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Temperature & Humidity Sensors QFN-6 RoHS

Manufacturer: Hokuriku
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Board Mount Temperature Sensors
Board Mount Temperature Sensors
QFN - 6
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Humidity (Capacitive Type)Temperature Sensor Model No. HSU-CHM-01A Humidity sensor which uses newly-developed humidity-sensitive film combined with dedicated IC realized high precision and high reliability. Small size package dimension mm (World smallest class size) Features Small size, low profile package dimension mm Low voltage operation 1.715.5V High sensitivity Low current consumption QFN Package mm Anti-dew condensation, Water-proof 2 Interface I C communication Lead-free reflow and RoHS Directive-compliant Outline & Dimensions 2.0 6pin 4pin 5pin 6pin 5pin 4pin No. Terminal Function 1 CE Chip enable terminal 2 Vss Power supply terminal (-) 2.0 3 Vcc Power supply terminal (+) 4 NC No connection 5 SDA Data input/output terminal 6 SCL for I2C-BUS. 0.75 1pin 2pin 3pin 3pin 2pin 1pin (Unit:mm) Specifications 1.Maximum Absolute Ratings Item Rating Unit Remark Storage Temperature Range -50 125 Operating Voltage -0.37.0 V 2.Ratings Item Rating Unit Remark Operating Voltage 1.715.5 V Average current at 1 measurement / sec (*1) Current Consumption 10 A Operating Range 0 100 %RH Humidity Resolution 0.1 %RH 10bit Data Accuracy 3 %RH 25/2080%RH Operating Range -30100 Temperature Resolution 0.1 11bit Data Accuracy 0.4 560 (*1) Under control by CE (chip enable) pin 2016.5.30 * Specifications are subject to change without notice. HOKURIKU NewX-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Board Mount Temperature Sensors category: Click to view products by Hokuriku manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : 5962-8757102XA 66F115 MCP9808-EMS MCP98242T-BEMNY MCP9843T-BEMC EMC1063-1-ACZL-TR NCT218FCT2G O53GAB175A-160Y OH10/62,112 3610085020002 389049M9527 TC622EAT TC6501P095VCTTR TC6501P105VCTTR TC6501P125VCTTR MCP9802A0T-M/OT MCP9803T-M/SN MCP9843-BEST TC6501P115VCTTR TC6502P065VCTTR ADM1023ARQZ-REEL ADM1024ARUZ-REEL ADM1032ARMZ-1RL AT30TS74-U1FMBB-T AT30TS74-U1FMAB-T AT30TS74- U1FMCB-T AT30TS74-U1FMDB-T ADT7483AARQZ-RL ADT7481ARMZ-REEL ADT7463ARQZ-REEL MCP98243T-BEMNY MCP98243T-BE/MC 66L080-0226 MAX31820MCR+T MAX1452CAEC8H DS1780E TMP05BKSZ-REEL7 5962-8757103XA WTK-14- 36/N E52-CA6D-N 4M MCP98244T-BEMNY MCP9802A5T-MOT MAX6581TG9A+T DS75S-C11+T&R S-58LM20A-I4T1U MAX6501UKP120+T MCP98243T-BE/ST AT30TS01-MAA5M-T NCT375DR2G DS18S20-SL+T&R

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