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Integrated circuit: RF receiver; 3-wire SPI; QFN16; 1.8÷3.6VDC

Manufacturer: Hope Microelectronics
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Hope Microelectronics

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Hope Microelectronics
Product Category
Processors - Application Specialised
Kind Of Modulation
3 - Wire Spi
Integrated Circuit Features
Sleep, Pup, Rx, Tune, Xtal
Type Of Integrated Circuit
Rf Receiver
300 - 960 MHz
Supply Voltage
1.8 To 3.6 VDC
Supply Current
5.2 mA
Receiver Sensitivity
- 109Dbm
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CMT2217A CMT2217A Low-Cost 860 960 MHz OOK Stand- Alone RF Receiver Features Applications Low-Cost Consumer Electronics Applications Embedded EEPROM Very Easy Development with RFPDK Home and Building Automation Infrared Receiver Replacements All Features Programmable Frequency Range: 860 to 960 MHz Industrial Monitoring and Controls Remote Automated Meter Reading OOK Demodul ation Symbol Rate: 1.2 to 30 ksps Remote Lighting Control System Wireless Alarm and Security Systems Sensitivity: -109 dBm at 9.6 ksps, 0.1% BER 3-wire SPI Interface for EEPROM Programming Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Stand-Alone, No External MCU Control Required Configurable Duty-Cycle Operation Mode Ordering Information Supply Voltage: 1.8 to 3.6 V Low Power Consumption: 6 mA Part Number Frequency Package MOQ Low Sleep Current CMT2217A-EQR Random QFN16 5,000 pcs 60 nA when Sleep Timer Off CMT2217A-EQR8 868.00 MHz QFN16 5,000 pcs 440 nA when Sleep Timer On RoHS Compliant CMT2217A-EQR9 915.00 MHz QFN16 5,000 pcs 16-pin QFN 3x3 Package Descriptions The CMT2217A is an ultra low power, high performance, low-cost (OOK stand -alone RF receiver for various 860 to 960 MHz wireless applications. It is part of the CMOSTEK TM NextGenRF family, which includes a complete line of transmitters, receivers and transceivers. An embedded QFN16 (3X3) EEPROM allows the frequency, symbol rate and other features to be programmed into the device using the CMOSTEK USB Programmer and RFPDK. Alternatively, in stock products of 868/915 MHz are available for immediate demands with no need of EEPROM programming. The CMT2217A operates from a supply voltage of 1.8 V to 3.6 12 11 10 9 V, when it is always on, it consumes only 6 mA current while GND 8 XIN 13 achieving -109 dBm receiving sensitivity ( 9.6 ksps symbol RFIN 7 XOUT 14 r ate). It consumes even less power when working in GND 6 CLKO 15 duty-cycle operation mode via the built-in sleep timer. The device provides demodulated data, power-on reset output VDD 5 DOUT 16 as well as a system clock output for use by an external 1 2 3 4 microcontroller or decoder. CMT2217A receiver together with the CMT2117A transmitter enables an ultra low cost RF link. CMT2217A Top View Rev 0.1 Page 1 / 3 Copyright By HopeRF CSB VCON SDA VCOP SCL nRSTO NC NC CMT2217A Typical Application L2 ANT C 2 X 1 13 8 J1 GND XIN VDD C1 14 7 1 RFIN XOUT U1 CSB 2 L1 C3 15 6 SDA 3 CMT2217A GND CLKO SCL 4 VDD 5 16 5 VDD DOUT DOUT C0 Note: Connector J1 is for EEPROM Programming Figure 1. CMT2217A Typical Application Schematic Table 1. BOM of 868 MHz Typical Application Designator Descriptions Value Unit Manufacturer CMT2217A, low-cost 860 960 MHz FSK U1 - CMOSTEK stand-alone RF receiver L1 5%, 0603 multi-layer chip inductor 6.8 nH Murata LQG18 L2 5%, 0603 multi-layer chip inductor 3.3 nH Murata LQG18 C1 0.25 pF, 0402 NP0, 50 V 2.7 pF Murata GRM15 C0 20%, 0402 X7R, 25 V 0.1 uF Murata GRM15 C2, C3 5%, 0402 NP0, 50 V 15 pF Murata GRM15 X1 20 ppm, SMD32*25 mm, crystal 26 MHz EPSON Table 2. CMT2217A Pin Descriptions Pin Number Name I/O Descriptions 1 CSB I 3-wire SPI chip select input for EEPROM programming 2 SDA IO 3-wire SPI data input and output for EEPROM programming 3 SCL I 3-wire SPI clock input for EEPROM programming 4,9 NC NA Not connected, leave floating 5 DOUT O Received data output 6 CLKO O Programmable clock output to drive an external MCU 7 XOUT O Crystal oscillator output 8 XIN I Crystal oscillator input or external reference clock input 10 nRSTO O Active-low power-on-reset output to reset an external MCU 11 VCOP IO VCO tank, connected to an external inductor 12 VCON 13, 15 GND I Ground 14 RFIN I RF signal input to the LNA 16 VDD I Power supply input Rev 0.1 Page 2 / 3 1 12 CSB CSB VCON 2 11 SDA SDA VCOP 3 10 SCL SCL nRSTO 4 9 NC NC

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