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HX12501-2AB electronic component of Hongxing

Wire To Board / Wire To Wire Connector P=1.25mm RoHS

Manufacturer: Hongxing
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Product Category
Headers & Wire Housings
Number of Rows
Row Spacing
Mounting Style
Brick nogging
Headers Wire Housings
P=1.25 mm
Brand Category
Pins Structure
Reference Series
Male pin
Number Of Pins Per Row
Operating Temperature Range
Current Rating Max
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The HX12501-2AB is a single-row Wire To Board / Wire To Wire connector manufactured by Hongxing. It has a pitch of 1.25mm and is compliant with RoHS standards. It features a lock-in latch for secure mating and wire-to-wire operation. It features gold-plated contacts, high-temperature plastic insulation, and is designed for applications operating up to 8A. The HX12501-2AB is suitable for use in automotive, consumer, industrial and medical devices.

Tariff Desc

8536.69.10 62 Plugs and sockets for co-axial cables or printed circuits Free

8536.69.90 CONNECTORS, ELECTRICAL, being ANY of the following:
(a) plugs;
(b) sockets;
(c) adaptors
TC 1225594

8536.69.90 PLUG AND SOCKET COMBINATIONS, being ANY of the following:
(a) 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12 OR 15 way, rated to 300 V, maximum current of 15 amps;
(b) 2, 3 OR 12 way, single in line pin header;
(c) 1.3mm plug to 2.1mm socket;
(d) 2.5mm plug to 3.5mm socket
TC 9900931

8536.69.90 SOCKETS, being ANY of the following:
(a) single pin, NOT exceeding 3.5 mm;
(b) micro, single pin, 2 mm;
(c) DC power connector, 2.1 mm OR 2.5 mm;
(d) 9 pin OR 15 pin, sub D;
(e) 2, 4 OR 8 pole microphone connector;
(f) 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 OR 13 pin DIN;
(g) 16, 20, 26, 34, 40 OR 50 way dual in line crimp-on
TC 9900883

8536.69 JACKS, phono, RCA Type
TC 8438480

8536.69.90 CONNECTORS, electrical, incorporating twist locking mechanism
TC 9703905

8536.70.90 CONNECTORS, OPTICAL Op. 12.06.2007 FIBRE
TC 0708845

8536.69 PLUGS, modular, telephone, to suit RJ 11 sockets and complying with US Standard FCC 68
TC 9203687

8536.90.90 LUGS, being solderable, copper connectors
TC 0613954

8535.90.00 CRIMPING TERMINALS, having bell-mouth OR flared cable entry
TC 9504891

8536.90 HOLDERS, dry cell
TC 8438464

8536.69.90 TC 1440896 POWER POINTS, plastic AND/OR metal, single OR multiple power outlet, with OR without EITHER of the following:
(a) LED (light-emitting diode) night light;
(b) single OR multiple power switches

8536.69 PLUGS/SOCKETS, adaptor being EITHER of the following:
(a) providing for plug or socket configurations used in other countries to connect to Australian standard plugs or sockets;
(b) providing for plug or socket configurations of Australian standard type to connect to plugs or sockets used in other countries
TC 8807068
HX(Zhejiang Yueqing Hongxing Elec)
Zhejiang Yueqing Hongxing Elec