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KNK5015 5KVAR 400V 50HZ

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Capacitor: polypropylene; one phase; Q@50Hz:5kVAR; 400VAC; 12.5A

Manufacturer: Iskra
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Product Category
Speciality Ceramic Capacitors
Kind Of Capacitor
One - Phase
Capacitor Application
Power Factor Correction
M12 Screw
Type Of Capacitor
Operating Temperature
- 25 To 55 C
Reactive Power
5 kVA R
Operating Voltage
400 VAC
Operating Current
12.5 A
Body Dimensions
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The Iskra KNK5015 5KVAR 400V 50HZ capacitor is a one phase power factor correction capacitor with a dielectric of polypropylene. It has a rated voltage of up to 400VAC and a rated current up to 12.5A, with a rated reactive power of 5kVAR. It has a frequency of 50Hz and a rated insulation voltage of 5KV (rms). It is designed for installation in all types of electrical systems, including those with low harmonics content.

Tariff Desc

8532.24.00 43 no --Ceramic dielectric, multilayer Free