooppoossiittiioonn 6655 WWAARRNNIINNGG WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead oxide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm, and including cobalt oxide and cadmium and/or cadmium compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to The information provided in this data sheet describes certain technical characteristics of the product, but shall not be qualified or construed as quality guarantees whatsoever. Furthermore, the information provided in this data sheet does not constitute a warranty, implied or express, whatsoever, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or use. The information provided in this data sheet regarding measurement values (including, but not limited to, response time, long-term stability, vibration and shock resistance, insulation resistance and self-heating) are average values that have been obtained under laboratory conditions in tests of large numbers of the product. Product results or measurements achieved by customer or any other person in any production, test, or other environment may vary depending on the specific conditions of use. The customer is solely responsible to determine whether the product is suited for customers intended use in this respect Heraeus cannot assume any liability. The sale of any products of Heraeus is exclusively subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale of Heraeus in their current version at the time of purchase, which is available under or may be furnished upon request. This data sheet is subject to changes without prior notice. Heraeus Nexensos USA, a division of Heraeus Epurio LLC, 770 Township Line Road, Suite 300, Yardley, Pennsylvania, USA 19067 Heraeus Nexensos USA, a division of Heraeus Epurio LLC, USA Document: 20003959271 Part 001 Version 00 Status: 09/2021 Web: Contact: nexensos.america Page 2 of 2

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