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PHB473J2JA8A50R0 electronic component of Hongzhi

Suppression Capacitors Through Hole,P=15mm RoHS

Manufacturer: Hongzhi
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Film Capacitors
Film Capacitors
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The PHB473J2JA8A50R0 is a through-hole Suppression Capacitor manufactured by Hongzhi that is RoHS compliant. It has a 15mm pitch (P) and is designed to protect circuits from excessive voltage and short circuit currents. It is made with metal oxide varistor material which has a high breakdown voltage, low resistance and excellent temperature stability. It features a dielectric material with a high dielectric strength and insulation resistance. This Suppression Capacitor is able to dissipate energy generated by switching surges and transients to the ground. It can handle both AC and DC current up to 50A, making it an ideal choice for many high-power applications

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8532.25.00 Dielectric of paper or plastics Free