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Tantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD 10V 470uF 2917 20% ESR=50mOhms

Manufacturer: Kemet
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Multiples : 500
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Product Category
Tantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD
470 uF
± 20 %
Tantalum Capacitors-Solid SMD
Type Of Capacitor
Esr Value
Operating Voltage
10 VDC
Case - Mm
Case - Inch
Kind Of Capacitor
low ESR
Manufacturer Series
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KEMET Part Number: T495X477M010ATE050 T495, Tantalum, MnO2 Tantalum, 470 uF, 20%, 10 VDC, SMD, MnO2, Molded, Low ESR, 50 mOhms, 7343, Height Max = 4.3mm General Information Series: T495 Dielectric: MnO2 Tantalum Style: SMD Chip Description: SMD, MnO2, Molded, Low ESR Features: Low ESR RoHS: Yes Termination: Tin AEC-Q200: No P Shelf Life: 156 Weeks MSL: 1 Dimensions Specifications Footprint 7343 Capacitance: 470 uF L 7.3mm +/-0.3mm Capacitance Tolerance: 20% W 4.3mm +/-0.3mm Voltage DC: 10 VDC (85C), 6.7 VDC (125C) H 4mm +/-0.3mm Temperature Range: -55/+125C T 0.13mm REF Rated Temperature: 85C S 1.3mm +/-0.3mm Dissipation Factor: 10% 120Hz 20C F 2.4mm +/-0.1mm Failure Rate: N/A A 3.6mm MIN Resistance: 50 mOhms (100kHz) B 0.5mm +/-0.15mm 1817 mA (rms, 100kHz 25C), E 3.5mm REF Ripple Current: 1635.3 mA (rms, 85C), 726.8 mA G 3.5mm REF (rms, 125C) P 1.7mm REF Leakage Current: 47 uA (5min 20C) R 1mm REF X 0.1mm +/-0.1mm Packaging Specifications Weight: 652.04 mg Packaging: T&R, 178mm Packaging Quantity: 500 Statements of suitability for certain applications are based on our knowledge of typical operating conditions for such applications, but are not intended to constitute - and we specifically disclaim - any warranty concerning suitability for a specific customer application or use. This Information is intended for use only by customers who have the requisite experience and capability to determine the correct products for their application. Any technical advice inferred from this Information or otherwise provided by us with reference to the use of our products is given gratis, and we assume no obligation or liability for the advice given or results obtained. Generated 8/13/2020 - ed9174e9-95fe-4ce3-8432-4e73d8d48a19 2006 - 2020 KEMETX-ON Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Tantalum Capacitors - Solid SMD category: Click to view products by Kemet manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : CWR06HC106KB B45197-A2157-M509 B45197A5226M409 NTC-T476K10TRDF CWR06KC106KP CWR09KB106KCA TCSCS1A336KBAR TCTP0J336M8R B45196-H5106-K309 B45196-H6226-K509 CWR09JC225JBB T83D475K050RCCL TCSCS1A476KBAR T83E107K016RCCL T83D685K035RCCL 595D107X0004B2T CWR09NC224KB CWR11MC685KCB CWR29FC685KCEC CWR09NC684KM CWR19MH106KCHB CWR29HH155KCBB CWR29HC106KCDC CWR29FC336KDGC CWR09NC225KDB CWR29FC475KDDC CWR29HC225KCAC CWR11KC106KBB CWR09JH105KC 293D476X9035E2TE3 CWR29JC335KDDC CWR29KC226JCGC CWR29FC105KDAC CWR29DC337KCHC NTC-T686K6.3TRBF 595D686X9010B2T 595D106X0025C8T TAZH685K035LBSB0824 TAZG107K010LBSB0800 TAZH475K050LBSB0H23 TAJD107K016KNJ TAZH227K010LBSB0024 TAZH156K025CBSZ0824 TAZH227J010LBSZ0800 TPSE687M006H0045 TBJD156K025CBSZ0824 TMCSA1V154MTRF TMCSB1D225MTRF TMCSC1E475MTRF TMCSC1V335MTRF