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dark An exciting point-and-click adventure game set in a fantasy world.

Manufacturer: Kings
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92 - Global Stock

Ships to you between Wed. 14 Jun to Tue. 20 Jun

MOQ : 2
Multiples : 1

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92 - Global Stock

Ships to you between Wed. 14 Jun to Tue. 20 Jun

MOQ : 2
Multiples : 2

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Other Tools
Other Tools
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758-5-9 is part of the King County parcel number system. This system uses a nine-digit numeric code to identify parcels of land. The first three digits (758-5-9) are the tax parcel ID used to identify the land parcel within the King County tax parcel dataset. This unique identifier is used by county assessors to access records related to the parcel, including ownership, assessment values, and other pertinent information.

Tariff Desc

8203.20 crimpers but NOT including crimping tools put up in packs containing electrical connectors TC8532098

8205.40.00 TC0844020 SCREWDRIVERS

8203.30.00 TC9900293 NIPPERS diagonal spring loaded with insulated handles length NOT exceeding 125mm

8203.20.00 TC0844180 PLIERS being ANY of
a aviation slip pliers
b bent nose pliers
c combination pliers,length NOT less than 210mm
d cutting pliers
e end nipper pliers
f groove joint pliers
g linesman pliers, length NOT less than 210mm
h lock grip pliers
i long nose pliers
j long reach pliers
k round nose pliers
l slip joint pliers
m snap ring pliers
n straight nose pliers
o welding clamp pliers
p wire stripper plier

8204.11.00 TC9810512 SPANNERS drop forged

8204.12.00 TC0110440 SPANNERS AND WRENCHES adjustable non calibrated

8204.11.00 TC0107157 SPANNERS AND WRENCHES non adjustable being ANY:
a combination open end and ring
b open end
c ring

8205.70.00 TC0302773 CLAMPS

8205.70.00 TC0302754 VICES

8204.11.00 TC0405019 HAND TOOLS being EITHER of the following
a allen key sets
b hex keys

9017.30.00 50 Micrometers callipers and gauges Free

a sockets
b reducers
c tommy bars with sliding T handles
d extensions
e ratchets with coupler
f reversible ratchets
g couplers
h universal joints
i L-handles
j speed braces
k converters
l swivel handles
m driving handles socket drivers
n ratchet adaptors

8203.10.00 TC0302774 FILES OR RASPS

8206.00.00 TC0831549 KITS TOOL comprising not LESS than ANY two of
a allen keys
b chisels
c crimpers
d files
e hammers
f multi grips
g pliers
h punches
i saws
j screwdrivers
k shears
l snips
m sockets
n spanners
o wrenches

8425.42.00 TC9404347 JACKS, hand, hydraulic, having a maximum capacity of 2500kg

8207.50.00 TC9600818 DRILL BITS MASONARY having BOTH the following
a slotted shank
b hammer proof carbide tip
Kings Electronics Co., Ltd.