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Board Mount Humidity Sensors HYCAL SENSING PROD

Manufacturer: Honeywell
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Product Category
Board Mount Humidity Sensors
RH Range
0 % To 100 %
RH Accuracy
3.5 %
Output Type
Supply Voltage - Max
5.8 V
Supply Voltage - Min
4 V
Maximum Operating Temperature
+ 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature
- 40 C
Mounting Style
Board Mount
Humidity Sensor
Operating Supply Current
200 uA
Product Type
Humidity Sensors
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HIH-4030/31 Series Humidity Sensors DESCRIPTION The HIH-4030/4031 Series delivers instrumentation-quality RH Honeywell has expanded our HIH Series to include an SMD (Relative Humidity) sensing performance in a competitively (Surface Mount Device) product line: the new HIH 4030/4031. priced, solderable SMD. The HIH 4030/4031 complements our existing line of non-SMD humidity sensors. SMD packaging on tape and reel allows for The HIH-4030 is a covered integrated circuit humidity sensor. use in high volume, automated pick and place manufacturing, The HIH-4031 is a covered, condensation-resistant, integrated eliminating lead misalignment to printed circuit board through- circuit humidity sensor that is factory-fitted with a hydrophobic hole. filter allowing it to be used in condensing environments including industrial, medical and commercial applications. The HIH-4030/4031 Series Humidity Sensors are designed specifically for high volume OEM (Original Equipment The RH sensor uses a laser trimmed, thermoset polymer Manufacturer) users. capacitive sensing element with on-chip integrated signal conditioning. Direct input to a controller or other device is made possible by this sensors near linear voltage output. With a typical current The sensing element s multilayer construction provides draw of only 200 A, the HIH-4030/4031 Series is often ideally excellent resistance to most application hazards such as suited for low drain, battery operated systems. condensation, dust, dirt, oils and common environmental chemicals. Tight sensor interchangeability reduces or eliminates OEM production calibration costs. Individual sensor calibration data Sample packs are available. See order guide. is available. FEATURES POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS Tape and reel packaging allows for use in high volume pick Refrigeration equipment and place manufacturing (1,000 units per tape and reel) HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Molded thermoset plastic housing equipment Near linear voltage output vs %RH Medical equipment Laser trimmed interchangeability Drying Low power design Metrology Enhanced accuracy Battery-powered systems Fast response time OEM assemblies Stable, low drift performance Chemically resistant HIH-4030/31 Series TABLE 1. PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS (At 5 Vdc supply and 25 C 77 F unless otherwise noted.) Parameter Minimum Typical Maximum Unit Specific Note Interchangeability (first order curve) 0% RH to 59% RH -5 5 % RH 60% RH to 100% RH -8 8 % RH Accuracy (best fit straight line) -3.5 +3.5 % RH 1 Hysterisis 3 % RH Repeatability 0.5 % RH Settling time 70 ms Response time (1/e in slow moving air) 5 s Stability (at 50% RH in a year) 1.2 % RH 2 Stability (at 50% RH in a year) 0.5 % RH 3 Voltage supply 4 5.8 Vdc 4 Current supply 200 500 A st Voltage output (1 order curve fit) V =(V )(0.0062(sensor RH) + 0.16), typical at 25 C OUT SUPPLY Temperature compensation True RH = (Sensor RH)/(1.0546 0.00216T), T in C Output voltage temp. coefficient at 50% RH, 5 V -4 mV/C Operating temperature -40 -40 See Figure 1. 85 185 C F Operating humidity (HIH-4030) 0 See Figure 1. 100 % RH 5 Operating humidity (HIH-4031) 0 See Figure 1. 100 % RH Storage temperature -50 -58 125 257 C F Storage humidity See Figure 2. % RH 5 Specific Notes: General Notes: 1. Can only be achieved with the supplied slope and offset. For Sensor is ratiometric to supply voltage. HIH-4030/31-003 catalog listings only. Extended exposure to >90% RH causes a reversible 2. Includes testing outside of recommended operating zone. shift of 3% RH. 3. Includes testing for recommended operating zone only. Sensor is light sensitive. For best performance, shield 4. Device is calibrated at 5 Vdc and 25 C. sensor from bright light. 5. Non-condensing environment. When liquid water falls on the humidity sensor die, output goes to a low rail condition indicating no humidity. FACTORY CALIBRATION DATA HIH-4030/31 Sensors may be ordered with a calibration and data printout. See Table 2 and the order guide on the back page. TABLE 2. EXAMPLE DATA PRINTOUT Model HIH-4030-003 Channel 92 Wafer 030996M MRP 337313 Calculated values at 5 V V at 0% RH 0.958 V OUT V at 75.3% RH 3.268 V OUT Linear output for 3.5% RH accuracy at 25 C Zero offset 0.958 V Slope 30.680 mV/%RH Sensor RH (V - zero offset)/slope OUT (V - 0.958)/0.0307 OUT Ratiometric response for 0% RH to 100% RH V V (0.1915 to 0.8130) OUT SUPPLY 2

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9027.10.00 Instruments and apparatus for physical or chemical analysis (for example, polarimeters, refractometers, spectrometers, gas or smoke analysis apparatus); instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking viscosity, porosity, expansion, surface tension or the like; instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking quantities of heat, sound or light (including exposure meters); microtomes.

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