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Contact Blocks N.O./N.C. SPDT Quick Connect/Solder 3A 250VAC 125VDC

Manufacturer: Idec
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Switch Contact Blocks / Switch Kits
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22mm - LW Series Oiltight Switches & Pilot Devices LW Series Switches and Pilot Devices: 22mm A3 LW Series offer exibility in space-saving package Key features include: LW Series switches and pilot lights can be mounted collectively on 1.0 centers. Combined with pcb terminals and locking lever removable contacts, this eases manufacture of pre-fab pushbutton arrays (as PC board mount, solder or screw terminal pictured). PC Board tracing/soldering of contacts can be done in tandem Collective mounting saves space with panel cutting/operator installation. Non-reective lens Highly visible marking plate All LW series units mount by means of a locking ring that comes on from Tamper proof construction the rear of the panel, as such they can not be removed from outside the panel and are relatively tamperproof. Light touch reduces strain Gold or silver contacts Combining the snap action and tactile feel of miniature commercial Removable contacts simplify wiring pushbuttons with the size and ruggedness of industrial pushbuttons, and facilitate PCB applications LW pushbuttons are a unique solution to many applications. Choose from standard silver contacts or low-level gold plated contacts. Terminals available in .110 solder tab, M3 screw, or pcb pins. UL Recognized Registration CSA Certied File E55996 No. J9551801 File No. LR21451 A3-108 USA: (800) 262-IDEC or (408) 747-0550, Canada: (888) 317-IDEC Switches & Pilot DevicesSwitches & Pilot Devices Oiltight Switches & Pilot Devices 22mm - LW Series Specications Operating Temperature 25 to +60C (without freezing) LED illuminated type: 25 to +50C Storage Temperature 40 to +80C Operating Humidity 45 to 85% RH A3 Contact Resistance 50m maximum (initial value) Insulation Resistance 100M minimum (500V DC megger) Between live part and ground: 2,500V AC, 1 minute Switch Unit Between terminals of different poles: 2,500V AC, 1 minute Dielectric Strength Between terminals of the same pole: 1,000V AC, 1 minute Illumination Unit Between live part and ground: 2,500V AC, 1 minute Vibration Resistance Operating extremes: 5 to 55Hz, Amplitude 1.0mm p-p 2 Damage limits: 1,000 m/sec (Approx. 100G) Shock Resistance 2 Operating extremes: 100 m/sec (Approx. 10G) Momentary: 1,000,000 operations minimum Mechanical Life Maintained: 500,000 operations minimum Selectors: 250,000 operations minimum Momentary: 100,000 operations minimum (at 1,800 operations/hour) Electrical Life Maintained/Selector: 100,000 operations minimum (at 900 operations/hour) Degree of Protection Watertight/oiltight IP65 (IEC Pub529) (except key selectors) Insulation Voltage 250VAC/DC Lenses polyarylate Materials Operators polyacetate Marking Plates acrylic resin .110 Solder tab/quick connect Terminal Style PC board terminal (gold contacts only) Screw terminal (DPDT units only) Contact Material Thermal Current Contact Rating Remarks 30VDC/0.1A resistive Minimum applicable load (reference value): 5V, 1mA AC/DC. Gold-clad cross-bar 3A (Applicable range is subject to the operating condition and load.) 125VAC/0.1A resistive 30VDC/2A resistive 30VDC/1A inductive 125VAC/3A resistive(50/60Hz) 125VAC/2A inductive (50/60Hz) AC inductive load: PF=0.6 to 0.7, Silver Contact 5A DC inductive load: L/R=7ms maximum. 125VDC/0.4A resistive 125VDC/0.2A inductive 250VAC/2A resistive(50/60Hz) 250VAC/1.5A inductive (50/60Hz) Lamp Ratings Voltage Current/Wattage UL Recognized CSA Certied 6V AC/DC 10% 17mA max File E55996 File No. LR21451 12V AC/DC 10% 11mA max 24V AC/DC 10% 11mA max 120V AC 10% 10mA max 240V AC 10% 10mA max 6.3V AC/DC 5% 1W Registration No. J9551801 12V AC/DC 10% 1W 24V AC/DC 10% 1W LED lamps contains a built-in current-limiting resistor and reverse polarity protection diode. USA: (800) 262-IDEC or (408) 747-0550, Canada: (888) 317-IDEC A3-109 Incandescent LED Contact Ratings Specifications

Tariff Desc

8536.50.99 9900975 SWITCHES being ANY of the following
a toggle 240VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 3A
b toggle 28VDC current capacity NOT exceeding 3A
c toggle 125VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 6A
d toggle 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 6A
e toggle 12VDC current capacity NOT exceeding 16A
f push button max 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 1A
g rocker 12VDC current capacity NOT exceeding 30A
h rocker 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 10A
i rocker max 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 6A
j numeric keypad
k 4-way 100VAC 0.5A OR 25V DC1A
l push button 100VAC 0.5A OR 25VDC 1A
m micro OR mini-micro max 250VAC current capacity NOT exceeding 10A
n knife 50VDC
o mercury 24VDC current capacity NOT exceeding 2A

8536.50.99 9804137 SWITCHES PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD surface-mount OR through-hole having BOTH of the following
a current rating NOT exceeding 100mA
b voltage rating NOT exceeding 50VAC OR DC

8536.50.99 17109836 SWITCHES PUSH BUTTON panel mount

8536.50.99 9304006 SWITCHES push button illuminated being ANY of
a square
b rectangular
c circular

8536.50.99 1798512 SWITCHES ELECTRICAL having ALL of the following
a length NOT greater than 3cm
b width NOT greater than 2cm
c maximum electric current capacity greater than 11A

8536.50.99 1108450 SWITCHES LIMIT hunting tooth rotating shaft

8536.50.99 17119033 SWITCHES ROCKER panel mounting


8536.50.99 1799019 SWITCHES SLIDE being ANY a power switches
i voltage selector
ii two position

8536.50.99 1779783 SWITCHES foot operated having a voltage of NOT less than 230VAC

8536.5 8438589 SWITCHES hall effect magnetically operated

8536.50.99 1812211 SWITCHES PUSHBUTTON mushroom OR dome shaped

8471.60.00 91 Joystick Free

8531.80.00 Electric sound or visual signalling apparatus eg bells, sirens, indicator panels, burglar or fire alarms Other apparatus Free

8541.40.00 54 LED displays Free