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5100 SERIES Toughened, weather resistant, data displays with integral USB 2.0 interface These robust, monochrome displays are ideal for use in exposed or industrial environments. Bright white transflective display technology is securely encased within a sealed and impact resistant bezel. The bezel features a hard coated UV and scratch resistant, polycarbonate window. Available in either 20 character x 4 line, 20 character x 8 line or 128 x 64 pixel graphic versions these USB 2.0 display devices can be easily installed into any control panel or equipment enclosure. The display assemblies can be specified with or without three independently illuminated menu navigation keys. Illumination is under software control (on/off/flashing). Offered in eight different configurations/specifications, Storm 5100 Series Displays are rated for use in either Industrial (IND) or Extreme (EXM) environments. They offer a ready to use display solution for a wide range of indoor or outdoor applications. Performance Operational key life: >2 million cycles per key Environmental Operational temperature: 0C to +60C (optionally -20C to +70C) Storage temperature: -20C to +70C Humidity: 5%RH to 95%RH non-condensing Vibration and shock: ETSI 300 019 5M3 (optionally 6M3) UV Water and dust resistance: IP54 (optionally IP65) Impact resistant: 5J (optionally 10J) 102 32 Electrical Insulation resistance: 50Mohms (min) All dimensions in mm Breakdown voltage: 500V a.c. (60 secs) Max Operating voltage: 5V Impact, shock and vibration resistant Max Operating current: 50mA Sealed for use in wet or dirty environments Compliance Weather resistant for use in exposed locations This device is designed to meet: (optional feature) EU RoHS EU Low Voltage Directive Extended operational temperature range -20C to +70C ESD: Up to +/- 15kV air discharge, +/- 7.5kV contact discharge (optional feature) WEEE Directive EMC-CE, FCC Part 15B Class B Programmable USB display controller and system interface EN55022 Class B, EN60950, EN55024 Display connects to the host system via a single USB cable Additional Information with a USB Mini-B connector (cable supplied separately) (downloads available at Engineering Manual including product dimensions Resistant to petrochemicals, detergents and most and installation / configuration instructions commonly used non-abrasive cleaning agents CAD files (dxf, dwg) API Object code libraries Responsive, illuminated menu navigation keys under Test data and reports software control (on/off /flashing) (optional feature) Accessories Easy to use API with downloadable object code libraries USB Cable for use with USB Interface USB 2.0 HID compliant device Under panel fitting kit 1025100 SERIES Configuration Utility Software for Storm 5100 Series Toughened USB 2.0 Data Displays 5100 (IND) 5100 (EXM) Storm 5100 Series Toughened Data Displays can be configured by the Configuration Utility Software via the Application Programming Interface for Windows (API). These software tools are available free of charge and Storm USB USB can be downloaded from 5100 Series 3 keys or 3 keys or display only display only Please note: Registration is required for download. character 4 or 8 line 4 or 8 line display x 20 characters x 20 characters Primary Features of the Configuration Utility IP54 IP65 Selection of font for 5100 Series character displays 0C to 60C -20C to 70C Two standard fonts are available: 5J impact 10J impact 6 x 8. This provides 8 lines with 20 characters per line shock and vibration shock and vibration 6 x 16. This provides 4 lines with 20 characters per line IEC721-5M3 IEC721-6M3 Each font includes the following character set: %& ()*+,. 0123456789: <=> ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQR STUVWXYZ / abcdefghijklmnopqstuvwxyz ~ 5100 (IND) 5100 (EXM) There is also a large font numeric character set: 0123456789,. The 5100 Series graphic display is 128 x 64 pixels. USB USB Storm Features supported by the Configuration Utility and API include: 5100 Series 3 keys or 3 keys or display only display only graphic Integral display Circle, rectangle 128 x 64 pixels 128 x 64 pixels display backlight (on/off/flashing) and line IP54 IP65 Illumination of three Bar graph 0C to 60C -20C to 70C navigation keys Large font 5J impact 10J impact (on/off/flashing) shock and vibration shock and vibration Re-set to factory default Display contrast level IEC721-5M3 IEC721-6M3 Firmware updates Flip (180 rotation) Inverse (white on black) The utility will load up to four bitmap graphic icons (maximum size 128 x 64 pixels). Any one icon can be set as the default power-up screen. Icons can be originated using Microsoft Paint and previewed using the Configuration Utility before loading to the display. The display enumerates as an HID compliant device. Windows and Microsoft Paint are recognised trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation. Part Numbers 5100 (IND) INDUSTRIAL Accessories 4 or 8 x 20 character display, 3 keys 5103-000 USB Cable 4500-01 128 x 64 pixel graphic display, 3 keys 5103-100 (USB A to 90 USB mini-B) For more information & to order: 4 or 8 x 20 character display, display only 5100-000 128 x 64 pixel graphic display, display only 5100-100 Under panel 5100-FK0 fitting kit 5100 (EXM) EXTREME Whilst every effort Storm Interface products include technology is made to ensure protected by international patents and details are correct design registration. All rights reserved. 4 or 8 x 20 character display, 3 keys 5103-010 at time of print, specifications are Storm is a trademark of 128 x 64 pixel graphic display, 3 keys 5103-110 subject to change Keymat Technology Ltd without notice. Storm Interface is a 4 or 8 x 20 character display, display only 5100-010 trading name of Keymat 003 Technology Ltd 128 x 64 pixel graphic display, display only 5100-110 Designed & produced by NIK Design nik 5100 Jan 2014 FM 39602

Tariff Desc

8203.20 crimpers but NOT including crimping tools put up in packs containing electrical connectors TC8532098

8205.40.00 TC0844020 SCREWDRIVERS

8203.30.00 TC9900293 NIPPERS diagonal spring loaded with insulated handles length NOT exceeding 125mm

8203.20.00 TC0844180 PLIERS being ANY of
a aviation slip pliers
b bent nose pliers
c combination pliers,length NOT less than 210mm
d cutting pliers
e end nipper pliers
f groove joint pliers
g linesman pliers, length NOT less than 210mm
h lock grip pliers
i long nose pliers
j long reach pliers
k round nose pliers
l slip joint pliers
m snap ring pliers
n straight nose pliers
o welding clamp pliers
p wire stripper plier

8204.11.00 TC9810512 SPANNERS drop forged

8204.12.00 TC0110440 SPANNERS AND WRENCHES adjustable non calibrated

8204.11.00 TC0107157 SPANNERS AND WRENCHES non adjustable being ANY:
a combination open end and ring
b open end
c ring

8205.70.00 TC0302773 CLAMPS

8205.70.00 TC0302754 VICES

8204.11.00 TC0405019 HAND TOOLS being EITHER of the following
a allen key sets
b hex keys

9017.30.00 50 Micrometers callipers and gauges Free

a sockets
b reducers
c tommy bars with sliding T handles
d extensions
e ratchets with coupler
f reversible ratchets
g couplers
h universal joints
i L-handles
j speed braces
k converters
l swivel handles
m driving handles socket drivers
n ratchet adaptors

8203.10.00 TC0302774 FILES OR RASPS

8206.00.00 TC0831549 KITS TOOL comprising not LESS than ANY two of
a allen keys
b chisels
c crimpers
d files
e hammers
f multi grips
g pliers
h punches
i saws
j screwdrivers
k shears
l snips
m sockets
n spanners
o wrenches

8425.42.00 TC9404347 JACKS, hand, hydraulic, having a maximum capacity of 2500kg

8207.50.00 TC9600818 DRILL BITS MASONARY having BOTH the following
a slotted shank
b hammer proof carbide tip
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