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Soldering station; digital,touchpad; 145W; 100÷550°C; Plug: EU
Manufacturer: Jinliyang

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Product Category
Soldering & Desoldering Stations
Soldering Desoldering Stations
Plug Variant
Type Of Device
soldering station
Station Supply Voltage
230 VAC
Temperature Control
digital , To u C h panel
Station Functions
temperature calibration, three different working modes to best fit the device to the current soldering needs
Soldering Equipment Features
memory for 3 temperature settings, carbon filter for solder fume extraction, minimal volume of fumes while soldering, temperature controlling, suitable for lead and lead free technology, touch panel, work area illumination by LEDs, built - in fume extraction
Standard Equipment
mains cable, soldering iron stand with sponge, soldering iron, base station
Station Power
145 W
Kind Of Display
Temperature Accuracy
± 1 C
Related Items
BST - 900M
Soldering Iron Temperature Range
100 To 550 C
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Intelligent Constant Temperature Soldering Station with Smoke Absorber INSTRUCTION MANUAL I. PRODUCT FEATURES 1. Sensor closed loop, microcomputer zero-crossing detection, wide view LCD touch screen display, high power, rapid temperature rise, convenient temperature adjustment and accurate and stable. 2. It has three memory channels: CH1, CH2 and CH3. It can customize the temperature, air volume and time of each channel. One button is convenient for switching between different working states. 3. Adjustable air volume of smoke absorber, healthy operation, easy placement. 4. The heating element is powered by a low-voltage AC power supply, completely isolating the power grid, ensuring anti-static, no leakage, and no interference. 5. The handle is particularly light and comfortable, and it feels comfortable for a long time without fatigue. 6. The handle of the soldering iron is connected to the temperature control station with an air joint and a high temperature and antistatic antimony rubber (silica gel) cable. 7. The heating element is made of high-precision temperature sensing elements, and the temperature regulation is more sensitive and precise. 8. Removable sponge for easy replacement. 9. The handle uses a high sensitivity sensor, and the host sets the delay function. 10. The Set-top LED lighting design, is convenient for using in low-light scenes. II. SPECIFICATIONS III. SCREEN SCHEMATIC Temperature Value(Main Display) Input Voltage AC 220V10% 50Hz Thermometer Icon Dormant State Icon Output Voltage AC 24V Setting State Total Power 85W Air Volume Icon Air Volume Gear Work Noise 45dB Memory Channel Temp. Range 100 ~500 C/ F Display Conversion Timing mode Setting Mode Touch screen M / S Display Conversion Temp. Stability 1 Time Digital Display Time Icon Display Mode LCD Heating Off State Environment Temp. 40 ( M A X ) Valueu Touch Key Valuedow Touch Key Cal. Method Analog calibrationSe Touch Key Resistance to ground C/ F Conversion Touch Key 2 Voltage to ground 5mV IV. OPERATION INSTRUCTION Warning: The soldering iron and fan switch must be in the open state before each power-on. 1. Press the soldering iron switch to start the soldering iron. At this time, the soldering iron is in the heating state press the fan switch to start the fan. 2. Touch the set setting conversion button on the screen to make the temperature digital display, air volume position, timing mode status and time display status flashing. At this time, you can set the flashing item, press the touch key to make the setting value rise or count down, press touch key to make the setting value drop or positive timing touch Once or key, the value changes by 1, long press, the value changes continuously and continuously. In the countdown state, the time icon is displayed in the timing state, the time icon will not be displayed. 3. After setting the required temperature, air volume and time, long press the channel memory function key to be saved, and save it after a sound of the drop. 4. When the handle heater reaches the set temperature, it will enter the countdown function. When the high sensitive sensor of the handle is vibrated or jittered by the outside, the host immediately cancels the countdown and enters the working state. If the handle does not vibrate or jitter during a countdown period, the host will enter the standby sleep state until the exhaust fan enters the standby state at ultra-low speed when the temperature of the heating core is below 100 degrees. Normal operation will not be restarted until the handle is touched. So as to achieve energy saving and emission reduction, increase product life and perfect equipment experience. 5. Touch the set key on the screen to make theTiming Mod in the flashing setting state, press the touch key, theTime Ico will be lit, which will start the countdown function, continue to press set key to make thetime digital displa flash, then press the or key to adjust the countdown time. V. ATTENTION 1. Turn on the side main switch, the host display ---, this is the normal working condition. 2. If the soldering iron wire is not connected, the host displays A23, prompting the operator to connect the soldering iron wire. 3. When the host alarms and display F-1, it indicates that there is a problem with the heating element of the soldering iron, and it is necessary to detect the heating element and related parts. 4. When the temperature of the soldering iron is less than 100 C, the fan will be in dormant state and the air volume is small.X-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Soldering & Desoldering Stations category: Click to view products by Jinliyang manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : GS1116 WESD51D BH-010 T0058768747 CA0202 CA0201 WXD2N Q-7100-9000 ALFA T0058757898 WXD2010N T0058768762 145-2000-ESDN T0058758721N 0008473 WTL1000-1 700-3051-ESD 0051514699N 0051512199N T0058768725N ZD-415R ZD-415R-H WELPB102 HR-2550A T130-1.0I T0051011299N CVC-7CN0004P CVC-9CH0025S CVC-8CH0010S CV-H5-DSHP CS-2F WLSK3023C WLSK8023C AP-SF AT-SA AT-SB DN-SF DR-SF DS-SF HD-SF 0016344 00B.SA.0 0120CDK 0551903 0DIG20A45 0IC1100A 0ICV2000XV 0T56 CL-SFE/1 FILTERS PX0410/03P/5055

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8515.19.90 TC 19287262 SOLDERING AND/OR REWORK STATIONS, having ALL of the following:
(a) control unit;
(b) feed station;
(c) ergonomic instruments;
(d) intelligent heat management module;
(e) soldering and rework cartridge tips;
(f) hand piece stands;
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