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JK-SMD075SF electronic component of Jinkaisheng

PTC Resettable Fuses 0805 RoHS

Manufacturer: Jinkaisheng
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Product Category
Resettable Fuses - PPTC
Hold Current
750 mA
Trip Current
1.5 A
Resettable Fuses-PPTC
Brand Category
Voltage - Max
6 V
Current - Max
40 A
Current - Hold Ih
750 mA
Current - Trip It
1.5 A
Maximum Time To Trip
Operating Voltage Max
6 V
Current Rating Max
40 A
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TechnologyThe JK-SMD075SF with PTC Resettable Fuses 0805 is a functional component manufactured by Jinkaisheng Technology. It is a surface mount device with a 0805 profile. The component features a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) resettable fuse that helps to protect circuits against power overloads, short circuits, and temperature-related faults. The component features a RoHS compliant construction, making it safe to use in environmentally conscious applications. The component is available in 0.75 Amp, 1.0 Amp and 1.5 Amp ratings. It is suitable for use across a wide operating temperature range and has good surge current capability. The component also provides excellent noise protection and vibration resistance.

Tariff Desc

8541.50.00 - Other semiconductor devices
42 No Other discrete (not IC) semiconductor devices
(PTC resettable fuses used to protect against overcurrent. Also known as a multifuse or polyfuse or polyswitch)

8536.10 FUSES AND FUSE HOLDERS, subminiature, plug in or pigtail type known as picofuses or microfuses, dimensions NOT exceeding 6mm x 18mm TC 8530773
Shenzhen Jinkaisheng Elec