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S-1091B-1(SAME KEY CODE: #134)

S-1091B-1(SAME KEY CODE: #134) electronic component of Highly

Switch: key switch; 2-position; Switch.method: OFF-ON; 1A/110VAC

Manufacturer: Highly
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Product Category
Keylock Switches
Number of Positions
Contact Plating
Silver Plated
Body Material
Zinc Alloy
Switches Features
Key 134, Key With The Same Code, The Key Can Be Removed At Any Position
Switching Method
Off - On
Kind Of Key
Type Of Switch
Key Switch
Terminals Plating
Silver Plated
Body Plating
Contacts Configuration
Stable Positions Number
Overall Length
30.5 mm
Ac Contacts Rating R
1A / 110Vac
Mechanical Rotation Angle
Number Of Terminals
Mounting Hole Diameter
ø12 mm
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Advanced System The S-1091B-1 is a component of the Highly Advanced System (HAS) family of products. It is an automated data processor, designed to provide a fast, reliable, and secure way to process large amounts of data. The S-1091B-1 is especially suited for mission-critical applications demanding accuracy, high performance, and stringent security protocols. The S-1091B-1 is compatible with the following hardware platforms: IBM PC/AT, IBM PS/2, and VAX. It has a software application interface for C++ programming, as well as a built-in real-time operating system. Additionally, the S-1091B-1 uses a highly secure system key code (#134) to encrypt data and ensure the utmost security of data and information.

Tariff Desc

8536.50.99 LOCKS, electric key switch, comprising BOTH of the following:
(a) keys;
(b) housing assembly
Op. 22.11.2005 Dec. 16.02.2006 - TC 0603928