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BKCMMS1YRENG electronic component of Intel

Software McAfee Mobile Security Physical Activation Card, 1-year (English) C

Manufacturer: Intel
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Mobile Security
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Android, Ios
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Chrome, Firefox, Ie, Safari
1 Year
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Data Sheet McAfee Mobile Security The ultimate protection for your mobile life device is gone for good, use the online portals Protect from Prying Eyes and Risky Apps Find Device Wizard to auto trigger a series of Selectively share access to your apps helpful commands. Easily set up different profiles to share your stuff with family and friends. Or, just lock any Backup and restore your stuff Weve made it easy to preserve irreplaceable app with a 6-digit PIN. personal information on demand, on a schedule, Know what your apps are up to or before you wipe your missing mobile device. Mobile apps can gather a great deal of Locate, track and send an alarm information, including personal things you may Sometimes you need a little help finding things. not want to share. Our technology lets you Locate your phone or tablet on a map using know what information your apps are collecting, The ultimate protection for the online portal. Remotely lock it until you can empowering you to remove the offending apps. your mobile world. retrieve it, or activate an alarm to make it scream. Block obnoxious spam S.O.S Its annoying, it infringes on your privacy, Automatically saves the last location of your and now its easy to eliminate. Our advanced device before it runs out of battery. filters stop spammers and unwanted texts. To catch a thief Get the Most out of Your Device McAfee Mobile Securitys CaptureCam feature Get easy access and management takes a snapshot of the person holding your lost Want to stay safe and productive with minimum device and emails the photo to you along with effort Home Screen Widget has got your back. It the device location. keeps you up to date about your security status and lets you fix an issue with just one tap. Stamp out Malware Guard against viruses and spyware Pair your wear McAfee Active Protection technology scans Never miss a security issue or leave your deep into your apps, files, SD cards, and files smartphone or tablet behind. Take actions to root out malware. And while the protection straight from your Android Wear to find and is heavy, its amazingly light on resources and secure your mobile device and fix critical issues. battery life. Save your battery life When it comes to battery life, every minute Stay Safe from Unsecured Wi-Fi and counts. Our intelligent Battery Optimizer feature Malicious Websites estimates remaining battery life in minutes and Search and shop securely helps your device last longer. As you navigate the web, McAfee Mobile Security Improve your memory usage blocks malicious websites. We even safeguard Well let you know which apps are running in the you against potential phishing sites, browser background and using up your precious RAM. exploits, and malicious QR codes. Be even more productive Stay safe while being social Remove unwanted junk and free up that precious Most of todays threats are making their way storage space. through email, texts, and social networks sites. We block potentially risky links no matter how Protect your mobile data plan they present themselves. Never go over your limit againset limits, monitor Connect with confidence to Wi-Fi networks your usage and bust data-hogging apps. McAfee Mobile Security will warn you if youre Track It, Lock It, and Wipe It if Lost connected to a potentially unsafe network and or Stolen will automatically disconnect and notify you if it has detected Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Remote Lock and Wipe spoofing that allows intruders to listen in on your Prevent possible misuse of your personal data web traffic. by remotely locking your device. If you think your Android Tizen Data Sheet iOS McAfee Mobile Feature Matrix 4.8 1.3.13 1.2 Device Security: Real-time protection with McAfee Active Protection technology Malware Detection Files Email SMS and multi-media messaging * Apps/memory card Specifications Incremental scan for app changes Real-time scan of downloaded files Supported devices and Block malicious app at installation operating systems Malware Cleaning Quarantine Smartphones & tablets: Delete and report Malware Protection Update Manual and schedule malware signatures update x Google Android OS 2.3+ Dialer Protection Protects device from USSD attacks that can erase including 7.0 (Nougat) * devices data or reset to factory default settings Android Watch features Web Security via SiteAdvisor technology supported with OS 4.4+ Web Protection Blocks phishing sites and browser exploits Blocks malicious sites in SMS and multi-media message x Apple iOS 8.0+ including Blocks malicious sites in email, social networking sites iOS 10 Apple Watch app and QR codes Wi-Fi Security available with iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Security Protects users from ARP spoofing attack in unsecure and later Wi-Fi network connection Privacy x Tizen 2.2.1 Cloud-based App Protection via Reports private/sensitive data exposure risks McAfee Global Threat Intelligence Online management portal App Lock Locks apps from prying eyes browser support Shares selected apps with others in a controlled profile Multi-User App Profiles x Internet Explorer 9.0+ (e.g. kids profile, guest profile, etc.) Call and SMS Filtering Block unwanted calls and texts based on * x Firefox 30+ user-defined rules Local Vault Store valuable photos/videos on local vault that is x Safari 6.1+ protected by users 6-digit MMS PIN x Chrome Anti-Theft Data Backup Remote backup from website Supported Languages Contacts SMS * x Android: 37 Call logs * x iOS: 26 Photos/videos ** Data Restore Contacts x Tizen: 16 SMS * Device Lock and Alarm Remote lock from website Support Lock with or without alarm Free technical support via Autolock on SIM change * email and chat Secure lock via SMS * Secure unlock via SMS * Paid Subscription (for Remote alarm from website Alarm Android) includes Secure alarm via SMS * x Media upload Locate and Track Remote locate from website x Tech support via phone Locate device on map Remote real-time location tracking from website x Ad-free environment continuously track device location on map (prices and features SOSautomatically save last known device location on low battery may vary by country) Secure locate via SMS * Send a shocker message from website CaptureCamtake snapshot and send photo (break-in alert 30-Day Money-Back to local vault) with device location in email Guarantee Secure message via SMS to prepare for * CaptureCam trigger If you are not 100 percent Remote SIM tracking from website satisfied, you will receive a Notify buddy on SIM change * full refund. Note: Available Wipe (Removal of Data) Remote wipe from website for annual subscriptions only. Contacts, photos, videos, and memory card SMS and call logs * (contacts only) Secure wipe via SMS * Remote Factory Reset Delete user data and all downloaded apps and reset device settings to factory default values Secure factory reset via SMS * Uninstall Protection Activate MMS as Device Administrator Performance Optimizer Extend Battery Extend your battery life by stopping apps and switching iOS off settings that drain power on your device Memory Cleanup Free up memory (RAM) of the unwanted background apps, speed up your device and save power Storage Cleanup Free up internal storage space by removing junk files or unwanted apps Track Data Usage Control your mobile data usage by setting limits and (not available with tracking which apps consume the most data Android OS 7.0) * Available on Android devices that support SMS. Secure Commands via SMS, SMS threat removal and SMS filtering are not available on Android OS 4.4+ devices where Hangouts is 2821 Mission College Boulevard a preinstalled messaging app. ** Paid features. Santa Clara, CA 95054 888 847 8766 Intel, SiteAdvisor, McAfee Active Protection, TrustedSource, and the Intel and McAfee logos are trademarks of Intel Corporation or McAfee, Inc. in the US and/or other countries. Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. The product plans, specifications and descriptions herein are provided for information only and subject to change without notice, and are provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied. 2016 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

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