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D295-4C electronic component of Klein Tools

PLIER, DIAGONAL CUTTING, 108MM; Plier Style:Diagonal Cutting; Overall Length:108mm; Product Range:Diagonal Cutting Pliers; SVHC:No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)

Manufacturer: Klein Tools
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Klein Tools

1 : USD 59.3594

Klein Tools
Product Category
Pliers & Tweezers
Klein Tools
Plier Style
Diagonal Cutting
Overall Length
108 mm
Product Range
Diagonal Cutting Pliers
No SVHC (15 - Jan - 2018)
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Catalog No. D295-4C Diagonal Cutting Pliers, Electronics, Tapered Nose, Mini Jaw, 4-Inch These Electronics Pliers are the smallest diagonal-cutter Klein offers for close quarter work. They feature a miniature jaw for maximum visibility in tight spaces. The sharp, pointed, tapered nose allows for precise tip cutting. The short jaws and semi-flush, beveled cutting knives permit close cutting of wire. Made of the finest U.S. steel alloy and induction hardened for long life. Specifications Type: Long Nose Diagonal Cutting Pliers Special Features: Spring Loaded Overall Length: 4.26 (10.8 cm) Material: Steel Nose Type: Tapered Jaw Length: 0.518 (1.3 cm) Jaw Width: 0.438 (1.1 cm) Jaw Thickness: 0.24 (0.6 cm) Jaw Capacity: 0.891 (2.3 cm) Cutting Knives: Flush Cut Style: Flush Joint Type: Hot Riveted Handle Color: Light Blue Handle Finish: Plastic-Dipped Handle Length: 3.313 (8.4 cm) Insulated: No Tether Capable: No Weight: 1.8 oz (50 g) Powered by TCPDF ( Electronics Largest Supplier of Electrical and Electronic Components Click to view similar products for Pliers & Tweezers category: Click to view products by Klein Tools manufacturer: Other Similar products are found below : 0031 32750 4-1532129-2 0037 T0058765801 RT400SGSET2 571 76C RX 8130 DRP10N 0036 0032 FMHT0-80519 TR 58 R A 27388 43333 102ACAX 103ACA 141SAP 150SAD 150SAMB 150SAMF 151SA 20AS 21SA120 25SA 2ASASLT 31SA 4SASL 542E OOSASL INCP8 30993 66025160 66025180 66025200 66026140 66026160 66026180 66026200 66185160 66186160 66307220 66624300 0-84-003 0-84-004 0-84-009 0-84-016 0-89-858 0-89-859

Tariff Desc

8203.20.00 PLIERS, being ANY of the following:
(a) aviation slip pliers;
(b) bent nose pliers;
(c) combination pliers, length NOT less than 210 mm;
(d) cutting pliers;
(e) end nipper pliers;
(f) groove joint pliers;
(g) linesman pliers, length NOT less than 210 mm;
(h) lock grip pliers;
(i) long nose pliers;
(j) long reach pliers;
(k) round nose pliers;
(l) slip joint pliers;
(m) snap ring pliers;
(n) straight nose pliers;
(o) welding clamp pliers;
(p) wire stripper pliers
Op. 17.12.2008 Dec. 27.03.2009 - TC 0844180